Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Ia€™ve always been a little leery of proclaiming anything "the best." I never declared anyone my best friend as a kid because I was afraid my other friends might assume I thought less of them. So it was a little difficult for me to come up with just one "best" marketing campaign of all time -- which is why there are 12 in this post instead. So here they are, in no particular order (but feel free to let us know which one is your favorite in the comments) -- 12 of the best marketing and advertising campaigns of all time, and the lessons we can learn from them. Did you know that, once upon a time, Nike's product catered almost exclusively to marathon runners? So when you're trying to decide the best way to present your brand, ask yourself what problem are you solving for your customers.
Despite having no distinct shape, Absolut made its bottle the most recognizable bottle in the world.
For decades after this campaign aired, Miller Lite dominated the light beer market they'd essentially created. Many marketing and advertising professionals like to call Volkswagen's "Think Small" campaign the gold standard.
That's the most important takeaway from this campaign: Dona€™t try to sell your company, product, or service as something ita€™s not. The Marlboro Man ads, which began running as early as 1955, represented the power of a brand when it creates a lifestyle around its product. Thanks to the California Milk Processor Board's "Got Milk?" campaign, milk sales in California rose 7% in just one year. Clairol did the opposite of what most marketers would do: They didna€™t want every woman on the street running around saying they were using their product.
The lesson here: Sometimes, simply conveying how and why your product works is enough for consumers.
The very first part of Old Spice's "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" campaign, created by Wieden + Kennedy and launched in February 2010, was the following commercial.
In about two days, the company had churned out 186 personalized, scripted, and quite funny video responses featuring Mustafa responding to fans online. Is it enough to say this campaign was successful because it featured a giant hamburger bun and a cute set of old ladies? While you cana€™t predict when a catchphrase will catch on and when it wona€™t, Wendya€™s (wisely) didna€™t over-promote their hit phrase.
Free Ebook: 20 Best Marketing & Advertising CampaignsTake inspiration from the most remarkable campaigns we've ever seen! Wea€™ve compiled our very own list of the top marketing and advertising campaigns ever, and included a few juicy details explaining what made each campaign so remarkable.
To set this Best Marketing Campaigns as wallpaper background on your desktop, select above resolution links then click on the DOWNLOAD button to save Best Marketing Campaigns images on your desktop computer. You’d better follow their example if your goal is to be the next YouTube superstar!getting your brand noticed via social media is getting more and more difficult. Because of the impact they had on the growth of the brand, and because they manage to hit on some universal truth that allows us to remember these campaigns years after they first began. Then, a fitness craze emerged -- and the folks in Nike's marketing department knew they needed to take advantage of it to surpass their main competitor, Reebok. Their campaign, which featured print ads showing bottles "in the wild," was so successful that they didna€™t stop running it for 25 years. No matter how boring your product looks, it doesna€™t mean you cana€™t tell your story in an interesting way. The Miller Brewing company (now MillerCoors) did just that with the light beer market -- and they dominated it. Remember that whatever you're selling needs to fit somehow into your audience's lifestyle -- or their idealized lifestyle. But the impact ran across state borders, and to this day, you still can't escape the millions of a€?Got [Fill-in-the-Blank]?a€? parodies.
PC debate ended up being one of the most successful campaigns ever for Apple, and they experienced 42% market share growth in its first year.

