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3.) Percentage of Likes to Total Views – a ratio of the total number of likes to the total number of views.
All the data is tabulated in an Excel spreadsheet and the relative percentages are computed. The analysis assumes that ranking of videos in YouTube search are arranged in terms of “ranking score”. The challenge is that you do not know how much importance is given to title tags, number of likes, total number of subscribers, etc. The objective of the Solver is to solve how much %importance should be assigned to each of those factors to give the maximum possible correlation which is 100%. YouTube does not have text content like what is normally ranked on the Google web search engine. It is important to validate our findings to find out if the %importance holds true for all Youtube videos and not just the selected keywords used in this study. Below is the plot between the ranking score (generated using the %importance determined in the analysis) vs.
1.) If you need to rank your video higher in YouTube, it is not as simple as formulating a great title (although this helps). 3.) Put “Subscribe to my videos” everywhere in your site especially on high traffic pages with your videos. This entry was posted in Search Engine Optimization Help and tagged Automatic Driving Lesson, Data Gathering, Total Channel Views, World Cup.
Before I amaze you with my YouTube SEO tips, let me share a stat with you that will make your eyes open even wider. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, and it has the least competition for eyeballs across all social platforms. You may ask… Why aren’t more people creating videos to go after YouTube rankings?
What most people do not realize is that you can remain anonymous behind a slideshow or screencast, and it takes half the time to create a video as it does a blog post. When you are doing your keyword research try to aim for words that have a minimum of 300 monthly searches. When saving the file name for your video, be sure to include the keywords separated by hyphens.
By creating videos with these keywords, you have a better chance of ranking on Google’s front page in addition to YouTube.
Over 40% of people that watch the entire video will click on the link in the first part of the description. Create Targeted Content - A big mistake most people make is just sending them to their home page. Use an Annotation Call to Action - Create a call to action annotation within the bottom part of the video that points to the link.
Ask Them to Click - At the end of each video ask them to click on the link in the description to see the great related content in your blog post. YouTube keeps track from the moment they start watching your video until they hit the back button. If your content stinks, then it does not matter how well your video is optimized for YouTube SEO. Start Strong – Tell the audience how they well benefit from watching the entire video in the first five seconds.

Deliver Value Fast – Get right into delivering the most valuable tip or piece of information within the first twenty seconds. Eliminate Fluff – Focus on what the audience wants and needs, do not spend time discussing your opinions. YouTube also weighs into account the total number of inbound links to videos within a specific channel.
An easy way to get links is to create a video that covers key stats related to a hot topic in the news. Make It Recognizable - Choose a thumbnail that looks sharp and stands out from the rest of the results. Create Title Cards - Create a custom thumbnail that has an image paired with the title of the video. Use 1280 x 780 pixels - You need a higher resolution image because the thumbnail will also be used for the preview image in the embeddable video.
YouTube’s SEO algorithm also includes the amount of subscribers that you have, and how many you gain from each video. Midway, After Giving Great Value - At some point midway through the video, you will most likely have a piece of content that your audience really needs. All YouTube viewers are preconditioned to look at and click on the related videos that show up at the end of a video. Try and make it look as similar as possible to the default related videos that YouTube uses. Offer to Answer Questions - Most people watching your video will think you are an expert on the topic. Respond to Comments With Questions - By asking your commentators questions, it can create a discussion that can lead to more comments and new clients. Before you create your next video, look at your analytics to identify the blog posts that get the most traffic. So there you have it… All seventeen YouTube SEO strategies that the pros use are now part of your YouTube arsenal.
Title tags are easy to manipulate, and Youtube contains less text content than a normal HTML web page. So YouTube needs to rely on other “quality” signals such as those provided by social factors like user engagement. The ranking score is logically decreasing from the top positions to the bottom positions as expected.
Text content combined with videos often gets more links, more page views which also translate to higher views. Be creative when making videos and make sure that you are not only aiming to be viral but useful as well. This increases the conversion rate of your normal visitors turning into YouTube subscribers. It’s a combination of a fear of looking bad on video, the unwillingness to spend a day figuring out how to create a decent video, and wanting to hide in anonymity through a web page. This file name is read by YouTube’s algorithm, and it can increase your chances of ranking higher. It is vital to make your description at least 250 words long and include the keyword 2-4 times. If viewers go to your blog post after they watch the video, then it increases the average time on video.

Long videos retain viewers for a longer period of time, which increases the likelihood of then engaging, commenting, and liking that video. If one video has several quality websites linking to it, then it can boost the rankings of all the videos within your channel. This aids in the search process for viewers and lets YouTube know what your video is about. Here are a few effective ways to use an annotation subscribe button to increase your channel’s subscribers.
A simple way to leverage this is to create thumbnail image annotations that link to your own videos.
Find the questions that your video can answer or enhance, and embed the video to be watched directly into your answer. Identify a topic that you could cover in a video that will make your most visited blog post even better.
In addition, each video placed on these highly trafficked posts will get new quality views every single day. Please take a quick moment to share this knowledge filled post with your social contacts on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Gaille is one of the top business bloggers in the world, and he has founded several multi-million dollar companies. Also “favorites” seem to be prominent in YouTube videos but you can hardly see the number of favorites in the current implementation (except if you view video statistics). The “ranking score” of a video in Position 1 is higher than in Position 2 through Position 154.
To really rank great videos coming from great publishers, YouTube seems to put more importance on the number of views (measurement of video popularity, either created by buzz or other marketing methods) and number of subscribers (measurement of video publisher authority).
It’s because when the user appreciates your comment; the user will be more likely to subscribe also to you also. Even though 1-2 minute videos had 18 times the number of uploads, the 10 minute plus videos had nearly the same amount of total views. When they find a stat to use from your video, then they will link back to the YouTube video as the source. Be sure to use the most colorful and vivid shot from your video to gain the biggest audience possible. Put the most important keyword phrase first and use long tailed variations for the remaining tags. You can take this a step further by offering a freebie to the person that asks the best question.
Since not all possible factors are examined, the study is expected to have a margin of error. There are also some noticeable changes in the video ranking you can see when you do searches using the YouTube search box.

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