Fresh-focused food marketing buzzwords are quickly catching on with consumers and protecting fast food chains from the regulatory scrutiny associated with health-related claims.
Today’s consumers are more knowledgeable about nutrition and prefer to live healthier lifestyles instead of just dieting.
Other fast food restaurants whose health claims appeal to consumers include Wendy's, with its "fresh, never frozen" and "you know when it's real" messaging, as well as McDonald's with its oatmeal accompanied by a "bowl full of wholesome" positioning.
The Federal Trade Commission is not expected to crack down on marketers using these buzzwords, unless it views the advertising as deceptive or it believes the chains are making questionable claims about health benefits.
For now, fast food restaurants are continuing to freshen up their menus and enjoy the reward of healthier business. MDG Advertising is a full-service South Florida advertising agency, with offices in Florida and New York, that specializes in developing targeted franchise marketing solutions, exceptional online executions, and solid branding and media buying strategies that give franchises a real competitive advantage. Our core capabilities include advertising, branding, creative, digital marketing, media planning and buying, public relations, Web design and development, email marketing, social media marketing and SEO.  To view MDG’s portfolio, click here. Franchise Marketing – What’s the Difference Between a Franchise and a Business Opportunity?
Synonymous with the enterprising American spirit, franchising’s phenomenal growth is a testament to the power of personal ambition.
Our core capabilities include advertising, branding, creative, digital marketing, media planning and buying, public relations, Web design and development, email marketing,direct mail, video marketing, social media marketing and SEO. Steve Caldeira recently celebrated his first anniversary as as president and CEO of the 51-year-old International Franchise Association (IFA.) In a recent interview with Blue MauMau, Mr. The IFA intends to deal with the economic struggle by increasing its efforts to loosen credit, as well as by intensifying lobbying in every state and focusing intently on selling franchises to returning military veterans. Our core capabilities include advertising, branding, creative, digital marketing, media planning and buying, public relations, Web design and development, email marketing, direct mail, video marketing, social media marketing and SEO. Icon Visual Marketing is a team of professional marketing and creative people who are passionate about delivering tools that help businesses find their next customer. We are a full-service marketing agency with a real strength in focusing on the results of good marketing.
The terms marketing and advertising are often used in place of each other, leaving a confused state where franchisors and franchisees are unsure of their role in building the brand as well as trying to deliver leads that convert to sales. Expectations of roles and activities vary widely as brand position and brand awareness needs to be established for the franchised brand, while leads and sales need to be delivered to the individual franchisee businesses. Establishing the roles and responsibilities for developing strategic marketing plans to grow a franchised brand, while also delivering sales, can be complicated. It is the franchisor’s job to grow their brand and offer a quality product or service that matches expectations. Franchisee holders are responsible for delivering the product or service to customers, generating leads and sales to grow your business, as well as growing the individual business the assigned territory. How you appoint the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for developing the marketing plan makes all the difference in results, as well as creating a harmonious relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee holders. Icon Visual Marketing is a full service Marketing agency.The strength of Icon Visual Marketing, lies in the ability of the strategic team, to look at a business not just the marketing activity.
As the economy slowly recovers from the recession, there’s a growing interest in franchises among entrepreneurs, the unemployed and retirees looking for new careers.
These seven franchises are very different, but all are growing based on consumer demand for higher quality products and services that deliver on their promises. Loyalty programs are growing in popularity as major consumer brands struggle through a sluggish recovery. Travel and hospitality brands are dealing with the stagnant economy by focusing on loyalty efforts to solidify their customer bases. Companies know that loyal customers provide a steady revenue stream and strong word of mouth. Our core capabilities include advertising, branding, creative, digital marketing, media planning and buying, public relations, Web design and development, email marketing, tradeshow booth graphics, social media marketing and SEO. The restaurant marketing firm Zen Mango recently compiled a list of 11 restaurant trends that will impact the way that diners view and experience the restaurant scene in 2011.
These 11 restaurant trends are expected to drive the restaurant industry in the coming year and have a real impact on how dining out plays out.

