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YouTube, currently being the most popular video sharing website and the second most popular search engine worldwide, provides an excellent online advertising platform for all industries. With a custom gadget, developers can design custom web applications to display web-based content or video related to your brand. Fast forward 70 years, and brands are still trying to get their message in front of those who matter, which is no easy task when you take into account DVRs and multi-screen viewing habits. Well do not fear, Google AdWords for Video is a powerful tool for brands and their video content strategies, but only if done correctly.
Speak to your audience – When creating video content for the purpose of YouTube advertising, it is important to understand your audience.
The content created for YouTube needs to speak to those who are targeted – this will allow a brand to build trust with the viewer, ultimately creating a positive experience. Grab their attention – There are two types of TrueView In-Stream Ads a marketer can run on YouTube – those that a viewer cannot skip and those that a viewer can.
About the Author Latest PostsAbout Blake FifeBlake is BLASTmedia's creative director, hailing from Ball State University. With video ads you pay only when someone chooses to watch your ad, so you don't waste money advertising to people who aren't interested in your business.
Put your message in text or graphics on the videos and topics where your customers like to spend time.
UPDATE: High resolution downloadable posters of the vintage ads are now available through Maximidia. Subscribe to the Laughing Squid email list and receive a daily email with all of the blog posts published each day.
YouTube’s growing prominence in popular culture has shown that it can serve as much more than just a way to share adorable kitten videos – it has become a highly effective venue for accessing massive audiences through online advertising. YouTube has become the venue by which budding musicians and performers get their first big break. Google is horse-dancing straight to the bank because of Psy’s immense YouTube success, and the perpetuating notion that the hottest headline sensations happen on YouTube.
YouTube’s advertising potential is as big as the record industry itself, hence Psy being invited to meet with Google’s Eric Schmidt (and the resulting obligatory dance lesson). Trying your hand at making a viral video that aims to dominate the social sphere is great fun, but making a less globally ambitious yet more useful YouTube advertising video is likely the way to go for advertisers who want to further their reach into the massive (and still very much untapped) YouTube advertising realm. Standard Banner Ad – These are just like the regular Google Display Ads, available as standard banner ads and rich media ads. In-Video Overlay Ads – In-video overlay ads appear as pop-ups within existing contextually targeted videos that are targeted by selected queries.
Creating YouTube video ads is easy and completely free – you can shoot it yourself for a homebrewed feel, or hire some help for a crisp, professional look. Probably the most popular YouTube video ad format, in-stream ads play your ad before or during another video from a YouTube partner. A viewer's immediate reaction tends to be full of grimaces, groans, and complaints since you’ve taken the liberty of interrupting their YouTube video viewing adventure. Viewers are obligated to sit through 5 mandatory seconds of the ad, after which they get to decide if they want to keep watching or skip the rest of the video and go on to what they wanted to see in the first place.
If you’ve done some good targeting and have an interesting video ad, viewers might opt to continue watching, which can only mean you’re doing it right!
With in-stream video ads, you don’t pay unless the viewers watch your video for 30 seconds, or until the end of the video. Since you pay the same amount whether the viewer watches 30 seconds or the whole extended video, you can get more exposure for the same price.
In-stream ads allow for contextual targeting, interest targeting, and demographic targeting. YouTube’s In-Slate video ads appear before YouTube partner videos that are 10 minutes or longer. In-Search video ads work similar to text ads in Google search, with advertisers bidding on keyword terms. In-display video ads appear alongside other YouTube videos, or on other Google Display Network sites that match your targeting options.
YouTube has a number of tools, extensions, and targeting options that can easily go unnoticed, but are absolutely worth checking out. YouTube Analytics Data – YouTube provides a wealth of analytic data, letting advertisers collection information on metrics such as the number of views a video gets, user engagement, and at which points viewers stop watching the video. Remarketing – You can conduct YouTube advertising remarketing ads to users who have already watched your previous videos on YouTube or on the Google Display Network. Channels – YouTube Channels are free to create, and function as your business’s own station, not unlike a Facebook page.
