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YouTube may not be a TV network, but its advertising revenue sure makes it look like it could be. Business Insider put together the graph after pulling data from news reports, company filings, and their own Business Insider Intelligence investigations. Business Insider’s findings line up quite well with other reports and statistics from this year. TV conglomerates may bemoan the fact that a single online video website is catching up to their ad revenue numbers so quickly, but YouTube’s ad strategies are obviously working.
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An infographic from advertising agency MDG has broken down some important stats about revenue, reach, and branded content on YouTube.
Whether or not that number seems like a lot to you, it’s an indicator that there is at least some money to be made on YouTube.
The full infographic provides a wide range of stats (many plucked from a recent Comscore report) about YouTube’s growing popularity.
MDG’s graphic is obviously aimed at brands, as it discusses the oft-praised YouTube efforts of Old Spice as an example of how a huge viral presence on YouTube can cause increased social media engagement across all social media platforms.
Even if you side with ZEFR over MDG in the Great Infographic War Of June 2013, one thing is certain: Getting paid $23,000 a month to make a few videos each week is a pretty sweet deal. I would like to see what the average is minus the top 10 YouTubers…they make most of the cash on YouTube.
According to the same report from eMarketer, YouTube’s share of global digital advertising revenues is 1.7%. Early last week Nintendo announced the Nintendo YouTube Creators Program, which is an attempt to reign in the advertising dollars YouTubers are able to make off of Nintendo’s hard work. According to Nintendo, the Creators Program will only accept channels that are 100% dedicated to featuring Nintendo products.
According to an analysis performed by eMarketer, YouTube will make $5.6 billion in gross ad revenue in 2013. Video is particularly well suited as a brand advertising vehicle in mobile and that will likely be a big area of growth for YouTube’s video revenue going forward.
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The combination of video marketing with Google’s search engine gives you incredible leverage when attracting more traffic, leads, and sales online.
Marketers who are using YouTube video advertising effectively see a 20% increase in website traffic (conservatively). This post guides you through the 4 types of YouTube ads that quickly boost revenue and when to use them.
You’ll just need to give it a little more work to make your campaigns perform well against your competition. Refer to your buyer persona to see what targeting options work best for your niche, products or services. Once you’ve done that, it’s time that you understand the different types of YouTube ads and how you can use them. Skippable Video Ads are designed to attract the attention of your prospects in the first five seconds of watching the ad. Skippable video ads allow viewers to skip ads after 5 seconds, if they choose. And they can appear before, during, or after the main video.

After this brief moment, users have the option to either continue watching your ad, or click a ‘Skip Ad’ button to proceed watching their initially selected video. One of the best things about Skippable Video Ads is that YouTube won’t charge you until the ad has been watched for minimum 30 seconds. This YouTube ad type allows you to do something truly awesome – interrupt the viewer’s attention and force him or her to focus on your pitch. If you are looking for more impressions, this might be the best type of YouTube ads for you.
Your ability to get leads before they skip your ads depends on whether or not you can create a killer script to grab the viewer by the collar within the first 5 seconds. Capitalize on that first 5 seconds to get the best results with your video marketing campaign. Viewers will not be allowed to watch the originally selected video until they have viewed the entire advertisement.
However, if you’re not confident you can pull this off for now, consider staying away from non skippable ad types until such a time when you can make the ad content really irresistible. YouTube Display Ads appear to the right of the feature video and at the top right of the YouTube Search Engine Results Page. YouTube used to highlight these ad types with a yellow border, but that’s no longer the case. YouTube Display Ads are a great way to increase your YouTube subscribers, or get more views to your content.
If you want to use Display Ads to take users to your website, build calls to action into your video content. YouTube Overlay Ads are semi-transparent display ads that appear on the lower 20% portion of your video. Linking your Call-To-Action Overlay Ad to your landing page gives you the highest chance of lead conversion. The great part about these ad types is that you can advertise your company’s products inside the video of your competitor’s video.
As a rule of the thumb, your landing page should be congruent with your ad, so you can preserve the ‘scent’ of the ad and keep viewers hooked. YouTube Overlay Ads are great if you’re looking to get more views without causing interruptions. Be sure to see how HubSpot illustrates the use of this YouTube ad type to accomplish lead generation objectives.
Whatever types of YouTube ads you choose to use, the importance of a well-defined call to action cannot be understated. And lastly, be sure to combine these 4 types of YouTube ads with YouTube SEO strategies to monetize your video marketing efforts. A new chart reveals how YouTube’s annual intake of ad dollars is quickly catching up to that of CBS’s and eclipsing AMC’s revenue entirely.
CBS saw a loss from ad revenue around 2009 whereas YouTube’s stayed level, and right about the time CBS had another slight dip in revenue in mid-2010, YouTube’s ad earnings took off.
Maybe networks like CBS need to take a cue from the online video site (and other entrants into the online video fray) if they hope to keep their revenue numbers on the up and up in years to come. Among other facts, the graphic reveals that the average top 1000 YouTube channel makes $23,000 a month in ad revenue. The infographic also reveals that individual creators have far exceeded the five-digit average. More than 91% of Internet users check YouTube once a month, establishing it as a clear go-to in the online video industry.
Interestingly enough, the use of Old Spice as an exemplary brand offers a counterpoint to ZEFR’s recent infographic, which stated that user-generated content has a much greater brand potential that official branded videos.

