For years now WordPress has been perhaps the best platform in the world for creating affiliate blogs and websites. Since it is much easier to sell a product than create one worth selling, more time and resources are spent teaching people how best to become a successful affiliate of others as opposed to starting their own program. Lest we get ahead of ourselves, I want to make sure that everyone reading this knows what an affiliate program is. In some of my recent posts here on Elegant Themes I’ve talked about how starting your own affiliate program can be a great way to boost traffic to your website.
A properly executed affiliate program will not only drive traffic but increase sales, improve yoru site’s SEO, generate quality leads, broaden the influence and reach of your brand, and even help sell other products that are not part of your affiliate program at all. Not to mention that if your program became popular enough with affiliates, your marketing costs basically become the cost of managing your affiliate program. With all of those benefits, it might seem like there is no good reason every WordPress user shouldn’t rush out today and start their own affiliate program. The tools and process I will go over below remind me of blogging or creating a WordPress website in general. So while I think affiliate programs are great and potentially offer up a lot of benefits, I’d also advise anyone thinking of starting one to consider the fact that as it grows so does your commitment to managing it. So consider this a fair warning and encouragement to do more research before taking the plunge! The first thing you need before even considering the rest of these steps is a great product.
Additionally, if your product is so poor that customers begin asking for refunds it can cause huge headaches when it comes to managing your affiliate payments for products that didn’t stay sold.
If you choose a platform that means your affiliate program will be housed outside of your WordPress install, even though the products you’re selling may be housed there. The platforms featured below offer built-in networks of affiliate marketers that you can search and invite to promote your products. But regardless of whether or not you go with a platform or a plugin you will most likely still want to find ways of promoting your program independently.
Here are three examples of such landing pages by some of the most successful affiliate programs in WordPress Themes.
Themeforest is the largest WordPress theme marketplace in the world and they have a massive affiliate network that pays out millions each year.
Additionally, each option below will have various tools for helping you track, manage, and optimize your affiliate program.
Shareasale is the bigger of the two platforms in this post, with the larger network of affiliates too. Impact Radius is a bit newer to the affiliate marketing space than Shareasale but making quite the name for itself.
The biggest thing Impact Radius brings to the table is its unique approach to partner (affiliate) management. These affiliate plugins turn WordPress itself into your very own affiliate marketing platform.
The benefit of this is that you gain much more control (and outright ownership) over your network. Integration with Easy Digital Downloads, WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, Paid Membership Pro, and other popular plugins. WordPress Affiliate Manager is a sort of stripped down version of what the other options above offer.
A lot of consideration, time, and effort go into launching and maintaining a successful affiliate program. I have been seeing a lot of bloggers becoming affiliate and cleverly use their blogs to promote a product.
It’s a law that they HAVE to disclose to you that they are making an affiliate commission from these products. I understand about titles in market strategy and SEO, but I also understand that if you don’t deliver content that matches your title, you will soon find people not believing your titles and skipping your ads.
Nice post at the right time when I was struggling to find the information about the affiliate programs.
I love your blog, but one thing that’s been a bit of an eyesore lately is the popup eNewsletter signup form. I have a client who has a passion for handicapping horse races and wants a membership site.
ShareASale seems rather expensive for a small business looking to get started with an affiliate program; however, having access to a network of affiliates is quite beneficial.
Thought and experience which is present in this web page is a secret key for those are really want to get success for self and others too.

