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Many Internet users hate ads, but only 2 percent are reportedly willing to pay the cost covered by advertisers. It's not a mystery why YouTube is considering offering an ad-free version of its site to paying subscribers.
Ad blocking is a growing concern in advertising—right up there with viewability, fraud and piracy.
Ad-blocking consumers can also avoid commercials on news and entertainment websites and on digital TV platforms like Hulu, killing banner and pre-roll video ads alike. Spending on digital video advertising increased almost 60 percent in 2014 from the previous year. FairBlocker, which launched in February, allows subscribers to pay to see the content they want without ads. Frederic Montagnon, CEO of Secret Media, a tech firm that helps publishers circumvent ad blockers, is unconvinced that user payments could make up for lost ad revenue. Only 2 percent of Internet users would be willing to pay the cost covered by advertising to access information online, Secret Media says.
He estimated that the average user would have to pay Google about $60 a year to make up for lost revenue if they opted out of seeing ads.
The blocker software works by either preventing networks from serving ads or simply hiding the ads after they've been served. As part of Advertising Week New York, Angry Birds maker Rovio created a lounge where, in between stealing stickers and cuddly Angry Bird toys, The Drum's contributing editor Dave Birss was able to talk to head of brand partnerships and advertising, Michele Tobin.

They discuss Angry Birds Star Wars 2, the success of Rovio’s video channel, and the opportunities it can offer brands.
Advertising sources say YouTube is revamping the homepage to accommodate a huge new banner ad that will span the entire width of the page. We only took into account revenue from banner ads since not all partners have pre-roll or overlay ads on their videos. Content Network Specialist at Google; AdWords Account Associate at Google India Pvt Ltd.
CPM for banner ads is around $5 for successful video bloggers, while for rest of all it is . Apple has a new advertising boss.A Here's everything you need to know about Tor Myhren, who has been hired from ad agency Grey Group. The NFL is coming to Snapchat's new Story Explorer feature.A It's the feature's first sports partner. Google released a fun new ad that shows Homer Simpson using YouTube to advertise Mr Plow.A It was created by ad agency Camp + King.
Bud Light made a drastic change to get millennials' attention.A Its packaging has a new blue makeover, which includes a revamped logo. The CEOs of shaving startup Harry's explain how they acquired a million customers in two years.A They have focused on a selective and effective influencer model. AdExchanger has taken a look at why there have been so many layoffs in ad tech recently.A It mostly boils down to survival.
Thanks to ad blocking software, there already are millions of potential viewers who pay nothing for an ad-free experience, and it makes sense to test whether these digital freeloaders would be willing to pay if they had a subscription-based option.

The number of people using ad-blocking software, including Adblock Plus, AdGuard and uBlock, is rising.
During the same period, the number of Internet users using ad blockers rose from 54 million to 121 million. Now, the industry is trying to persuade consumers to pay for content or convince them that advertising is necessary.
Sinclair said the company has about 50 customers who pay up to $15 for every 1,000 views on websites they visit. Internet user is worth more than $215 a year in digital ad revenue, according to eMarketer stats. Ad-free advocates often know they are stifling the business of the sites they frequent, but the temptation is great. And some industry watchers say the phenomenon is related to an increase in video advertising. Today, almost 150 million people have downloaded ad-blocking software, according to a frequently cited report from PageFair and Adobe. Google also is developing a contributor network, currently in the test phase, which lets users pay for an ad-free experience with participating publishers. However, ad-blocking users are likely much more valuable because they are typically heavy Internet consumers, Montagnon said.

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