Advanced Targeting Options – YouTube advertising offers some great demographic targeting options including niche interest targeting and age targeting.
Homepage Ads – Advertisers can purchase prime ad space on YouTube’s homepage, ensuring plenty of eyeballs and attention. Additionally, advertisers can opt for something referred to as a "Homepage Roadblock." Yes, it is just about intense as it sounds. The main point of being on the homepage is branding, so if you do have the dough to make the investment, ensure that you are making good use of the prime real-estate by incorporating dynamic ads and engaging, clickable features.
Brand Awareness: YouTube videos let you create unique brand experiences and express your business’s personality. Product Launch: Videos are a great way to introduce a new product or build excitement about an upcoming release. Audience Engagement: YouTube can be a great venue for connecting and interacting with customers. Customer Help: YouTube is a great place to offer how-to video solutions for common customer problems. With so many different ad formats to choose from, YouTube advertising is a playground for marketers looking to experiment with ad formats and gain exposure in a predominantly untapped market. If I am a user and I upload videos then in that case how can i earn through ads, is there a way that ads on my video I get certain share of those ads.
I have been researching and experimenting a lot with Youtube advertising and more interestingly how to optimise the videos to rank in the SERP's. This is one of the most specific and clearly written educational advertising articles I've read in months.
This is a keeper and am certainly gonna bookmark this for furthert read, since most of my clients are now requesting for this medium as well. As popular as YouTube might be, a lot of users have complained that the ads it displays can sometimes be highly annoying and many of them rely on browser-based add-ons to hide or block them altogether. One needs to pay extra attention during installation so as to disable any third-party offer they do not want to download and install on their computer. The graphic interface of the application is highly intuitive, thus encouraging even novice computer users to block the ads on YouTube and enjoy their videos without any distraction. Furthermore, hiding all ads reduces the risk of clicking on any suspicious or malicious link that would lead to infecting the host computer (it does not eliminate the risk completely, as these URLs can be displayed on other websites than YouTube as well).
Once they launch YouTube Ad Remover, users simply need to click the dedicated switch and turn on the protection provided by the application. If one changes their mind and they want to restore all ads, they simply need to open YouTube Ad Remover again and press the switch once more - the ad behavior will be restored to its initial state. All in all, YouTube Ad Remover can come in handy to all users who have grown tired of all the commercials displayed on YouTube as they distract them from the actual video. According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network as of mid-2013. As of March 2013, one billion, (B!), people around the world watch seven billion (still B!) hours of YouTube every month.
One more thing to ponder… One hundred hours of video is uploaded into YouTube every single minute, as of May 2013. The only reason my kids know Evian or Volvo Trucks or TrueMove (Thailand), among many other brands, is because of their work on YouTube. The only reason I know loads of new people and brands is because of my subscription to their channels on YouTube. On the other side of the spectrum, the only reason I think so well of Prudential Financial is because of their incredible YouTube content. So, lots of content combined with an engaged audience (contributing and participating in consumption), driving great branding and real world revenue.
I also believe that every company in a different stage of their evolution when it comes to sales, marketing, and audiences.
For example, if Slimfast is trying to reinvent it's brand and the core of its strategy is new bottles, new look, new TV and print ads strategy (all right and good). Depending on the size of your company, your YouTube strategy might be executed slightly differently. Do not tell them that the targeting is much better than all of those aforementioned options, and that you don't pay when you ad is printed in the magazine or when it is aired, you pay when it is *completely* seen. Likewise there are tons of channels or individual bits of content that you can sponsor, have long-term relationships with, just as you would on real-word media platforms. Now that we have step-by-step mastered the simplest possible things to reach the largest audiences on the planet, it is time to take our game to the next level. In order to win your management's approval, and assuage your agency, underscore how much you control everything about this channel.
In this step, grab your existing content and get into your new pretty and functional brand channel.
