When Avatar exploded the screens last year, the box office smash took $2.7bn worldwide and became the highest grossing movie ever and by a gigantic margin. In our guide to 3D entertainment, we’ll take a look at where the craze started, how it all works and what we can expect in the future.
Though 3D technology is seeing a massive surge in popularity, its origin lies as far back as the beginnings of photography.
In film, 3D technology may seem like a fairly recent trend but in reality there were roughly as many 3D movies released between the 1922 and 2000 as there has been over the last ten years. Interestingly, this also explains why pigeons bob their heads – they can’t view the same thing with both eyes simultaneously, so they have to rely on this bobbing motion to get the two different viewing angles needed to work out distances. Technology is fast developing and is surprisingly affordable (in the grand scheme of things).
Despite there being very little in the way of content, there are already a number of sets available, and when compared to plasma TVs of similar size the price jump is not all that much (though the higher limits, as with any television, can be an eye-popping amount). The main competitors in the market so far include Mitsubishi, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and Panasonic.
Specs: Sizes range from 60 to 82 inches and feature DLP (digital light processing) technology, reported to be crisper than LED and LCD displays.
Specs: Samsung’s current screen sizes go up to only 63”, but the refresh rates are 240Hz compared to Mitsubishi’s 120Hz (though both utilize DLP technology). Specs: Although the high-end LX900 series seems less competitive in price (around $4,000 for the 52” model and $5,000 for the 60”), it’s important to know that this comes 3D ready right from the box. Specs: Screen sizes range from 50” to 65”, though more compact models are due to hitting the Japanese markets. Since June 2010, the Sony Playstation 3 has had the capacity for 3D gaming in Europe and Japan, but only four games are available at present (Wipeout, Super Stardust, Pain and a demo of Motor Storm Pacific Drift) and the catch is you can only experience them on a 3D-enabled Sony Bravia TV. YouTube were quick of the mark with 3D support, but so far it extends only to anaglyph glasses and the ‘crossed-eye’ method. A quanto pare la carica delle produzioni 3D si impegna a crescere sempre di piu per arrivare proprio a tutti e conquistare il cuore di una sempre piu vasta parte del pubblico.
Ce ne sara veramente per tutti i gusti e non c’e da stupirsi se anche i generi tradizionali si convertiranno al tridimensionale: nel 2011 uscira il thriller The Factory, il fantascientifico Battle Los Angeles e la commedia Hangover 2. Crescono la curiosita di vedere drammi e commedia in 3D, le aspettative, il successo, ma anche le critiche. Anche se non e dato stabilire con certezza i canoni perfetti di un film, salvo forse l’armonia tra gli elementi espressivi e i mezzi tecnici, oltre la convenienza di questi ai contenuti, e indubbio che il 3D rappresenti una mutazione di linguaggio.

