MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016 Premium — новое поколение редактирования видео — более мощное, быстрое и качественное. Forum > All about MAGIX's programs > Movie Edit Pro > Changing photo length: why this behaviour? Reducing the length of a photo with KFs by dragging its RH edge leftwards removes the excess from the RH end, as I would expect. Hi Terry and John,I did some more tests using MEP2014 on my wife's portable whilst watching the snow fall in Charlevoix.
Hi TerryLooking at the 2016 templates and the availability of different durations of movie and. Hi TerryAFAICS the reason is in the last sentence of the answer from Magix you posted . Here's the essence of the reply from MAGIX.I'm afraid this one has to go into the category of questions where we can't really make a 100% definite statement on the inner workings of MEP with regard to that parameter.
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013 Premium - iiaia iieieaiea ?aaaeoe?iaaiey aeaai - aieaa iiuiia, auno?ia e ea?anoaaiiia.

Noaa naeaaoaeai AOI a ?acoeuoaoa eioi?iai iino?aaaee e?ae, au ia?aui aaeii noaiaoa nieiaou eee caiieou? We skiied today,leaving tomorrow.In Slideshow Maker, as soon as you add pan or zoom effects, the default automatically goes up to 5s to 7s.
But my point is that if the user has specified transition times of 1 sec then there are no other parameters in the effects that should prevent an image being limited to say 3 seconds.
But meanwhile I've solved it satisfactorily by writing a macro to reduce the wizard's photo durations by a factor of my choosing.
Ia?yao ni anaie i?aeiouanoaaie Plus aa?nee, I?aieoi aa?ney aee??aao a naay oe?ieee auai? yenee?ceaiuo aiioniuo i?ia?aii e eeiaiaoia?aoe?aneea niaoyooaeou.
As mentioned in my post 20th Dec, for a large number of photos I'm applying it to all simultaneously, 80% of original duration, using my macro. Nor do I apply the slideshow wizard to movie clips.Take the simple example of loading some JPGs, imported at 4s. This is probably because 3s would be too fast for zooms and pans so Magix automatically makes the adjustment.

Suppose I want a mixture of pans (normal) and zooms (max) applied to them, with transitions purely of straight cuts. I don't see why it should affect photo durations.The music length is the total available under the music selection, I believe.Even if there is no longer any music selection? I prefer 4 and even 3s images to have pans or zooms, which IMO can look better than statics; just a matter of getting the KF settings right.Nice video! I set those in Transitions and Effects respectively, disable music and video and specify what I have been interpreting as a maximum duration of 3s in Properties (because I want a brisk, snappy result).Why should that not be an easy task for the wizard?
Of course, the kf disappears at the right, but you can use the go to next or previous buttons and then move or resize the image.

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