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The war among social media juggernauts is no news; Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have been battling for years to get the crown.
But this year is quite special: two of the most important social networks are attacking the mighty YouTube together in its own battlefield. Read on and find out how Facebook and Twitter are developing their video marketing arsenal and learn how your online business can take advantage of this war! A few weeks ago, Facebook released a public video-data analysis, revealing a 50% growth in video views on his social network, reaching 3 billion video views per day.
Coincidently, Mark Zuckerberg himself had spoken about the future of video marketing regarding his own social network.
Facebook’s native video promotion is available right now, but unfortunately just for big advertisers like Coca-Cola or Nike, basically because it’s super expensive for small businesses (except you do have 1 to 2.5 million dollars a day to spend in video ads). However, experts know it’s just a matter of time before Facebook welcomes smaller advertisers to promote their video ads and marketing videos on the world’s largest social network. A few years ago, marketing videos were just branding tools for big companies, but nowadays many startups and small businesses are using them to promote their products and services on social media. The microblogging site isn’t subtle at all and strikes hard when dealing with video marketing! First, they launched a beta version of Promoted Video Ads so that businesses could basically pay to get their marketing videos on their followers’ timelines. For advertisers, videos need to be shorter than 10 minutes but there’ll be no size limit: this means that Twitter is looking for quality videos.
Social networks are now sure on those predictions so they’re turning efforts towards video marketing strategies and creating new ways for startups and online companies to promote their marketing videos on their channels.
As the folks at TechCrunch point out, “video has proven to be one of the more attractive formats for keeping users engaged on sites for longer”.
Explainer videos are the latest video marketing trend among online companies and all sorts of brands. Micro videos are a growing trend in social media and they are a great inexpensive branding opportunity for online businesses. Micro videos are not a direct competition on YouTube videos because their short nature makes them way different marketing tools, but they can certainly be a powerful hand in the video marketing war!
They’re great video content for social media strategies because they grow audience engagement easily : as a webinar host, you can encourage entrepreneurs, small business owners and even brand leaders to join the current debate and ground yourself as a true pundit in your niche. Screencasts can be of great addition to your video marketing strategy though; they’re quite inexpensive and they’re a straightforward way to show how something really works.
Guest Author: Juan Jose Mendez is the Content Editor for Yum Yum Videos explainer video production company. As the marketer for your CPA firm surely you are well aware that advertising your firm’s brand and services is required in order for your firm to grow. Recently, one of FlashPoint’s clients – Peterson Sullivan – was awarded top honors at the AAM-MAA awards gala in Orlando for the category of “Best Single Ad”. Having a clear message in mind is imperative when making print ad designs that are effective. Use an updated and visually-appealing logo that is modern, relevant and suitable for any audience or demographic you are trying to reach. Selecting the right color palette for your advertising also matters when building a branded ad.
When it comes to typography, choosing the right font also matters, especially if you are looking to make an impact with a specific message you are sharing.
Ensure your advertisement is able to relate to the audience or demographic you are trying to reach.

