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Did you know effective B2B marketers are using paid advertising more often than their less effective peers? While we have talked a lot about the need for a documented content marketing strategy, CMI research also reveals that effective marketers are using more paid advertising, which makes sense. But, perhaps surprisingly, B2B marketers are using every single method of paid advertising less often than their B2C peers – and they find every method to be less successful. It’s a misconception that B2B doesn’t have the same availability of tools for paid media that B2C does … it’s just used differently.
If you are looking to “dip your big toe” in the paid-advertising water, here are some things to consider.
First off, it’s useful to understand how many B2B marketers are using each paid tactic – and how many of those users are finding them to be effective.
While paid media has been core to marketing for an incredibly long time, it is an evolution for content marketing. It’s always important to consider the impact of your content, but it is especially important when you are trying to evaluate paid media. Search engine marketing is the type of paid media used most often by B2B marketers (58%), and it’s also the medium considered to be effective by the highest percentage of users (52%). Not only is search engine marketing something that has been used for a long time, but it allows you to highly target, and it’s a fantastic method for brand awareness and lead generation, which were cited as top goals. The next two most popular types of paid media for content promotion are print (52%) and traditional online banner ads (49%). To help make sense of the native-advertising space and the technologies that support it, download Content Discovery and Native Advertising Tools: An Analysis of 7 Solutions in a Disruptive Marketplace. If you are unaware of what content discovery is (only 13% of B2B marketers are using it), it is the technology that presents semantically related content to online viewers. While this is the paid tactic B2B marketers use the least often, 36% of users consider it to be effective.

Start with higher CPC to get more impressions, then bring down the cost after a high CTR is established. Create multiple campaigns and test new content in new campaigns to avoid competing against your own content.
Restart content over time to refresh data and get more promotion of content that appears to be slowing down. Join Over 150,000 of your Peers!Get daily articles and news delivered to your email inbox and get CMI’s exclusive e-book Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program FREE! Excellent synthesis of a complex topic; thanks for simplifying content discovery and the already-downloaded ebook.
BTW, of all the paid advertising tactics, content discovery is the one I often *appreciate the most* when I run across it; I usually follow the links and find information of interest. During the last segment of our B2B research roundtable, our guests talk about why this may be. In this scenario, marketers are marketing their content instead of their products or services.
Probably, our best click-through rates and best engagement were with paid social done on LinkedIn and Twitter. While you can learn more about content discovery and the tools available at the guide above, here are some additional tips specific to content discovery that Zimmerman shared during his presentation. Check out all the fantastic CMW sessions that are available through our Video on Demand portal. Do you think SEM is utilized more often than Social Media because of its familiarity among the administrators and the length of time it has been available?
We did not delve into where in the funnel various paid approaches are the most useful, but your observation is reasonable to me. And, while earned and owned media are quite prominent, those who fare better in content marketing rely on paid media as well.

Only 30% of B2B print users and 26 percent of those who use banner ads consider them to be effective.
I mean the abilities you talked about to really narrowly define it to an audience group and influencer group has been really powerful for us.
My guess is that people need to better understand how to use paid social in the middle of the funnel. I haven’t seen massive returns, but I am still very much in the testing phase right now. Our qualitative, executive research and conversations with marketing leaders reveal the same thing. It just wasn’t successful, but now you can actually use it reverse IP and actually target your message to very specific companies. I’m just starting to explore techniques in this area, and would love to find some strategic guides. Consider a company that sells 70 to 80% of a $15 billion revenue target a year to 300 customers. Social, used in middle of the funnel, allows for greater targeting accuracy with the ability to re-market and better demographic control. All of a sudden the ROI is just amazing, you can just target your messages, your company-specific customized messages to the right people in the right companies.

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