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With the release of Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro, Microsoft made the decision to remove DVD playback, and forego the inclusion of Blu-ray playback.
Once you have Media Center installed, you will be able to play DVDs — but only in Media Center, not Media Player. It should ALWAYS be included FREE in the OS, not as a separate download that one would need to pay later on. Sometimes I wonder why people write anything at all if they’re just going to be a dick. I was recommended by my friend to use this UFUWare Blu-ray player software, which works well on my windows 8.1 and upgraded windows 10, i always use it to play blu-ray on pc for sharing with my friends and family, yes, it works well.
But if you generalize that, that would mean that there’s no need to pay license fees for Windows! So removing MPEG licensed codecs to show a $2 to $4 lower final price to customers it’s just plain stupid.
Because the software technology for playing these disks isn’t free — Microsoft previously paid $2 for every copy of Windows sold, just for the right to use the patented technology needed to play DVDs . It is obviously that the capability to play DVD has been removed from Win 8, so both Blu-ray and DVD are not available. I can honestly say that I had my last laptop for about 6 years and the only time I played dvd movies on it was while I was deployed over seas. In my experience Cyberlink came with my burner but quickly moved to a new major version which was not available for me to use without paying for a new license.

So did Microsoft Reduce their price to do this or are they just raking in the profits at the expense of the consumer? Obviously both Apple, Microsoft, and the movie industry have the same solution to people who have DVDS and Blu Rays: Buy a digital copy all over again.
I filled In the form for the free media centre offer about the 27th Jan and have never received anything from them. If you are using a Volume License version of Win 8 Pro, Microsoft does not allow you to add Windows Media Center.
When it comes to the subject at hand, my personal view is that OEMs like Microsoft tend to apply arbitrary moves without truly paying attention to the end consumers. Du 26 octobre au 31 janvier 2012, il est possible d’ajouter le Media Center a Windows 8 Pro en telechargeant gratuitement le logiciel chez Microsoft.
En poursuivant votre navigation sur notre site, vous acceptez l'utilisation de cookies dans le respect de notre politique de protection de votre vie privee. Way smaller business groups and software houses as well as hardware manufacturers pay MPEG licenses.. Considering the ever-increasing number of devices without optical drives, Microsoft decided it wasn’t worth paying for features many people can’t even use. I remember when this used to be a problem in the Desktop Linux and the mocks of the windows users!
I got a BD-ROM I bought 4 years ago, I used it once to rip my BSG blurays and never used it again.

Un email est ensuite envoye avec une cle de produit pour telecharger Windows 8 Media Center Pack.
For every copy of Windows 7 sold, Microsoft has to pay MPEG-LA (a patent-holding consortium) $2. I have an external that I bought for my kid’s netbooks but I have yet to have a need to use it.
They should pay the license and not put the price of it on product price as they usually do because that means that Microsoft wasn’t paying the license anyway, the customers did. For Blu-ray playing ,the best is UFUWare Blu-ray Player after compared with others; for mulitimedia playing, also is UFUWare. Fast, has all codecs come with it, way way more options….why on earth use WMP for anything?
For that, you get a full version of Windows 8 Pro, Media Center, BitLocker encryption, Remote Desktop, and a few other tidbits.

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