Affiliate program starts from a thought and implemented by group of genius person for making a successful affiliate program. I was really thrilled to get to know that an affiliate program can help with getting more traffic to your site. I do not have a product but I was wondering if there was a way I could still set up an affiliate program and offer it to potential clients to sell theit products and I receive a commission? A great piece of information for anyone who want to start affiliate marketing with their wordpress blog.
In order to make a productive lead for your business, using an effective landing page that calls your visitors to make an action is an effective way to convert each visitor to become your customer. This Twitter bootstrap optimized HTML landing page is highly responsive and comes with a working contact form, flex slider, jaquery Pretty photo, and a working subscription form optimized for your business.
You can select from the template’s three different themes namely generic, realistic and festive to add variation on your landing page design.
If you run a business for event management and promotion then this is the ideal template that you can use. It comes with 4 colored skins and layouts, jQuery slider, carousel and fancy box image gallery. If you are looking for a free template that will best convert your landing page with better productivity, this template is a good option. Socialeers created this free template designed to encourage your website visitors to take action and sign up for your products or services.
This is a landing page template created to increase the sign up rate to build a social community where people can date, meet new people and collaborate with others. This 5 page layout template supports video and images with 9 great color themes to choose from. This template is designed with a lot of call to action features especially built for the marketers. This template for your landing page is optimized for selling and promoting your products, brands or services. This template is best whenever you are promoting or selling applications or any product to download. This template supports Bootstrap framework and comes in 3 sub-pages more to market your services and products that could enhance your conversion rate. If you want to market both Android and Apple apps, this template will be good for business conversion rate.
AboutArtAtm, as a design blog, has a great passion for delivering stylish and creative designs for designers and web-developers on all subjects of designs, ranging from; HTML, CSS, Ajax, Javascript, web design, graphics, typography, advertising & much more.
But the benefits can go far beyond a mere traffic bump if the product(s) and program are done right. After all, as long as that thing is running smoothly you’ll have an army of marketers out there working on pure commission promoting your product and brand.
Resources will have to be diverted from your core business to support your network of affiliates as well as time spent preventing fraud or other problems that can arise.
Something worth becoming an advocate for, which is what you will be asking of your affiliates. If you choose a plugin, then everything (both product and affiliate program) will be run from the WordPress admin. Whatever you do end up choosing though will define how you go about the rest of this process. Their affiliate program has done much to make their framework one of the most popular in the world. The cost (including time spent) should include an accounting of how effective these various tools will be in helping you grow and maintain your budding affiliate program.
The network is full of potential affiliates for your products and the technology is there to help you start, manage, and grow your program.
You will have access to their network of affiliates and they will also manage (even automate) the process of maintaining your affiliate program for you. They’ve been around for over 13 years and have a good reputation in the affiliate marketing industry.
Bringing all the necessary tools for growth and management right into the WordPress backend. It is by Pippin’s Plugins and comes with their reputation for high quality code and support. The various platforms and plugins out there are geared towards different types of people and business needs.
Some of them are very honest about it, they mention clearly that if you click this link and buy the product then they will get the commission, no wonder you feel inclined towards obliging such bloggers.

Found it effective for my use, as it handles revenue sharing when you pick up other folks products in your store. I actually wasn’t aware you could create an entire affiliate program of your own with WP plugins for your own products. What is worrying for me is that you need to spend a considerable amount of time if you grow in the future. As a matter of fact, it makes sense because only relevant sites will become your affiliates and that’s exactly how you will get links from related (relevant sites). The kind of template that you use for your website landing page can significantly affect the way you can enhance its conversion for better productivity to your business. It is optimized to adapt to smaller screens like Smartphones or tablets in order to accommodate your landing page visitor with ease of navigation feel when using your site.
It comes in a clean and professional template designs that could work both as a reference and transactional landing page.
It is responsive for mobile or tablet viewing, built in 960 grids, retina ready design with valid HTML5 and CSS3. It has a contact form in PHP file, photo and video light box, Photoshop files, valid XHTML and CSS and compatible with different web browsers. It is responsive, with contact page, social icons to share and promote your events with, SEO ready template and Google Map API.
In every color you can enjoy 16 possible layout combinations where you can enjoy a total of 64 total layout combination. It comes with customizable options and flexible layouts, perfect for promoting products, affiliate marketing, corporate promotion and software marketing. It comes in a simple green and white color theme that is optimized for video and image posts. It has 8 color variations and you can select from its 3 HTML pages to use as your landing page. Its features are professionally designed with a 3 column pricing table, tabs and toggle features. Its features allow the user to display their products and services professionally using a clean interface and easy to use by its visitors to view what you have to offer them. It offers newsletter SignUp, contact form, display tweets on your site, social media links and fully customizable PSD. No matter how quick and painless the start, there is a long road of hard work ahead for anyone who wants to make a living or even a decent buck. Many affiliates have their own brands that they’ve built over time with a lot of hard work. All of which should be pointing your prospective affiliates towards an effective landing page. It also brings a fairly large suite of affiliate management tools into your WordPress backend. His work exists at the intersection of cosmology, anthropology, psychology, comparative mythology, storytelling and WordPress. Actually, even if a site is not relevant, it becomes one after it joins your affiliate program but it will use your products on its pages, which will make the site relevant.
You can use these 22 + awesome landing page templates that could enhance your conversion rate. It is also customizable that allows you to design your landing page to suit your product or brand. You can also use the PSD ebook creator to customize your ebook cover in just a few easy steps. You can choose to use either a single or multiple landing pages for your promotion schemes. They are not going to risk promoting an inferior product to their audiences if that may mean losing their trust and their repeat business.
Currently I rely on social media, email marketing, networking and SEO to bring the customers in.
It’s a win-win and a no-brainer to make that happen but you still need to make sure that your properly promote your affiliate program before it gets off the ground and gets you traffic results.
I guess I could get local affiliates, however I have tried before and its hard to find genuine people who actually put the effort in!

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