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Just follow these simple steps to find out how easily you can upload your videos using just your email to your YouTube account.
Although the YouTube application allows users to record and upload videos to their YouTube accounts right form within the application, it is harder to upload older or prerecorded videos especially from mobile phones and tablets. Here's how you can upload videos to YouTube by simply sending an email message from any email account including the video as an attachment. Since email is available on all the devices and platforms, this method is applicable to all tablets and smartphones. Login to your YouTube account on your computer or device and access the YouTube profile from the page. On your mobile phone or tablet, locate the prerecorded video from the device using the file manager application. The following screen will open up in the form of the email compose window, make sure the video is there as attachment in the email.
The mail will be sent from the device but it will take sometime before the video is processed and uploaded on your YouTube account.

Once done by the server, you will receive an email prompt telling you that the video has been successfully uploaded to your YouTube account.
Now you can see the video in your YouTube video manager and are ready to edit the details and description of the video just to refine it further.
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Of course you can make use of third party YouTube uploaders but why share your important login information with a third party source when you do not even need to login to upload your videos on YouTube.
Although it is not mentioned that you enter any subject but it is tried and tested to use Upload Video as the subject.

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