3D, Alice in Wonderland, Avatar, cinema, formato tridimensionale, Francesco Bonami, incassi. Perche Caffe News?Non un semplice bar, il piu delle volte regno della perdizione, ma un luogo in cui ci si puo gustare ‘na tazzulella e’ cafe, o del buon the con dei biscotti, od anche un cappuccino. Pizza delivery boy Kunal's mundane life takes a horrifying turn when he is sent to make a delivery at the home of a family with a dark secret. Sir Charles Wheatstone developed the stereoscope in 1838, allowing users to create three-dimensional images from a set of 2D pictures or drawings. Before the 90s (and particularly during the 50s), pioneering methods of various successes were toyed with, including those red and cyan anaglyph glasses we’ve all come to know. There are a few mechanisms at play here, but the main method we subconsciously use to judge the distance of objects is convergence.
Blu-ray disks are the main format for 3D movies since they’re able to show a separate high definition signal (1080p) for each eye and can be coded to split the two in a way necessary for 3D viewing. The good news is that things will get better and a slew of titles are being made commercially available as we run up to Christmas, including the 3D movie release everyone is waiting for. Note that the need for glasses is still prevalent, costing around $100 but included with most bundles. With the Sony HX models and those from other manufacturers, extra equipment is usually required. The very-soon-to-be-released Toshiba Regza WL768 3D is a bit more pricey at around $6,000, but it justifies the price tag with integrated Wi-Fi, a 3cm thickness and an incredible amount of hardware support (4x HDMI, 2x USB, Scart, AV… you name it). Other than the novel ‘deep blacks’ vivid contrast technology, they come with little frills other than being well priced. NVIDIA are the driving force here, having teamed up with developers to bring 400 games to compatibility with their 3D systems.
Several demonstration, sports events and pay-per-view movie broadcasts have been made on a number of channels around the world. Sono stati, infatti, i film tridimensionali Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, e cartoni come L’era glaciale 3 o Toy Story 3 a sancire successo e potenza del 3D, aprendo, cosi, un sicuro percorso di successo alle novita delle prossime stagioni. Se James Cameron, re indiscusso del cinema a tre dimensioni, dice : “Il 3D non e solo un espediente decorativo di un film, ma uno strumento essenziale per narrare una storia”, come riporta un articolo di Repubblica, altri esperti del settore pensano, al contrario, che sia solo una trovata pubblicitaria o quanto meno un’attrazione che risponde a precise esigenze di marketing.
Basti dire che il suo sistema si basa sulla preminenza della forma sul contenuto, del computer sulla cinepresa, dei personaggi digitali sulla recitazione umana.
E tra un caffe e un cappuccino poter scegliere un giornale per conoscere gli avvenimenti del giorno, magari seduti a tavolino, trovandosi cosi a discuterne con i propri vicini, scambiando con loro qualche battuta, quattro chiacchiere.

Quanti massacri, quanti terremoti avvengono nel mondo, quante navi affondano, quanti vulcani esplodono e quanta gente viene perseguitata, torturata e uccisa! Will Kunal be able to overcome the evil that lurks in the shadows and live to tell his tale? Simply put, focusing on something with two eyes means that they need to rotate inward – if they converge a lot, the object is close and vice-versa.
Firstly, you’ll need a dedicated 3D TV set in order to display it properly, which incorporates a converter chip along with software to break down the images and separate them from left and right images. There are rumblings that Toshiba are very close to releasing sets which do not require them, albeit with limitations such as small screen size and restricted viewing distances. Sono i film 3D: dal cartoon alla fantascienza passando per il fantastico, la commedia, il thriller, senza contare sequel e rifacimenti vari. E’ il caso di Francesco Bonami, ex direttore della biennale di Venezia, che non pensa al 3D come unico rimedio alla crisi del cinema.
Questa e la filosofia di Caffe News che ha preso il via il 31 Ottobre 2005 da un'idea di Paolo Esposito e che si ispira a "Il Caffe", il periodico piu importante e prestigioso della cultura illuministica italiana nato a Milano nel 1764 ad opera di Pietro Verri.
Eppure se non c'e qualcuno che raccoglie una testimonianza, che ne scrive, qualcuno che fa una foto, che ne lascia traccia in un libro e come se questi fatti non fossero mai avvenuti!
In order to gain the 3D effect, currently glasses must be worn (either infrared or radio beam syncs). Toshiba seem to be the only players really pushing for 3D TV without the need for glasses (autostereoscopic display), but its capabilities seem limited according to pre-release reports. If knowledge is power, what if your power was hijacked and sold back to you, or kept from you?I guess your online experience wouldn't be the same, and no one can remember everything on the web. Sono i dati a parlare: il kolossal di Cameron e il rifacimento di Burton, forti della curiosita per il nuovo formato che ha spinto la maggior parte del pubblico al cinema, sanciscono vittoriosamente un nuovo modo di fare cinema.
E' una triste constatazione; ma e cosi ed e forse proprio questa idea - l'idea che con ogni piccola descrizione di una cosa vista si puo lasciare un seme nel terreno della memoria - a legarmi alla mia professione". There is no way they could hire enough people to ensure everything posted was original, every sentence, and every picture "duty free" - thus, what if Wikipedia did not exist?  As most know Wikipedia went dark on Wednesday, January 18, 2012 in protest of the SOPA bill, and for them with a small staff, they certainly have a point, as their business model could be targeted and shut down.

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