Why This Kolaveri Di – This ‘soup’ song needs no intro and is ‘tasted’ by millions of music lovers. CMO Summit, being one of the biggest platforms to discuss new trends in marketing and big ideas came up with a few of the stalwarts in the Marketing Industry for the 2014 edition. In the early Internet days, say till late 90’s, the major source of finding some info about a brand was the “About Us” page in their website. Once the marketing offer is in place, execution of the campaign is very crucial to get the desired results with the best resources available. Till the late 1990’s, the major way of finding information on a product or a service is through the walk-ins to the physical store, print ads in newspapers, magazines, brochures, hoardings, TVCs, radio etc., with the physical address being printed aka Outbound Marketing. With the theme "Mobile First Generation", Mobile Summit Manila will discuss major trends in the Philippine mobile marketing landscape, as well as best practices, strategies and techniques to take advantage of this powerful medium.
Mobile Festival will feature speakers offering practical advice for businesses implementing mobile. With 15 years of diverse industry experience from top-tier Banking, Insurance, Education to Technology & Telecommunication companies, across Sales, Marketing & Operations Management roles in North America & South East Asia, Ari always seek challenge by being a catalyst for innovation and transformational leadership in high-growth industries.
Swati is primarily responsible for driving growth and adoption of Atlas with APAC's largest agencies and advertisers. CEO and Co-Founder of Out There Media: Kerstin co-founded Out There Media, one of the global leaders in mobile advertising, in 2007 and has served as CEO since then. Virginia has 13 years experience in Digital Marketing and Business Development, with a focus on the effective use of digital channels to drive business goals. Highly motivated, passionate, goal-oriented and versatile Business Director with strong knowledge in digital marketing. Business matters aside, she enjoys experimental cooking, exploring new cities, designing jewelry, thinking of ways to save the world and burning up the piano keys with a mean Chopin piece or two. With 10 years experience specifically in new media, Carlo is one of the pioneers of the digital industry in the Philippines.
Today he serves as the Managing Director & Partner of Digit, the digital marketing outfit of DM9 JaymeSyfu. As Managing Director, Asia at Opera Mediaworks, Vikas is responsible for building and scaling the company's revenue and operations, enhancing platform capabilities and strengthening its position in the mobile advertising ecosystem in the region. Vikas is an established business leader with 16 years of experience and has a proven track record of building and scaling up digital media, mobile and ad-tech startups in Asia.
Ronen Mense (???) is the Asia growth hacker at AppsFlyer - his vision at AppsFlyer is to provide mobile marketers with an industry leading set of tools that enable them to measure and analyze their user acquisition funnel and make informed decisions in order to maximize performance. More than 20 years as a leader in user experience and digital strategy, have led design, UX, and development teams to produce award-winning projects for the most influential brands in the world, including Citigroup, ANZ Bank, Sony Entertainment, Justin Timberlake, Pepsi, and Microsoft. He works with brands to develop engaging experiences across the multi-channel landscape, optimize customer journeys, and overcome communication challenges through innovation, research, and brand strategy within and across digital touch points. Through a process of understanding vision and business goals as well as cognizance of the needs of the user, he works with brands to develop long-term digital strategies founded on principles of design thinking. Stephan is the Senior Manager of Philippines Business of LINE, the world’s leading life platform, at LINE Plus Corporation.
His current mission is to expand the global presence of LINE, especially focusing in the Philippines and Australia.
Before joining NHN Corporation, Stephan was a senior marketer at SK, one of the biggest companies in Korea, where he was responsible for the development and execution of integrated marketing strategies of B2B and B2C services in telecommunication industry, and had a strategic partnership with Apple, Samsung, LG, Asus, and Canon. Nandita comes with more than 21 years of work ex with more than 10 years in Location services at Nokia. Media information, insights and management experience in the field of audience measurement (ratings on TV, radio and print readership), advertising information (media expenditures and ROI).
YeeMei, Chan is the current Regional Director of Business Transformation at Millward Brown, a leading global research agency specializing in advertising effectiveness, strategic communication, media and brand equity research.
Brad Geiser is a leading social marketer in the Philippines, at the helm of GeiserMaclang MarketingCommunications, Inc.

