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YouTube Video Ad Blocker is the free software to quickly Block YouTube Video Ads across all browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera etc.
YouTube has recently started showing Video Ads in the beginning as well as middle of actual video.
But now you no longer have to worry about it, as our new tool 'YouTube Video Ad Blocker' will help you to get rid of all these annoying Video ads so that you can continue to enjoy watching video as earlier.

In addition to Video Ads, this tool also blocks all other form of Ads like banner, hover, sidebar and featured ads from YouTube. Now you can just click on Block or Unblock button to block or unblock Video Ads on YouTube. Note: You may have to close and open the browser (like Firefox, Chrome, IE etc) again for changes to take effect.

This tool is still in experimental stage and may not work perfectly in some of the non-english speaking countries.

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