We strive to truly understand your franchise by learning from your executives and sales people, listening to your customers, and looking at your competitors to build a franchise marketing plan that best expresses your brand, your business and your benefits.
Your image should reflect your ideology, which is why we create customized marketing strategies based on your brand's merits, message and motives, to distinguish your franchise as a leader. Our specialists develop the most effective and efficient media plans and take advantage of the most valuable marketing opportunities to provide your brand with strategic exposure to specialized markets. MDG features full-service interactive development and powerful online marketing that drive traffic to your business, create an online connection with customers, and make the Web work for your franchise.
To build your brand strategically, creatively and distinctively, discover a brand new approach to achieving real results — MDG Advertising. Third Person helps franchises define and establish their brand — its values, tone of voice, imagery, talking points. Advertising Age reports that buzzwords such as wholesome, natural, fresh and local are swiftly replacing previously popular phrases like low-calorie, low-fat and low-carb. Consumers’ embrace of terms such as wholesome and natural is also a boon for marketers since these words can’t be clearly defined or regulated, which is part of the marketing strategy. For example, Arby’s recently launched a campaign built on the concept that Arby's has wholesome food that puts people in a good mood.
In fact, Subway has a reputation for being one of the more healthful fast food chains on the market. In the near future, restaurants can expect to face federally-mandated menu-labeling for all restaurant chains with more than 20 locations. MDG Advertising handles creative, media, and interactive marketing for Coverall, one of the world’s leading commercial-cleaning franchising companies, with a global network of more than 90 support centers and 9,000 franchisees.
Franchising can be a richly rewarding pursuit, but it’s vital to understand the inner workings of—and outside influences on—this innovative industry. Caldeira discussed the exciting future of franchising and addressed the main challenges that the industry is likely to face over the next decade and what can be done to overcome these hurdles. Caldeira emphasized that franchising has a very promising future, but admitted that that current circumstances are making growth difficult. Caldeira is currently working hard to bring the entire franchising industry together to participate in the IFA’s pro-business initiatives. New platforms such as social media can often blur individual responsibilities and the ability to act on behalf of the brand or your individual business.
The largest market for franchises has historically been the food business, but categories such as senior care, nutrition and fitness, children's and pet products and services are also growing, according to Steve Olson, publisher of Franchise Update. Medi-Weightloss Clinics – This is a physician-supervised weight-loss program expanding nationwide based on a 90% program and 10% supplement model. We Do Lines – This is a commercial parking lot striping company that sold its first franchise last year and hopes to have 100 units by 2014. Elevation Burger – This is a quick-service restaurant chain distinguished by its better burgers that use organic ingredients and have environmentally-friendly restaurant features. Dogtopia – This is full-service dog day care and spa services franchise geared toward busy pet owners. Fibrenew – This is a mobile franchise that provides leather, vinyl and plastic restoration to consumers in the aviation, auto, marine, residential and commercial markets. Firestorm – This is a company that provides businesses with crisis management consulting, business continuity and threat assessment services.
Direct Marketing News reports that brands are implementing loyalty initiatives in an effort to meet consumer expectations, ease corporate pressure for ROI, and strengthen their overall customer base. The doughnut franchise recently launched its first loyalty program which gives members one ‘Dunkin Dollar’ for every $20 spent. Over the last few months, brands such as Virgin America, Intercontinental Hotels Group and Southwest Airlines have introduced or re-launched loyalty programs.
Eating Out Less – The study revealed that 44 percent of restaurant consumers report eating out less frequently.
Grocery Stores Become Competition – There’s a 36 percent increase in the number of consumers purchasing prepared food from supermarkets rather than going to restaurants. Consumers Are In Control – 90 percent of diners believe that the abundance of restaurants vying for their patronage put them in charge of their dining decisions.

Deals Are Everywhere – About 80 percent of consumers believe that the amount of dining discounts have stayed the same or increased.
Pricing Is Now A Priority – With more and more restaurants offering specials and deals, 47 percent of consumers say that pricing influences their dining decisions. Less Food For The Money – 33 percent of consumers believe they are receiving a reduced amount of food when they dine out. Longer Waits – 21 percent of consumers perceive that restaurant wait times have increased, perhaps due to their need to lower labor costs. Quality Is Key – For 38 percent of consumers, the quality of the food is the most important factor in deciding where to dine. Atmosphere Also Matters – The restaurant’s ambiance has grown in importance and actually influences the dining decision for 25 percent of consumers. Low Calorie Expected To Last  – 54 percent of diners perceive that restaurants are offering more healthy options and that almost half of eateries are providing nutritional information. By clearly defining your brand, you're ensuring that it can be used consistently, no matter the medium, audience or offer. Third Person strives to always put your customer first — resulting in more effective advertising and marketing, better per unit performance, and the highest levels of brand intergrity. But individual franchisee success can not happen with the continuous training, support and communication from the franchisor. These fresh buzzwords may be vague but they still create a positive sentiment toward the food, the restaurant and the overall experience. Their campaign spotlights an Angus Three Cheese and Bacon sandwich, which may be wholesome but is definitely not healthful.
They will also be required to list calorie counts on all menus and must provide nutrition information upon consumer request.
Franchising in America, an informative infographic developed by MDG Advertising, illustrates the road to economic recovery, spots the top trends and keys to new growth, charts the common challenges franchising faces today, and adds insight for the future. He is tirelessly encouraging franchisees to unite in a show of strength to help small businesses survive and thrive through some of the most difficult conditions that the industry has every faced. The company markets its franchise mainly to physicians that have a substantial patient base but want to offer non-insurance based services.
Franchisees are targeted to have the operation up and running within 45 days from signing, assisted by the experience and support of the founders. The company is positioned to compete in the rapidly growing organic food and beverage segment with plans to have 100 franchises operational by 2013. The company provides franchisees with all of the training, tools, chemicals, equipment and an office package, as well as a five-year exclusivity contract for a territory.
Franchisees must have 10-plus years of management experience, along with the ability to perform business development and communicate with senior executives. Franchisees work out of their homes, which offers the benefit of low-cost set-up and overhead. Through loyalty programs, brands are able to show these customers how much they are valued by giving them greater value within their brand experience. While the restaurant hasn’t changed what they do, they have changed the way they promote it.
Since diners can see their sandwiches being prepared in front of them, consumers define the chain as offering fresh, quality food for a healthful lunch or dinner. Since the company employs former executives and government officials, franchisees get the entire U.S.
The industry is not driven by the economy, but rather by the ongoing desire for home remodeling by every market segment.

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