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The modern video production process, and the costs that go along with it, can be a bit of a mystery. 4 Fundamentals for Crafting a Winning Video Marketing Strategy in 30 Minutes You are using an outdated browser. Too often, clients are unaware of the various steps involved and the relative effort that goes into them.
We’ve put together the accompanying chart to represent a typical (if there is one!) video production cost model.
Plan out your video both for specific dates and the long runNow that you have ground to stand on, your next step is to do the actual planning. Many companies choose to outsource their marketing because they think it’s better to leave it to the pros.It’s not as hard as it sounds.

Nike is not just selling sneakers, they are selling the idea that anyone can be a great athlete.Similarly, GoPro always shares with their audience adventurous videos and it sponsors extreme sports events like Red Bull’s Signature Series. Write down your missionIf carrying a small notebook in your pocket feels too lame for you, you can always get a note app for your smartphone.I have experienced the benefit of both carrying a small notebook and installing a note widget on my smartphone. If you’re not a company that specifically works on graphic design or video producing, it’ll be quite tiring to produce a really good video.But if you’re planning to make a number of vlogs (video logs) or customer testimonials in the long run, it might be wise to invest in lighting equipment, audio and decent cameras. The best part of doing that is that you can create vlogs and testimonials in-house whenever you need want to.d. You have to know when is the best time to publish the video, just like you would with blog posts and social media.It’s also important to decide beforehand whether you are going to make a one-time video content or periodical video content. Take into account how long will it take to produce the video, to record the voiceover, to edit, and so on.3.

Read our article on script writing 101 to get the big picture of what should be in your script.Have a video produced, but don’t be overly demanding.
One of our clients, Access, has experienced the amazing abilities of explainer videos first-hand.
Be Consistent with Your Video QualityIt’s almost impossible for a non-video company to drop a video every week for marketing purposes. Spare 2-3 days extra for unexpected obstacles along the way.Be consistent with the quality, not the quantity, of your video content.So, how are you planning your video marketing strategy so far?

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