You are already producing content for TV (like Air New Zealand above), why not extend the conversation in the commercials with videos on YouTube. All you would need to do is keep the same crew and resources for a little bit more and maybe shoot out-takes or longer versions of the commercial or create a making-of with behind the scenes footage etc. For your leadership team, this is a small step into original content and into building relationships. Oh and speaking of starting relationships… why not create great commercials, like Seventh Generation's Campaign for a Toxic Free Generation, and benefit from thousands of more views and the social amplification already built into YouTube? PS: Did you notice you can even search for flights on Air New Zealand's YouTube channel? Here's the really cool part: With every step that you rock with Build, your ability to do every element of Reach gets better and better, and the business value you derive from YouTube keeps increasing with every little progress!

In the Engage stage we are going to use YouTube as a true relationship building platform, a strategy that will allow us to convert YouTube from simply being about shout marketing to being about conversational marketing . The unique thing about these efforts is not only that they will be for YouTube primarily (though you can syndicate them all over the place), the differentiator will be that you'll create them with your specific YouTube audience in mind. Our effort above was about our brand and social efforts, now it is time to do something for our customers. The simplest thing to do here is to create simply an incredible amount of how-to content, one of the highest cluster of queries on YouTube. A different flavor of the how-to is content that allows your customers to extend what they do with your products and services, in a way to empower them to live their life better. There are so many amazing examples of companies deepening relationships with existing customers and creating new ones. Why not take that to the next level and engage in a two-way conversation with your audience?
Why not let your community, if you build a largish regularly engaged one (by doing 1 through 8 exceptionally well), help you provide real testimonials (and I'm only slightly implying that that is better than our normal polished ones), and why not partner with them to evangelize your content?
You can engage with the fashion content (branding play), you can engage with the how-to content (relationship play), and you can engage with the products (ecommerce play). Perhaps the pinnacle of leveraging YouTube is to convert it into a place that becomes your media platform. If a large part of your current audience, and almost all of it in the future, is migrating away from a television type experience, why not convert yourself from a creator of television commercials to a creator of content that you own, dictate and build an audience around it. By doing it on platforms like YouTube these initiatives have social, engagement, amplification, built into them from scratch. If you are a large business, you should execute the strategy outlined above in the exact order outlined above. Create your outpost, migrate your existing content and then jump to step eight and focus on how-to content that engages current customers and adds new audiences. Once you get good at this, you can move to step two (Display) and start to get your content viewed. A mistake small businesses make is that they simply create the content and wait for the hordes to show up.
But they are smart enough to know that ignoring YouTube's one billion monthly engaged audience is foolish.
Consider the YouTube marketing framework to be a inter-connected yet adaptable cluster of strategies.
On this blog I'm sure you did not think I would simply share a marketing framework with you and leave you hanging when it comes to accountability.
For sponsorships, the number of Live Streams is nice, measuring the Retained Audience is awesome (the number of viewers you were able to retain for x period, you determine x upfront). Engagement Score is computed using Watch Time (a function of total views and percentage the video was viewed completely) and Interactions (a composite of likes, favorites and comments).
The other metrics you know, Amplification, Applause and Conversation Rate are my best social media metrics.
YouTube presents an incredible opportunity to reach an incredibly valuable audience, to build a true owned platform for our company, which we can use to create the type of engagement that shifts our company's media strategy from simply being about buying time to earning time. Most of our clients have nothing to do with Youtube and even after trying to convince them, they still don't want it. THAT is the content that Red Bull's market wants, not strictly promotional content on the drink itself.
If more brands would follow Red Bull's lead with their content marketing strategy, they would see much higher levels of engagement.
Do you have any thoughts about differentiating messaging in YouTube video ads for brands who don't already have TV campaigns? Abigail: I think awesome lies, in this case, at the intersection of back to basics and understanding the audience on YouTube. There's a little know tip to increase your subscribers on YouTube when sending them via your own site to use ?sub_confirmation=1 on the end of your channel URL.
Following a framework like the one provided by Avinash is a great way to take those first steps though!
