Posted 8:27 am by Terry Hayes & filed under Hubspot, Internet Marketing, Inbound Marketing. HubSpot marketing software is designed to empower business clients with an alternative to commonly used piece-meal marketing solutions by integrating the core components of SEO, content marketing, email, blogging, lead management and analytics tracking into one platform console.
Last September HubSpot announced a new CRM product at INBOUND 2014 designed for companies who need a CRM but not necessarily a tool as robust as Salesforce. If you’re considering HubSpot marketing software the CRM makes the platform even more attractive now by integrating marketing and sales information in one dashboard. Sidekick by HubSpot is a sales acceleration product that arms your company reps with the context they need to sell better and faster.

With Sidekick email tracking, when a customer or a lead opens or clicks on one of your emails – you get live notifications. Terry Hayes is an Online Marketing Consultant and a HubSpot Marketing Software Consultant at Agency IMC based in Santa Monica, California.
If you’ve read my past posts than you know I’m a HubSpot Software Consultant and a vocal supporter of their marketing software platform.
If you’re already a HubSpot customer the CRM tool is included in your software package free. You’ll know when, how many times, where, and from what device your contacts have opened your emails.

I use Sidekick and find it helpful for completing tasks and optimizing communications. You can get started with Sidekick for free or upgrade to Premium if you find it useful and want the full featured tool. HubSpot developers have introduced a CRM tool and an app called Sidekick that optimize small business marketing, sales and contact management collaboration.

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