You choose custom campaign ads for your blog and social pages here and make money from impressions or clicks. I must be doing something wrong.I need to be more somthing I guess to make that kind of money. However, it’s market share could decline in the coming years due to increasing competition from increasingly popular mobile app search options. In Australia, YouTube worked with Nissan (NSANY) to create a YouTube video for the launch of its new Patrol SUV. There are several popular YouTubers who have commented that the revenue share program is stiffling and does not benefit the content creator, but the most recent announcement from the program will likely have more people agreeing. That means if your channel started off as a Minecraft channel and then you started showing funny bits from Super Mario 3D World a few years ago, your channel will be ineligible for this program until you remove the Minecraft videos. He writes a personal blog, Screenwerk, about connecting the dots between digital media and real-world consumer behavior. Invest the time to find out what visual cues really rock in your industry, and then use them effectively to attract viewers to your video ads.
That means your ads are now blended with other organic listings, which is a good thing for you!
You should include links in your video descriptions as well as clickable YouTube Annotations. This number is much higher than AMC Networks’s revenue from the same year, which appears to reach around $1.8 billion (even though the network is home to hugely popular shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead).
According to Business Insider’s findings, YouTube has progressively and largely increased its ad revenue year-over-year, whereas CBS has struggled to gain similar traction. And in October, the Interactive Advertising Bureau reported yet another increase (13%) in digital ad revenue industry wide from the first half of 2013. From industry news, to web series reviews, to related events, and one heck of an Awards Show. The reason you can make from both at same time is because embedding Youtube link still provides the in view ad impresions, while you earn impressions or click revenue at onG.Social at the same time.
However, it’s higher than the market shares of Twitter (TWTR), AOL (AOL), and LinkedIn (LNKD). In fact, the channel cannot have videos from games that are not whitelisted in the program’s requirements. Either way, the limited scope of the program means those dedicated to Nintendo all these years will be the ones impacted most by the decision, as they’ll either have to join the program or be forced to deal with copyright complaints against their channel. But make sure that your ad thumbnail rocks, otherwise you’re going to have a problem getting people to click! Our information products and coaching programs are successful in helping people just like you progress the Internet landscape to attain financial freedom. It should compensate for the loss of growth in Google’s search advertising business in future.
YouTube is looking at increasing its viewership by leveraging on popular events like the Super Bowl. I've set out to create a culture of innovation to help you build the business of your dreams through creativity, conversations, and shared best practices.
According to a report from eMarketer, YouTube’s net advertising revenue was estimated to be around $2 billion in 2013.

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