Internet visits originating from smartphones are set to overtake the desktop globally within the next 18 months--with the APAC region leading the way, new Adobe Digital Index (ADI) “Best of the Best Benchmark (APAC)” research has found. In fact, the Asia-Pacific region is not only at the forefront of mobile-first business transformation, said ADI principal analyst Tamara Gaffney, but it’s also weathering the disruption better than any other. ADI’s analysis provides insights to determine how the best digital marketing organizations are performing relative to the average.
The report validated the digital acumen of marketers in Australia and New Zealand, in particular, who emphasize mobile as a key instrument to engage customers. Smartphone visits to websites increased through December 2014 for the best of the best, with Australia and New Zealand leading the entire APAC region for return visitors.
Just as the more mature Australia-NZ market is experiencing high levels of customer loyalty, so, too, is Hong Kong, where return visitors are prominent. However, the research also found weaker conversion rates within South Korea, China, and Hong Kong, suggesting a possible lack of investment in understanding mobile and desktop activity. Nevertheless, Southeast Asia has experienced double-digit increases year over year for its share of smartphone visits. Regardless, ADI data shows that all countries in the Asia-Pacific region have fared well for website engagement.
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This was released officially on 16th Nov 2011 and was a rage on YouTube and social networking sites, ahead of its movie launch. That used to give a decent info regarding their services or the new updates, but it was majorly a ‘one-way’ communication from the company’s side. Visitors who visit the site will not be willing to share their details unless there is something attractive or interesting from their point of view. Mobext is the world's largest mobile marketing agency network, with offices in 35 markets worldwide.
Lorenzana, is the President and CEO of Media Quest, the holding company that owns media assets such as TV5 and CignalTV among others. Prior to joining Facebook, Swati worked at Audience Science where she managed the DMP Platform for P&G Asia. Prior to her role as CEO of Out There Media, she was the Managing Director of WIN SA, a subsidiary of LSE-listed mobile services provider WIN plc. Holds a degree in Management Economics and several years of distinguished contributions to revenue growth, business development and client servicing.
The agency, despite being very young, has already made tremendous impact in the local digital advertising industry. As part of his job, Vikas drives network and relationships with advertisers, premium publishers, developers and strategic partnerships in APAC.
Ronen has vast experience in the industry, having spent the past 10 years entrenched in the mobile space. He is an experienced marketing professional with extensive experience in both local and global markets. He is especially involved in the development of business partnership with local companies in each country. Prior to his relocation to Asia in 2014, Greg worked at Microsoft Advertising in the UK driving the local sales strategy for their Audience and Performance business.
Broad experience in financial management, strategic planning, product development and sales.
She has been with the company for 12 years now in numerous capacities - spanning account leadership, innovation and solutions roles.
As a company, GeiserMaclang is known for their social marketing and PR strategies applied across different industries--from young niche brands to well-loved market leaders.

As Managing Director and Chief Creative Officer of Havas Worldwide Manila, Norman is hands-on in strategizing for the agency's current accounts, which include Cobra Energy Drink, Colt 45, Intel, Hershey's, Lysol, Strepsils, Claritin, Coppertone, and the Philippine Daily Inquirer. It compared the top 20% of websites versus the overall average on six key performance: smartphone and tablet traffic, stick rate, visits per visitor, time spent, conversion rate, and click-through rate. The best of the best are also realizing high stick rates of 64%, second only to South Korea, the research found.
This equates to an 18% increase for best-of-the-best sites, while the average site grew 11%. Time spent on a site is the best metric to measure engagement, and the engagement levels of the best-of-the-best websites were 20% to 30% higher than the average. These alerts will be specific to Adobe Digital Index, and your email will not be shared for any other purpose.
We offer marketing news and insights in diverse topics such as; online media, branding, Emerging Media, online marketing to online media, lifecycle marketing and more traditional marketing avenues. Our goals are to help CMOs & marketing executives stay informed and save time by providing the best digital media marketing news from key players in the space. If proper lead nurturing is done, the lead conversion from ‘Prospects to Customers’ percentage will be higher with a proper follow up. It is all about building the relationship and having an emotional bonding between the customer (PROSPECTS) and the brand.
He is also the co-founder of Snapworx Digital, Inc., one of the Philippines's largest independent digital marketing agencies. He was previously the Executive Vice President and Head of the Wireless Consumer Business at Smart. She also gained a few years of agency-side experience at Mindshare Singapore where she spent time planning holistic media strategies. Her previous position was Managing Director of Imako Interactive, which she successfully transformed from a loss-making web development firm into a profitable supplier of mobile services that was acquired by WIN plc in 2005.
In its first year of operations Digit won the Agency of the Year Digital Excellence Award, one of the most prestigious honors in advertising.
Originally founding his own mobile marketing agency in 2005, he soon merged into Interchan, a mobile VAS provider, spearheading its growth across the Asia region. Greg brings nine years of media experience to the region having held roles across Research, Marketing and Sales. Highly entrepreneurial in spirit and a believer in the service profit chain business model.
It is the first Filipino member Word-of-Mouth Marketing Association in Chicago and is recognized by various award-giving bodies, both locally and globally.
He has also handled the requirements of such clients as P&G, McDonald's, Philips, Green Cross, Boehringer Ingelheim, and the Philippine Department of Tourism, across communication disciplines including advertising, digital media, and public relations.. Previous to joining the PLDT group, Noel came home to the Philippines to be the President of NutriAsia the leading condiments company in the Philippines. Before moving to Singapore in 2010, Swati was working at Google in India on the Search and Google Analytics side of business. Kerstin started her career in Marketing at Unilever, a position which formed the foundation of her solid knowledge in the fields of Marketing and Communications. His analytical background and extensive experience working with partners across the data and ad technology landscape leave him well positioned to help grow the programmatic ecosystem here in APAC. Noel spent many years with Unilever in various capacities, Chairman Managing Director of Unilever Malaysia and Singapore, Managing Director Home and Personal Care Business Unilever Philippines, Vice President for the Oral Care Category for Asia and Africa, and Marketing Director for Unilever Shanghai Company, Shanghai China.

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