I genuinely believe that the best strategy is to be our true authentic selves (while of course following the Reach-Build-Engage framework!). It is a great platform, but I'm still trying to figure out what it is from a business perspective and how best to deliver something of value to its audience that in turn returns long term value to the business (or even short term). I have been eying YouTube as a marketing tool for our small company for a long time to reach and engage with our audience.
But developing and producing good content is really difficult and being a small company, we don't have much resources in terms of producing content for our channel. How-to videos you have on your support site, your company's charity efforts, or even simple tutorials to help your existing or new customers get more out of your products and services. This is a gem of article especially when I myself often wondered how to leverage Youtube for online marketing mix. Two video creation tactics that I think are extremely under-utilized are Google+ Hangouts on Air and the new Google+ Auto-Awesome movies. G+ HOAs are easy to use, have great production value when you add in a few minor things like an HD webcam and lower thirds. The Auto-Awesome movies are something I'm just starting to create more of lately thanks to Google Glass. Green thumbs are the only way to correctly assess if the community really digs your effort.
One of the things I love about the internet is the unlimited amount of knowledge you can take in, absorb and bring back into your work.
I'm definitely going to be coming back to this article again at a later time to revisit some of the finer points. Your pdf downloads work likes charm and has been very helpful in killing my boredom on the road.. I've seen the power of audience building through YouTube first hand because I created content and built my audience on there before even setting up my own website.
Just one thought on the metrics: wouldn't you consider channel subscriptions as a key metric for your own brand channel? After all these people like you so much that they practically sign up to see more of your content as soon as it becomes available plus they are likely to consume more of your existing content than a non-subscriber, right? Julian: You are absolutely right, getting subscribers is a key metric and we would measure it for our brand channel. I've been trying to figure out how to get repeated behavior by subscribers, hence it slipped my mind.
Agree that measuring subscribers is important, however if the video is watched directly in Facebook do you agree it's a bit trickier nowadays as one cannot subscribe to a channel via a Facebook view?
Nicola: Needing an extra click on the video certainly is a hurdle, and embedding videos on other sites is also a hurdle (including on FB). The bottom-line though is that if your video is any good (passes Inform, Entertain, Provide Utility), you are going to get subs and the exposure on FB is an icing on the cake. YouTube is an important part of the plan but we never thought about it the way you put it in this post. Gadgets can be embedded in an iframe on the Channel’s custom tab, making the channel looking just like a homepage of your company. In fact, the early daytime drama shows received their name from the adverts that aired with each show.
If there is a disconnect between your content’s message and the audience viewing said content, your ad runs the risk of having a negative response. People are watching videos on their computers and even mobile devices, which is much different than the traditional viewing experience of television. This is why it is imperative that you grab their attention early and fast – within the first 10 seconds. Your ad content is interrupting someone’s pre-determined viewing experience, so they do not want to sit through a two-minute sales pitch of your product.
Advertisers and content creators alike must adapt and evolve to the changing digital landscape.
Allow the well-equipped video team at BLASTmedia assist in delivering your message out to the millions of people on YouTube everyday. Whether it's shooting video, working on graphic design projects or animating, he's constantly changing gears which allows him to keep a sharp, creative mind.
Justin Bieber first got discovered on YouTube, and more recently YouTube has made Psy’s hit “Gangnam Style” the most viral video of all time.
With YouTube being increasingly viewed as the place where pop culture happens, its advertising potential continues to grow exponentially. There are a number of factors that go into making a viral video a success, and more than just a little is luck. The options are nearly as numerous, with the two major options being display ads and video ads. Display ads let your ads appear alongside related YouTube videos, or as pop-ups within YouTube videos.
You can use topic categories and keywords to specify where you want these banner ads to appear.
But there’s no denying that they are impossible to ignore, even if they are X-ed out immediately.