Just because your product does some pretty amazing things doesna€™t mean you need to hit your audience over the head with it. They wanted women to understand that their product was so good that people wouldna€™t be able to tell if they were using it or not. Several months later, in June 2010, Old Spice followed up with a second commercial featuring the same actor, Isaiah Mustafa.
According to Inc, these videos saw almost 11 million views, and Old Spice gained about 29,000 Facebook fans and 58,000 new Twitter followers. You'll learn strategies you can use as inspiration for your next marketing initiative. Laura recognizes the critical lessons inherent in each of these marketing endeavors' success and the ways in which you can implement them into your own messaging for increased revenue and better branding.
Seriously the best marketing campaigns can turn the art of dating expertise into marketing tactics. Right click on the picture you have saved and select the option "Save image as" or "Set As Background". By hitting on that core issue in all of your marketing messaging, you'll connect with consumers on an emotional level that is hard to ignore. The campaign tells Mac's audience everything they need to know about their product without being overt -- and they did it in a clever way.
The campaign was apparently so successful that some states stopped requiring women to denote hair color on their drivera€™s license.
278,000 tweets are shared every 60 second on Twitter.And that’s just in a minute, can you imagine in a day?
If people tell you there isna€™t room for a product, create your own category so you can quickly become the leader. It clearly resonated with their audience -- and people were touched both by the ads and by the statistics Dove used to back up their message. Just because you find something that works doesn't mean you should keep doing it over and over to the point it's played out.
Yifat Shirben says she has hit upon the marketing strategy which entails the whole of the business life cycle, from the advertising to the customer support.
It’s insane!Fighting in the crowdSo how is it possible to break through and gain an epic win with your marketing campaigns? Although her quick guide for dating your customers is too long to mention here we suggest you look her up. We see lots of funny stuff going viral on YouTube, but we also see angry political rants get shared” Berger says. CHIPOTLE The fast food Mexican chain Chipotle realized this fantastic animated movie accompanied by a mobile game. The video, thanks to the Academy Award-winning design firm Moonbot, combined a perfect mix of emotions and brand awareness.
Only last year the amount of mobile devices in circulation worldwide surpassed the number of actual humans living on this planet (that’s zero to over seven billion in three decades).
In the US, people are spending almost six hours per day on their mobile phones, compared to not even three hours on desktops or laptops. The list keeps going.Nevertheless, despite these rather ridiculous statistics, mobile ad spend—and more generally, the attention marketers give to mobile marketing campaigns—still doesn’t match up.
But the optimistic news is that it (it being mobile ad spend and mobile marketing at large) is on the rise. It seems that marketers and those involved in marketing have finally started to realise just how underutilised the mobile platform continues to be.‘A study by eMarkter shows US mobile ad spend is due to increase by a whopping 50% this year, to account for 49% of digital ad spending. The video hit 114 million views just in the first month and was uploaded in 25 languages to 33 of its official YouTube channels. Businesses and organisations that start testing the waters by trialing different methods to see what works for them are going to set themselves up to be in the best position. These businesses will have a clear advantage over others taking longer to make their moves.
And if businesses’ mobile marketing trepidation is a tentativeness thing, now, I’m not at all sorry to say, there’s no excuse.

But others have discovered new lands littered with tall palm trees dangling coconuts and caves glittering gold—customers satisfied, happy, and more engaged in their business then ever before.
Setting aside design aesthetics, there’s the even more pertinent question of, ‘Will this thing fit over there?’Fourteen percent of Ikea’s customers end up taking home ill-fitting furniture—a hassle no one wants to have. Now though, thanks to Ikea’s new augmented reality app, the chances of that issue happening are significantly lessened. When opened, the app instructs users to place the hard-copy catalogue in the place where the prospective furniture might go. In the experiment the same club with the same amount of people registered in two different nights a lower number of drinks sales. What happens then is users face the in-app camera at the physical catalogue, which brings up the furniture on the mobile screen. Users are also able to rotate and reposition the furniture to their liking; this image can then be snapped and stored. Because the DJ was Armin Van Buuren and people, when the music is good, drink slower and less. Here’s a link to a video that’ll demonstrate it far better than I can explain it.The success of this app is clear to see. The campaign was a risky and big move for Heineken because, actually, it was against their own interest. It got 6.2 million installs, and became the most highly downloaded marketing app for any brand.
More than that, users reportedly spent a whole eight minutes with the app, compared to the mere three minutes they were spending with the catalogue alone.Audi—Start-Stop AppThe best marketing is marketing that doesn’t feel like marketing. The video, showcasing the GoPro camera in action and a fireman saving a kitten, hit 5 million views in just a week and over 22 million in total. This was the first of the GoPro’s videos series that made the action camera popular and brought the firm filed for an IPO this February. When new Audi cars stop at a traffic light, the engine stops too—the engine then turns on again when the car starts. After the clip was spotlighted on sites like The Huffington Post it reached 6 million views in and 278,000 shares in just a week.
The perfect way to put Audi’s technology in the face of their customers without… without shoving the technology in the face of their customers.
But in 2011, they unveiled a mobile version of this loyalty card, allowing customers to pay, tip, track, earn rewards and reload cash onto their cards—all from their phones. The video was named ad of the day by Adweek and gained 6 million views in the first month online. By 2014, they were drawing in 15% of their yearly sales revenue from these mobile payments, with a whopping 12 million customers using the app.The big reason this transition to mobile was so effective was because it made Starbucks’s customers’ lives easier. It capitalised on research that found people are ten times more likely to use mobile coupons than print coupons.
VOLVO TRUCKSVan Damme’s epic split is probably one of the best video ad for engagements and social media shares. And not only did it make their customers’ lives a helluva lot easier to purchase Starbucks products, but by introducing this app they also incentivised customers to keep coming back, promoting loyalty and more frequent spending.Bonus CampaignA little while back we wrote an article on a campaign by Nivea, another great example of mobile marketing done right in every way. That’s what all the above campaigns have in common; they put smiles on their customers’ faces rather than drawing drooping frowns.
They can see right through lazy marketing efforts that advertise first and engage second, only at the point of sale.
Good campaigns make the most of mobile technology—namely, the in-built cameras, touch screens, and location tracking.
Mobile marketing is about creating a relationship with your target market, one that will not only make them remember you—but make them enjoy your company (in both senses of the word!).

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