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Inicio SEO Crea tu blog Community Manager Social Media Twitter Linkedin Youtube Foursquare Tumblr Marketing Guia Adwords Analytics Contacto Colabora con nosotros Inicio SEO Crea tu blog Community Manager Social Media Twitter Linkedin Youtube Foursquare Tumblr Marketing Guia Adwords Analytics Contacto Colabora con nosotros Como optimizar un video de YouTube. Keyword relevance -> Video title (video upload filename), keywords and description ( including outgoing links to relevant sites), annotations, video transcript.
You have pretty much covered every possible angle and area, as far as the various factors that seem to be helping Channels and Videos ranking…. Author: Martin Missfeldt, Berlin based german artist, about creative image optimization and youTube video-optimization.
Lets face it, having a prominent web presence is an absolute necessity in today’s music industry.
With just about everyone and their mother on Facebook and Instagram, it is vital for up and coming artists to use social media to its fullest capacity. Check out these 8 tips to help build your YouTube following and watch your subscribers pour in.
About Bounce PRBounce PR is a boutique music marketing and lifestyle agency with its finger on the pulse of electronic, dance and indie music; a global one-stop shop for creatives and professionals in the Music Industry. Our mission is to educate and empower Artists, DJ’s, Producers, Musicians, Bands, Performers, Labels and Fans of music from all over the world, and give them a platform to be heard, with hopes of moving the collective musical masses forward. As a complete lifestyle brand, we provide the following services: PR, Branding Consultation, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Music Promotion, Artist Development, A&R, Music Supervision, Event Management and Production, Corporate Consulting and Business Strategy.
Ever since YouTube became popular, a lot of people had earned the title of being “accidental celebrities”.
Understand that there are many benefits in creating a YouTube account and posting videos in this site.
Videos are interesting – anyone who is bored will always find themselves in YouTube browsing over different videos.
YouTube Videos are easy to share – as I have mentioned, it’s easy to share these videos once people find your videos interesting.
Make use of tags and keywords – in order for you to gather more views on YouTube, make use of the tags. Make a channel – YouTube is another form of social networking so making a channel in your account will help you socialize with other people.
Track your videos – it is easy for you to track the number of people viewing your videos as YouTube can now allow users to track the videos that they have posted. Entertain your viewers – as I have mentioned, it is important that the videos you post are informative.
According to a recent survey, when a group of small-business owners were asked which marketing activities they found most effective, 83 percent put emailing marketing at the top of their lists.
You could be the next Prince, have smoother guitar riffs than Hendrix, or a voice that would put Aretha to shame and it still wouldn’t matter if your website isn’t on point.

Whether it’s choosing your name, designing your signature logo or fine-tuning your personal image, branding can make or break an artist or company. It’s one of the most effective methods for attracting new fans, as well as satisfying current fans with news about upcoming events, new music and other releases. They can help boost your online business and can attract potential customers in the long run. Use the right keywords as you do so that you are able to target the right audience for your videos. Don’t try to “sell” right away, instead, create videos that are useful and creative that can attract your audience. However, it must also be entertaining, this way your audience can engage in watching your videos. If you know how to use this social network well, it will be easy to get the traffic you need.
Y es que, a pesar de la irrupcion de Vimeo dentro de internet, YouTube sigue siendo el lugar de referencia para subir videos.
While social media continues to be the focal point for many musicians, email is still the most cost-effective marketing tool and remains the preferred method of communications among fans. People have grown to expect a fast response when searching online, so you need to get your web content to your audience as fast as possible.
At first glance, branding can seem confusing, but by using a few key steps it can become pretty simple.
YouTube has long been a mecca for debuting new music, technology and a million other ideas. If you want to know what these benefits are, here are some of the best reasons I have collected. Some may be funny, weird, and if they are interesting enough, people will pass them around. The more informative your videos are, the more useful they become to the community of YouTubers.
So it is easy for you to see what the audience are looking for and at the same time this gives you the chance on how you can improve the next videos you will be posting.
By posting informative ads, you will have an advantage in search engine optimization and at the same time you have the chance of interacting with potential customers. Es por ello por lo que no podemos dejar pasar el hecho de realizar una buena optimizacion para los videos en esta plataforma, como siempre gracias al SEO Lo mas importante, un buen titulo, clave en tu estrategia SEO Aunque pueda sonar obvio, sobre todo para aquellas personas que manejar los temas de SEO con cierta soltura, hay que decir que un buen titulo es la base para comenzar a tener exito con un video en YouTube. However, it’s also a platform for something even more important; giving your audience a birds-eye view into your life – your personality and the interesting candid, behind-the-scenes stuff.
So the more interesting your video is, the more chances you have of catching people’s attention.

Select the right thumbnail for your videos to so that even if they haven’t started watching, they can tell that it’s going to be a good video!
Having a strong YouTube presence is important, but with so many artists, how can you guarantee your viewers will stick around?
This allows you to link these videos on your site so in return, you direct traffic easily to your site.
We have already covered the basics in getting your website up and running, so let’s focus on optimizing it.
Just make sure that the videos you post are short but at the same time covers good information otherwise people will not really watch it.
The question is: how can you capitalize on email’s features to cultivate long-term relationships with fans? This post may seem a little bit more technical for you non-programmers, but these five simple steps will teach you the basics to get your website working harder, better, faster, and stronger.
Y es que un titulo que impacte el usuario puede llegar a convertirse en viral en pocas semanas lo que nos reportaria una gran cantidad de trafico. Ademas del impacto que debe tener el titulo, este tiene que ser un titulo que contenga la palabra clave que queramos potenciar o trabajar.
Un SEO, por cierto, que todavia no esta muy penalizado en la plataforma de videos mas famosa del planeta. De ese modo, el video se indexara mucho mejor en el motor de busqueda de YouTube y los usuarios lo encontraran con mucha mas facilidad. Que duda cabe que es mucho mejor que las etiquetas sean de nuestra tematica pero si es de otra relacionada no importa ya que como hemos dicho anteriormente, YouTube todavia no esta penalizando el SEO. Por ese motivo, se podria recomendar establecer un minimo de diez etiquetas, entre las que debe estar nuestra o nuestras palabras clave, y no establecer ningun maximo variando las etiquetas entre palabras simples y etiquetas con varias palabras. De este modo podremos abarcar un mayor espectro a la hora de captar a los usuarios, los cuales, en el mejor de los casos, pueden ser nuestros potenciales clientes. Como ves, las normas de YouTube en lo referente al SEO, pueden ser muy similares a las normas de Google. El unico aspecto que varia es que en la plataforma de videos todavia funcionan algunos trucos y algunos detalles que nos pueden permitir posicionar videos de un modo mucho mas rapido y mucho mas efectivo que de un modo mas tradicional. Evitalo a toda costa Deja una respuesta Cancelar respuesta Publicar comentario SuscribirseSuscribete introduciendo tu email: Reciente El discurso Comentarios ?Por que todas las empresas tienen un blog corporativo?
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