We are looking for Sales and Marketing Coordinator for an accounting firm based in Pretoria. Our growing marketing company based in Pretoria CBD is looking for youth who want to be trained and grow to be marketing managers.
Register today for our jobs by email service and we will email you the latest online marketing vacancies that match your requirements. Most, if not all, companies use marketing as a vital tool to promote products, services and brands to different audiences.
If you're interested in media jobs and you want a varied career, this industry covers every sector, and every type of audience from B2B and B2C to internal communications and key stakeholders.
Marketing communications embodies the whole process: From client relations, PR and marketing strategies, to the creative side of promotional literature, advertising and artwork. A very broad area, marketing communications - or Marcoms, as it's better known - also covers many disciplines. Alternatively you could even be writing copy or designing brochures for clients if you have a creative streak - or project managing them, if that's more your thing.
With markets changing on a daily basis, you'll need to keep up to speed with industry developments to stay one step ahead of the game. Find marketing communications jobs nowSee all of our current marketing communications vacancies or sign up to have new marketing communications jobs emailed directly to you. As you take on more responsibilities and gain experience, you will be able to take your career in marketing up to more senior positions.
Salaries will depend greatly on the kind of role you take, however as a starter you'd often be starting at around ?16,000 - ?24000. With experience this can rise to between ?25,000 to ?50,000, but these figures will vary based on your role and location. Marketing plays a vital role and crosses virtually every sector, from government and health to commercial and retail. There are no specific qualifications that you need to enter marketing communications, but it does depend on the position you're going for. As a graduate, a degree in a relevant subject such as marketing, media studies or communications would be advantageous.
Experience in a related field is useful and in some cases, for executive positions and higher, it's often essential. Competition is pretty strong in this area, so getting a suitable qualification such as a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) certification could greatly improve your chances. Training can mean shadowing senior or more experienced members of staff, receiving one to one guidance as you progress. There's also the Communication, Advertising & Marketing Foundation (CAM), which offers a qualification made up of several modules. Check out our list of marketing, advertising and PR training courses for new ways of breaking into, or progressing within, these creative industries. Whether you want to advertise a single job quickly and easily or search among more than 8.5 million candidates on our CV database, totaljobs can help you.

A wide range of educational backgrounds is suitable for entry into advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales managerial jobs, but many employers prefer those with experience in related occupations. For advertising positions, some employers prefer a bachelor’s degree in advertising or journalism. For public relations positions, some employers prefer a bachelor’s or master’s degree in public relations or journalism. Although experience, ability, and leadership are emphasized for promotion, advancement can be accelerated by participation in management training programs conducted by larger firms. For the more creative out there, a career in marketing, advertising or PR allows you to help companies push their message out there to potential customers. Mad Men has made advertising cool again; after all, who doesn’t want to be as cool as Don Draper (ladies, that goes for you, too!).
If you're looking for a job that shows off your creative mindset while still embracing your talkative personality, then a career as an account manager could be just what you've been looking for. In a direct marketing role, you'll be promoting products, services and brands to an audience of both existing and potential customers. If you're itching get to ahead in marketing then there’s no better way to learn the ropes than working as a marketing assistant.
Most, if not all, companies use marketing as a vital tool to promote products, services and brands to different audiences.
The all important middleman, as a marketing executive you would manage and control the relationship between products and your target audience.
You don’t need to act like you’re in an episode of Ab Fab to thrive in a PR job, although you may need to get your air kissing skills up to scratch.
The Suitable candidate would basic understanding of how the business operate and Marketing and Sales background.
There's also the option to go freelance which is common in creative aspects or marketing, or start up your own agency. So your options are open, allowing you to work in practically any industry or company - so you can pick an area that you're particularly interested in.
Many employers are looking for strong personal qualities, like confidence and excellent communication skills. As well as any related positions you've held, you can also include work experience, temporary placements and volunteering to this list. Although an additional qualification can be useful, it won't guarantee a job or replace the personal qualities and experience employers seek in any applicant. Our friends at CV KnowHow can help you - their team of expert CV writers are ready to talk to you today and help you create the perfect CV. For marketing, sales, and promotions positions, some employers prefer a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration with an emphasis on marketing. A course of study should include, for example, marketing, consumer behavior, market research, sales, communication methods, technology, visual arts, art history and photography. The applicant’s curriculum should include courses in advertising, business administration, public affairs, public speaking, political science, and creative and technical writing.

Many firms also provide their employees with continuing education opportunities—either in-house or at local colleges and universities—and encourage employee participation in seminars and conferences, often held by professional societies. From event mangement to PR, from brand management to overseeing campaign accounts, there are loads of opportunities out there.
However, the world of PR, marketing and advertising is a huge one with lots of different opportunities. If you value the importance of making a good impression, you’re sure to be a success as a brand manager.
Once left to the bosses secretary to sort out, event management is now an important marketing skill.
If you're interested in media jobs and you want a varied career, this industry covers every sector. You would be responsible for market research, product development, promotions and much more to make sure the campaign is as successful as it can be. As the name suggests, you'll plan, implement, control, analyse and report on market research information you gather. Once they know about the product, they must want it and that, as a product manager, would be your job - to create awareness and demand.
For creative positions, you'll need to demonstrate your skills and have a portfolio of work to show.
Courses in business law, management, economics, accounting, finance, mathematics, and statistics are advantageous.
Certification — an indication of competence and achievement — is particularly important in a competitive job market.
In collaboration with colleges and universities, numerous marketing and related associations sponsor national or local management training programs.
Additionally, the completion of an internship while the candidate is in school is highly recommended. While relatively few advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales managers currently are certified, the number of managers who seek certification is expected to grow. Course subjects include brand and product management, international marketing, sales management evaluation, telemarketing and direct sales, interactive marketing, promotion, marketing communication, market research, organizational communication, and data-processing systems procedures and management.
In highly technical industries, such as computer and electronics manufacturing, a bachelor’s degree in engineering or science, combined with a master’s degree in business administration, is preferred.
Today, there are numerous management certification programs based on education and job performance.
In addition, The Public Relations Society of America offers a certification program for public relations practitioners based on years of experience and performance on an examination.

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