When you are armed with knowledge of your industry, market and audience, know your product or service’s most important benefits, you’ll be ready to create an effective ad or ad campaign.
FlashPoint Marketing is an accounting marketing firm that focuses on serving CPA and accounting firms across the United States. The power of these particular words are not found in their simplicity and scope, but in our ability to apply them in our lives right now.
A winning attitude requires that we diligently protect what we think about.  Protecting our thoughts is mandatory for the success-minded. Have you ever looked back in your life and thought about one decision you made that changed everything?  Then you know that it only takes a moment to change your life forever.  One decision can alter the entire course of your life. Is there anything you’ve been wanting to do, but have simply put off due to procrastination or fear? Now take the action necessary to make it real and stay focused on the task at hand.  You already have a success in your mind and now all you have to do is stay focused on the actions necessary. Please share any tips you have about remaining positive and maintaining the winner’s mindset. He claimed: “if you look in the future a lot of the content that people share will be video, and videos fit very well into Facebook’s newsfeed”. Selected partners could now upload and distribute their marketing videos through a pay-per-click system and measure its reach and effectiveness with video analytics tools. Brands can now upload their marketing videos directly on Twitter, without the need of hosting services like YouTube or Vimeo.
Just one  month ago, Twitter announced native video embedding  which allows users to take their favorite videos from Twitter’s timeline and place them on their websites without the need of another video host or player. After this double-front attack from its most ferocious social media competitors, will YouTube remain silent or will it make a rebound move? A survey claims that by 2018 all forms of video will cover almost 90% of all  online traffic. Besides, most marketers claim that marketing videos are the online content with the best ROI and different kinds of video content are generated by big and small brands alike on a daily basis. They have both recently launched their own video promotion services with native analytics tools to check their video’s performance. Pinterest, initially a social network based on pictures, photos and infographics, is now also encouraging micro video sharing and promotion.
They’re great marketing tools to use to discuss a new online trend among marketers or a brand-new online service that deserves a professional conversation. Unlike animated explainer videos or micro videos, they’re not that great for brand building because they have a practical approach, so they’re not particularly “fun” or entertaining.
Once you pick yours, you’ll need to plan wise social media and content marketing strategies in order to promote them.
Choose the best marketing video (or use all of them!) and boost your social media strategy right away. Besides crafting high-quality animated videos for brands, they run the Explainer Video Academy, an online spot dedicated to deliver free educational resources to help startups and entrepreneurs on their video marketing campaigns. Some are long-term and some are just beginning, but they are what make us connect as human beings. With videos gaining momentum on this platform, brands should definitely tap into this potential. This is the single, most important objective of advertising – to increase the opportunity for success. In this case, FlashPoint knew that Peterson Sullivan wanted to tie their firm to the SuperBowl and the buzz going on in Seattle at the time of the print run.
Working with an experienced creative firm is a great way to ensure your ads are visually top-notch and set up appropriately for print production.

Usually clients have colors that are branded to their firm by means of a style guide, therefore streamlining your design by using these colors is a great way to quickly gain traction with any campaign you have in mind to launch. Finding the right font for your print ad can be done by comparing various fonts and choosing one that is most legible and offers the appropriate personality and tone for your visuals. We offer a number of services including website development, website marketing, search engine optimization, direct mail and telemarketing.
Here’s a useful eBook that could help you with that: “You Have Your Explainer Video Done… Now What?”.
Since the Seahawks were in the SuperBowl, the client desired to run a print ad that would appear in the SuperBowl edition of the Puget Sound Business Journal. Therefore, considering the message you want to share and how you plan to convey it once you are ready to move forward is essential in developing a concept. Having an updated logo is not only a way to stand out as a modern brand, but it is also a way for others to easily remember your brand and what it represents once they are familiarized with your products, services or the content you have available.
Since the SuperBowl ad utilized the coveted 12th Man flag which happens to be blue and is also a secondary brand color to Peterson Sullivan’s corporate orange and gray, the print ad worked and had the appropriate visual flow and balance. It is also important to consider that using typography that is branded to your firm (think style guide) may be required as was the case in the Peterson Sullivan SuperBowl ad. The Peterson Sullivan ad was designed to be very broad reaching since it was a direct tie-in to the Seattle Seahawks and the 12th Man flag.
We focus on providing accounting marketing, Accounting firm SEO and other services for firms seeking growth. Besides, they’re very compelling: it’s proven that explainer videos increase conversion rates by 20% on average and improve SEO strategies by keeping people longer on websites. It’s one of the many marketing guides from Yum Yum Videos, hosted in their Explainer Video Academy, a valuable learning center for video marketing campaigns. If sales are what you seek, you must continuously market to your clients as well as your prospective customers. It helps to brainstorm the sole message and purpose of each individual print ad you have in mind and what you hope the reader or potential customer takes away from them. In the case of the SuperBowl ad, the Peterson Sullivan logo is sleek, clean-lined and modern. An additional thought is assuming your firm’s logo is up to date as mentioned in Tip 2 above, utilizing fonts in your ad that were used to create that logo will also establish cohesiveness which is also important. A great example of that can be seen below in another ad that was created for Peterson Sullivan.
It’s key to produce marketing materials such as great ads that are effective in attracting and capturing your existing and potential audience while continuing to build brand awareness. Using this ad as a case study, FlashPoint has provided a few tips on how award-winning ads are created. The was created for a Women’s Summit Conference booklet and honored women who lead in the workforce. You have to use a lot of gas to get up to speed but once you reach full potential you can cruise.

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