Don’t even think ‘sales pitch.’ Think about quick how-tos, or positive reviews from customers. Check out our Guide to Creating YouTube Content, packed with video ad concepts and ideas, as well as information on recording your video and optimizing it for SEO. While I can’t testify to any added “truth” value, True View ads are a great deal budgeting wise because you only pay when viewers actually choose to watch your video. In fact, some studies have shown that longer videos (closer to the 60-second ballpark) tend to do better than the shorter ones. Viewers can choose to watch one of three ads or alternatively can choose to see regular commercial breaks during their video. You can customize your channel to express your business’s personality, and make it easy for viewers to subscribe to your future videos. A great example is Old Spice’s video response campaign in which they had Isaiah Mustafa, aka “the man your man could smell like” release a number of videos on YouTube answering questions and comments put forth by fans on Twitter and Facebook.

Your videos can serve as a more engaging FAQ, or help customers gain a more advanced understanding of the features your product offers. Answered some questions for me, and I am excited about all the possibilities of YouTube advertising that I did not know of. I think Youtube is a hugely untapped area of online marketing that is only going to get bigger.
The section on TrueView ads is exactly the kind of introductory information to that aspect of YouTube marketing I've been looking for.
YouTube Ad Remover is a dedicated application that can disable video, text and image advertisements. It might take some time until this change is applied onto all installed browsers, so one should wait a few minutes then open YouTube and start watching videos in an ad-free environment - users can safely close the main window of the app as this does not affect disabling the ads in any way.
From creating retirement security to helping businesses grow to the five challenges, just amazingly helpful content. Some brands have channels with content that is rarely updated or it is just a digital repository of their TV commercials. There are so many case studies of awesomeness out there, including those collected by the YouTube team! If YouTube is so many things all at one time, and so many brand don't understand what to do on it optimally, how the heck does one go about measuring success?
For this part of the post let's assume that you are running a medium-large to a large-large sized company. This is just like buying ads in Time, Fortune or Puppy Chow magazines simply based on who you believe reads those magazines. Just sell sponsorships on YouTube exactly as you would any other place in the physical world.
Now that our management team is bought into one facet of YouTube, is time to dip our toe into a content strategy. Normally this step is scary to many management teams because they get told you have to figure out how to beat Michelle Phan on day one or do better than Dollar Shave Club or the Mentos Coke.
I mean real, amazing, beautiful, long-term, truly building deeper relationships, type of work.
Method does this really well, for example the Clean Happy Anthem is such a fantastic way to express what their brand stands for. Share with the world the good work that your company is doing (that should be an easy sell to your management team).
Follow Liberty Mutual's lead and share life improvement tips (and make sure you use techniques #1, #2, #3 above to amplify these videos!).
A small example of it is Sennheiser and their videos on better audio experience in your video production.
The beauty brands are particularly amazing at partnering with the power house beauty community to create and in evangelism efforts. It transforms you from just a seller of servers, software, shoes or soft-drinks to a media company. I recommend starting at step one, top left, and then going down and then up to build and then down and then up to engage and end at step nine, bottom right.
Sadly that does not happen on YouTube any more (remember, one hundred hours of content being uploaded every minute!).
I can never get too far away from measurement, even if I am the digital marketing evangelist.
If you have an account manager for your Google Account, you can ask them to share this number for your videos and judge success.
A massive part of that risk is not knowing what you are doing, which is fixed above, not knowing which order to execute your strategy, also fixed above, and finally not knowing how to measure the success of every single step, clearly outlined above. We see others doing insanely cool things, and we either get paralyzed or waste too much money doing things we are incapable of. But my hope is that if you think of existing content for your existing customers, perhaps that makes for an easier start.
Your thoughts and guidelines has unraveled the mystery of How does Youtube work for business. But when It comes to Youtube if a small business is a reseller or travel agency, how do you propose is the way forward when they are obviously selling other big brands who are already spending heavily on producing content and marketing it across the channels. We've been doing an interview series and a speaker presentation series for over a year now, both of which have been well received. Using auto-backup, Google stitches together a video from all of my recently-shot clips and photos and puts Instagram-like filters and music to the resulting creation. Also, I suspect we'll be seeing more of Extend TV to drive engagement and extend the shelf-life of an ad. Growing on YT and creating your own content is a bit costly and I can't back it with facts but I think that people respond differently to the same commercial seen on TV or YT.
