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Hi Computer tigers, Have you ever downloaded youtube videos from Youtube website without using any software or browser add-ons? At the video shoot, some lesser moms from ALDC are there with their kids who are also in the video.
Meanwhile, Chloe had no solo rehearsals because both of her private teachers cancelled on her. Tagged as Abby Calls the Police, Abby Lee, Abby Lee Dance Company, Abby Lee Miller, Abby presses charges, ALDC, Asia Monet Ray, Auditions, Black Patsy, Brooke Hyland, Chloe Lukasiak, Christi Lukasiak, Dance Competition, Dance Moms, Dances Moms Fight In NYC, Holly Frazier, Jackie Lucia, Kelly Hyland, Kendall Vertes, Leslie Ackerman, Mackenzie Ziegler, Maddie, Maddie Ziegler, Nia Frazier, Nicaya. I think she has been able to get away with far too much that hasn’t been on the show, because she is the super star, but a few times we have seen her facial expressions that she is pissed at the other kids. Well thank god we have a hall monitor to say what this BLOG COMMENT SECTION (not messageboard forum) is about.
I recently found this blog and had to read all the archives because I was laughing so much and needed more.
All of the little girls are very talented, but Maddie isn’t all that and a slice of bread.
I was disappointed in the choreography that they gave Chloe that literally did not require any technical skills at all. I have created this blog for sharing the information about internet marketing, search engine optimization, social media optimization and new technology in the world. Miller.  I guess it is better than having to dance to a song about what a big bitch your mom is. Abby has way too many things happening in one week as she tries to throw herself into her work to avoid facing her mother’s death. I learned that in season 2 when she threw a big nasty tantrum becasue Chloe won the Joffery scholarship or whatever it was Abby had all the girls auditioning for. You just know with the loss, her mom dying and the new girls (and moms) coming in it will be a horrible episode.
I was more jaw dropped on Abby being so mean, and smh at Maddies mom always trying to turn the whole Mrs.Miller thing into all about her.

It seems really odd to me that a female would see another female on TV who appeared to have put on 2 or 3 pounds and do an extensive Internet search to find out if she were pregnant. She’s a lovely little dancer but every dance looks exactly the same set to different music. Christie and Jill at least fight back to protect their daughters, Holly confuses me and she used to be my favorite mom because she seemed so level headed. One competition they arrived and everyone was screaming for Chloe, not Maddie and I think that infuriates Abby. Lol not only because people can say what they want but aren’t childish, but also because people can discuss misunderstandings, in. When they were told Chloe won, Maddie stomped off to the other oom crying and pushing her little sister (who was trying to comfort her) out of the way.
As kids it’s a whole nuther world, hopefully you grow up even if the adults in your world never do.
Her belly is actually round like a 4 month pregnant woman and just want to know if anyone else had noticed. But I think her ego is enormous now and she’s trying to make them leave so she can have the show and the team she picks. The end is even is so predictable, three spins with one leg up and bent, drop to the floor. I had a friend who was the one of the only black girls at her studio but her instructor actually paid attention to her, helped her strengthen her technique and next thing you know she was featured on ads for the studio and landed leads in Swan Lake and The Nutcracker.
We all know that the bottom pyramid is going to consist of Nia or Kendall and the top is going to be Maddie, or Kalani. The moms are already stressing about pyramid in front of the new team next week should the girls lose this week. Melissa actually went back there and told Maddie to cut it out and be happy for chloe but she continued to boohoo.
Nia is there to be a punching bag and when she is given a solo it’s always a and ethnic dance that requires low skill and maybe some acrobatics.

Also at the end of dance competitions we already know maddie’s solo will come in first, and Chloe will be punished.
I mean if you’re gonna have her dance to a negro spiritual at least push her to throw in some more turns. She seems confident though saying that musical theater is her best genre and she rarely gets to do it.
I hope Kilani’s mom continues to press Abby about letting Kilani do solos when Maddie does them but even if she does she give her a solo she give her the Chloe treatment and give her mediocre choreo again just so Maddie can win smh. Then add the attitude that she’s helping to create and it spells disaster for that little girl.
I doubt she’ll be a working dancer and rely more on her education so I applaud Holly on the school front. Also- another short little rant, everyone applauds maddie on her dancing facical expressions, but they’re so creepy and off putting to me. For instance, you need to install Adobe Flash Player for watching videos on YouTube while the QuickTime player is required for viewing movie trailers that are available on the Apple website. In other things I could care less about news,  Mackenzie is shooting her video for her song, Girl Party. They are reworking Maddie’s previous Amazing Grace solo into a lyrical group performance.
Abby told the girls that she is not made at them, because it wasn’t about the competition this week.
This may look like a regular YouTube video player but the interesting part is that the YouTube video clip will play just fine even if you disable (or completely remove) the Flash Player from your browser.
This leaves Chloe who won a duet, and Maddie who didn’t have a solo.  Guess who is on top?

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