Welcome everyone to Build Commands, which is my latest and greatest addition to my series of map making tools.
This script, and everything else you see here, has been created 100% by me alone over the past few months. You may also find within every download a .pdf help file that also contains a full list of commands and all documentation. Chrome gave me a warning 'This file is not downloaded often and could be dangerous' xDBut I knew I had to get it because this is the best :) Great job and thanks for the update! It really only requires WorldEdit, so if you can get that installed, then it should work.A I have personally only tested it on a Bukkit server, so I can't say for sure if Forge will be any different.
Ok so I downloaded the files for the PDFs and read all the comments trying to find a solution, couldn't find one to my problem so here it goes: Friend of mine is trying to have this running on his server, said server has different ranks able to do different things in World Edit. The NBA 2K15 player ratings have been revealed for the 201st overall rated player through the 424th. It is a single worldedit craftscript that offers over 30 tools, and brushes not available in normal worldedit. If you enjoyed it at all, please consider showing me some support, either by giving a diamond on this mod, or liking the video.

The pdf help document has not been updated at all, and does not reflect any of the changes made this version.-It is now assumed that this will only be run through WorldEdit in a bukkit environment, as SPC is pretty much dead. Only problem is, Bukkit is for multiplayer and since single player commands is dead, I don't seem to be able to get it to work in single player.
I was changing some stuff the other night and didn't realize I broke everything but the home page, it is all fixed now. Novak is like a better 3pt shooting and even more horrid at everything else version of him. Melo could be a 90 plus player plus with this new rating system jr could remain in the 80s which wouldn't make them too bad. A I have world edit i just cant get the scripts installed it says to go to sk89q's wiki, but it seems to take me to the wrong thing. Thanks to scrupulous politicians that have given good leaders a bad name, it’s become more critical than ever for political campaigns to be transparent and honest with their constituents. Some are from my older scripts, but a lot are brand new ideas I have just came up with recently. It will make smooth descending shorlines based on the shore edge it finds next to the water.

Best used with a higher brush size(15+).-New brush Land added that acts in a opposite way to the shoreline brush. The will create smooth beaches and inland coastal terrain based on the distance from water. A selection of a water shoreline blocks can be used for more accuracy.-New bursh Flood added that works much in the same in of it's name. Our customized solutions allow you to create an outbound message that allows you to leave a live message. The full source is also included for anyone that is interested, they should run exactly the same though.-A few uncommonly used commands have been removed, specifically the kill brush and the spawner brush.
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