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I want to use RAID 1 on my workstation configuration at work, and I've been looking at using the build in mirror functionality in Windows 7.
I've done some Google searching and the consensus seems to be that you cannot boot from a dynamic volume, but some forum posts seem to indicate that people have tried this with success (e.g. With Google searches producing contradictory information I thought I'd ask you guys for an authoritative answer. This message is telling you that if you turn the disk to dynamic, you'll only be able to boot that Windows installation.
More: with a dynamic disk you'll be able to do software RAID 1, but no RAID 0 to a Windows installation volume.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged windows-7 software-raid raid-1 or ask your own question. Can a secondary SATA drive under Win 7 Pro software RAID 1 mirror be boot-able with no hassle? Claims of mathematical breakthroughs while in an altered state of consciousness in general? Why doesn't Stream#reduce implicitly accept an accumulative function handling super type elements?
After I replaced it with an alternate drive (can not find the same capacity and model) - the server isn't booting.

So to sum it up, the computer booted off Disk 0, the replacement has no System partition and Disk 1 has no System partition.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged windows-server-2008-r2 software-raid or ask your own question. Please make sure before this installation, you will need 2 identical hard disk with same space connected to the server.
2) After the installation has finished, click on Start button and right-click on My Computer. 7) Please be advised that you can’t convert the hard disks back once to normal once you have converted to dynamic.
10) Once the reboot done, open back the Computer Management and this time you can see both hard disks are labeled as Dynamic.
Then you suddenly change the risk of a disk failing with the risk of the RAID card failing.
You can get RAID 0 with a hardware controller o to another two disks that doesn't contain Windows installation. But the truth is, you don’t need to same hard disk with the same space amount, but as long as you partitioned the space equally then it would be good as well. Don’t worry about the error message appeared since it is only mentioning that the boot file has been copied.

I'd look at hardware RAID, and many boards already come with controllers, though you could buy one for cheap that supports SATA drives now.
In 2003, you used to have to put a boot floppy in and set boot.ini to boot from the second disk. But for beginner, it is better to get a hard disk that got the same space quantity, less percentage that you would get yourself confused.
In 2008 R2, I wouldn't be surprised if you had to fiddle with bcdedit or at least press f8 during boot and select the other disk if it is available. Yes, Windows Server 2003 has a built-in function that almost similar to Software RAID function. Windows should be able to boot from that but you will need a motherboard with the same capability if the original motherboard fails.

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