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By the time Windows 3.1 was in the works, he was heading up the Operating Systems Division.
The text he came up with was actually quite good, and it went into the product pretty much word for word.
Thus it was Steve Ballmer who arguably deserves credit for creating the most famous failure message of all time -- the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD). If you're a Windows developer I highly recommend Raymond Chen's official Microsoft blog, The Old New Thing.
Agreeing that the Microsoft hate is generally unwarranted and they frequently have taken the blame for third party screw ups. Thats not correct Windows 2000 was pretty much an entirely new OS that attempted to combined flexibility of Windows 9x drivers funtionality with the stability features such as protected kernel memory of windows NT. Because the hate is from the ignorant fools that don't know any better and will refuse outright to want to know any better. It's easier to jump on a bandwagon than it is to do research and patiently seek out a broad and nuanced view on a subject.Microsoft has had its failings.
I agree that Win XP was a vast improvement over previous versions of the OS, however any version of Windows in its particular era was vastly superior to the open source offerings of the time period.Back then getting linux to run on a system depended on you having a few select pieces of compatible hardware.
As a programmer who's done a lot of Win32 API programmer, I've certainly ended up on that site many times. Ballmer had joined Microsoft in 1980 as its first business manager and 30th overall employee. Not only does Raymond offer programming advice and tips, he also communicates with posters (even on 3rd party sites, which is admirable), and he gives background on why Windows contains many stupid, weird, or funny things (usually the fault of 3rd party developers who demanded that their programs work as written).I used to pan Windows as crap, but now that I WRITE Windows programs I'm actually impressed with what MS has achieved in 30+ years.

They've made some mistakes but usually work to rectify said mistakes faster than other companies do. Windows XP was the refinement and arguably the perfection of the combination.Also windows 9x had nothing to do with DOS once it booted from real mode into protected mode. You can give them 99.9% private security and they will rather ditch it to avoid hitting a key to get to a start menu. The OS has become one of the most stable, secure, high-performing and feature-filled operating systems, all while maintaining backwards compatibility with most legacy applications and drivers.
The majority of the problems and BSOD's that people experience are caused by crappy coding practices and just bad code in general.
DOS features were there for legacy compatibility purposes.There were so many other reasons to abandon DOS than trying to kill competing DOS'es DOSi?Comparing DOS to Unix is just ridiculous they were designed for completely different computing purposes. The absurdity of reasoning and reasons with regards to the Windows OS is beyond comprehension.
There doesn't exist an application development platform that even holds a flame to what Microsoft has to offer and its been that way for quite some time. I think every OS has it's purpose and can thrive in certain aspects where other's may fall short, but as far as an all-in-one OS that has legacy support built in while also working to progress in other areas Windows does an excellent job. Though windows 2000 was a solid OS (again, with the service packs), you could say windows ME negated that entirely.
Trying to corral all the various vendors and third party entities is also by no means a small task and they've done well in that area too. Forget about Linux ever coming close to being as stable as a GUI OS as Windows 7, 8 or upcoming 9.FreeBSD isn't even worth mentioning as it pitifully lags behind even Linux in hardware support.

Only reason why microsoft continues development of IE now is because they didn't with IE6 and it bit them in the arse. Even when activeX was broken to the point where virusses could automatically be installed on your PC without warning (AVG thankfully, wasn't the POS back then it is now. Don't forget they never adhered to international standards concirning protocols either, in favor of trying to push their own stuff on others. Also i had to help a person import their contacts in outlook on windows 8, turns out MS just said "sorry, incompatible, have fun re-making all of them". Legacy support my backside.Ofcourse there's the recent Xbox One decisions of an always on camera+detection device, post the NSA revelations. And don't you think that they changed all that simply because they felt sorry or thought they had made a mistake. Windows is without a doubt the best of the bunch, but that's by no means the end of the arguement. There is definitly sound reason to hate MS.Doesn't mean windows hasn't become a killer program. I've always been a windows user and will continue to do so (unless valve actually manages to get my steam library working on linux.

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