Companies like Proctor and Gamble sponsored the shows and promoted their household cleaners, or soaps, to the women watching at home, thus coining the term, “soap opera.” Other companies soon caught on, and the commercial was born. So when YouTube introduced its new advertising platform, Google AdWords for Video, brands seemed hesitant to adopt this new method – worried their content would be skipped after the first five seconds. Targeting methods on YouTube are much more complex than buying airtime on national television. Content viewing habits are much different than they once were and cannot be created and used across multiple mediums; it must be tailored to the platform for where it will live.
And that’s not just an empty title – “Gangnam Style” has reached nearly 1 billion views, and those views can be equated to serious YouTube advertising revenue. And if all else fails and you’re really stuck, fall back on YouTube fundamentals – kittens! What’s great is that with this option, you can create videos longer than 30 seconds, allowing you to experiment with video ad lengths. My theory is that longer videos are probably developing a richer story that is keeping viewers engaged, rather than throwing out a short “look at this, you should buy it” ad.
This immense ad takeover doesn’t come cheap – a single day will cost you around $300,000, so this option is primarily for those with the deep pockets. I will definitely be digging deeper into this whole area to start advertising as best I can. Some use the display advertising options on YouTube, but are not sure what value those ads deliver (and how to think of them in context of web display ads or even TV).
I have TV for shouting, I have Facebook for Social, I have Vogue magazine because my wife reads it, I have Google for Search. Engaging aforementioned audiences on aforementioned platforms with unique content to create relationships. We will touch on small companies before we end (I have a extra special strategy recommendation for them below). And because that is hard to do, they do nothing or wait a million years until they can have a shiny object.
Find inspiration from Bank of America's efforts to upgrade the financial savvy of your customers. Another example of it is what CVS Pharmacy was doing with their Seen on the Doctors collection of videos, or their more recent Minute Clinic videos.
With this strategy you shift from simply buying time to earning time when it comes to attention! An incredible avalanche of content (immersed in their brand) that is exquisitely crafted for their target audience. You'll those metrics defined in the link in the post to the Best Social Media Metrics.
This is your one chance to interrupt the content the viewer was about to watch, so make it worth his or her time. Some have experimented with virality (Pepsi Test Drive or Dove Beauty, etc.), but commitment to uniqueness is inconsistent. But most importantly, you don't have to worry about changing the minds of your executives at all about all the glory and uniqueness of YouTube.
You can target these ads based on types of content, relevant search keywords, demographic and psychographic choices. Great content that helps you improve your look, and perhaps how you feel (about yourself, and the brand!). You simply click Buy Now, TRESemme will open a new panel where they will display a list of online retailers and if they have the product in stock right now AND the price at each retailer!! Three simple, step-by-step, strategies that help you start from scratch, catch up to the present, be the best today and be ready for whatever the future brings. Have your brand control it, let your massive bureaucracy filter it (with a light touch if you can please). But if the masthead ad contains a video, let's throw in Views and % Completed Views (every advertiser would kill to have this from TV!).
Therefore the ad’s key message needs to be placed in the first 25 seconds with the remaining 8 seconds as a call-to-action bumper.
In addition to speaking directly to the audience and letting them know you understand their frustration, be clear on your call-to-action as well. Let your viewers, customers, be their most authentic self, and through that be your most authentic self. Finally, how can I resist this, would you please share other examples of companies doing any of the above stages really well?
Viewers will likely see this remaining time and skip to move on to other content – potentially giving you free advertising. On YouTube they can reach 100,000 fans at the same time as the concert!, and thousands upon thousands more after the live concert.
Think of how much incredible, engaging content AT&T the media company could create if it thought like Red Bull (or others like Red Bull on YT).

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