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Initial rumors that this represented a wholesale abandonment of Windows Media Player on the Mac seemed like an overreaction until Microsoft confirmed it.
Since I have QuickTime Pro (yeah, I paid for that too), I saved the file off to my hard drive and opened it up in QuickTime Player. It's pretty straightforward to export this out of Windows Media into better-supported standard formats, like MPEG-4.
There are other things that neither Microsoft's player nor Flip4Mac can handle, though they're presumably functional on Windows. It's hard for people to get past the idea that QuickTime is more than a format, harder still to explain that its format is a container that can handle arbitrary contents (for example, you can have a .mov whose contents are, say, Windows Media video and AAC audio). There are others, including Apple's $20 playback-only MPEG-2 component and some third-party components listed on an Apple QuickTime Components page.
The upside for Quicktime is this: With Microsoft out of the way as a cross-platform media solutions vendor, and Real still struggling to get anyone to care, it would seem that Apple has a prime opportunity now to establish Quicktime as *the* cross-platform media delivery system, which will be quite desirable to a lot of content providers at this point.
With Mac sales growing at a brisk 40% or so per quarter, and MS abandoning support for the platform, I think we're going to see more people complaining to particular web sites about their choice of video formats. I had the faint hope that Microsoft might eventually get to implementing DRM in the Mac version.
I got the exact same results, and this was with the most recent version, downloaded just two days ago.

Did you even try 2.0.1, as Andreas_Bachofen suggested, before writing it off as "garbage software"? Chris -- if you paid $10 for the original WMV Player that upgrade-nag e-mail has a coupon that'll get you a free upgrade to WMV Import if you register it through the System Preferences panel. By upgrading from WMV Import (formerly Player Pro) to WMV Studio through System Preferences and applying the coupon you may have enough credit to get Studio for free. I had $30 credit when upgrading from Player (which I'd paid for) to Import, which confused me at first because the eSellerate page refused to accept my credit card# when I thought I had to pay $10.
Without any risk, you could try upgrading to Studio and omit your cc# to see if you qualify for upgrading without paying more.
My understanding was that English rights for RoV in any form were the very devil to obtain, particularly ever since the English-language live-action film failed.
As for 999, I wouldn't like to presume; Viz have the films, and nearly every single other Leijiverse property not already bound up in Saturday morning licensing hell has been procured. We should, instead, be pursuing wide release of the dreadful Lady Oscar music video from Italy.
Ok I have a new iMac with the Intel core duo and there is NOTHING out there for the new system that will play windows media, no medi player will work, nor will flip4mac. I was hoping they would have cleaned up this app' problem before a new product (Intel Duo) release.

Of course we're still missing a set of DRM tools; if there was a better, smarter time for Apple to move on that front I can't imagine one. It was buggy and caused Safari and Quicktime to crash after the first occasion of viewing Windows media. If you select File->Open File, then selecting the "Advanced Output" checkbox and clicking "Settings". Without that happening, is there a solution which would allow viewing of DRM content, (which has been purchased legitimately)? It is a rather tedius and sluggish process, but the upside is that AFAIK VLC can do this for any content it can play. I just hope that some outlet comes out with a software that will allow us to use windows media plugins on the new mac's.

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