As a marketing management consultant, and a data-driven strategist, it’s easy to get caught up writing posts about all the challenges marketers are facing.
However for this post, I want to change tack, and look at some of the inspirational people, processes, statistics, and creative campaigns that I’ve come across this year. This is a cool marketing campaign that Sprite created, through Coca-Cola Brazil’s agency, CUBOCC, targeting GenZ’s. To the extent of giving staff $2,000 to satisfy guest’s needs rather than having to fill out paperwork and expense forms. Well I can’t mention their name, however I was pleased to come across Australia’s best digital marketer this year.
Not only had the manager pulled all relevant data sources together into a single customer view data platform, but they also have a robust customer segmentation model, have been identifying profitable segment shifts, and have been able to implement marketing automation and other behavioural targeting tools to deliver value throughout customer journeys. Whist most marketers are talking about it, this leader was humble enough to say that they were struggling with it a few years ago but have successfully transformed and aligned the moons this year. I’ll simply let you watch the video that has now had almost 5M views, millions more social shares, and a whopping 42:1 positive rating.
And the winner is… no, not Uber… but a new App technology that I came across called Shareable Apps by an Australian company called Amplifier.
They’ve built the system in a proprietary graphical platform called AdapptrTM which allows apps to reach more people. SlideShare utilise les cookies pour ameliorer les fonctionnalites et les performances, et egalement pour vous montrer des publicites pertinentes. Content creation, search optimization and social media will be less siloed as specific areas of focus and treated more like skills that need to be integrated for your organization to be successful. Increase your expertise in your subject matter to outpace the competition that does not do so and to keep pace with the best.
The “sales pitch” will continue its slide toward the bottom where ultimately it will be ignored. Tone down the sales pitch approach and increase your ability and willingness to educate your audience.
Increase the content at your center of content (your website and blog) to support the education of your audience. Successful organizations will have strategies to use digital marketing technology to organize an end-to-end customer journey through digital storytelling tactics. Develop greater skills in-house or determine external digital marketing experts you want to use to enhance your marketing prowess. In 2015 we will see more marketers incorporate human-speak into their messaging – be human in your videos, pictures, humor, and you need to get good at being human! Content Marketing Ideas for 2015 – You may also want to review our set of Content Marketing Tutorials to help you generate even more ideas for your Content Marketing in 2015. Online Noise – everyone in your line of business seems to be creating awesome content and adding to the noise. Tired Audience – your current and potential customers are tired of the noise and seem indifferent to Social Media posts. Lack of time – you rather spend the time needed to create an effective social media strategy on other business tasks.
Focus on YOUR goals and in having a relevant content marketing strategy and don’t get sucked into the rabbit hole by looking at what others are doing. Your most loyal online followers are not necessarily your biggest customers BUT they’re connected to other people and can help you reach further.
Active social profiles are more likely to be updated on regular basis and there would be no need to rush in creating new ones when creating campaigns during peak consumer seasons.
Hopefully, you’re now convinced of the value of keeping and improving or adjusting your current social media marketing efforts. With 25+ years in sales and management, Lynn Albro is focused on internet marketing for Realtors and small business owners.
Multifamily housing communities attract prospects and retain residents by implementing the best marketing ideas for apartment communities that appeal to a renter’s wants and needs. We’re talking about marketing ideas that cover leasing activities, management tasks and resident retention ideas that managers typically need as part of their marketing plan for apartment communities. Did you know you can make a community manager’s leasing job easier by providing marketing strategies for apartment communities in a ready-to-go format via the Internet? If you believe marketing for apartment communities creates credibility when it’s professional with high quality content, then you understand the necessity for this type of service. With a done-for-you marketing service you can deliver excellent customer service, create partnerships with employers and merchants, build an online presence and create a sense of community with ease.
With an internet based marketing service experts such as graphic artists and trained copywriters can do the marketing work for you so that you can focus on other pressing leasing matters. Marketing for apartment communities cover topics ranging from parking to pets to parties and can be used in a variety of formats such as posters, door hangers, e-flyers and postcards. Managers can instantly launch full-blown marketing strategies targeting potential renters and existing residents on multiple levels. Your marketing plan can start with a poster about your special rental housing leasing promotion, for example, to hang in a high traffic area, but think of how much more attention you’ll grab if you take a few more seconds to also change the format to a door hanger, send it in email as an e-flyer and mail it out as a postcard.
Being able to create instant newsletters so that managers can keep residents informed about their community’s news, as well as calendars to keep them updated about its events is a huge time saver and is one of the many benefits an internet based apartment marketing service can provide.
Get access to the Hello Resident template library with no additional charges for multiple downloads of PDF, JPG, HTML code and live URL links. Multi-Unit Portfolio LicensePortfolio accounts with 500 or more units qualify for a corporate software license discount. Are the stories even real and if they are, how does a someone with zero results in internet based business (probably even business) start, build and maintain the results they’re looking for?

Everything on the table, blow by blow with a step by step plan for you to implement (if you’re serious and want to do something about your current lifestyle). Typically when someone is inexperienced or desperate to make a commission they’ll use words like the ones above to try to make the sale.
But…unfortunately like everything the worst of the group can cause a mis-understanding of the rest of the group.
Common sense would tell you that you’d simply go to another restaurant that had the results (ie. Yet when it comes to something different from the familiar common sense becomes the least common thing.
Really they are worried you’ll go out there and create the life they too want but just aren’t as brave as you are to go out there and pursue it!
70% of people aren’t using the gym membership they’re paying for, is exercise not real?
Of course you’ll still love and spend time with the people you care about and respect them as parents, people or wherever they excel.
But when it comes to Internet Home Business, find a mentor super-fast to speed up your learning curve, avoid unnecessary mistakes and follow their proven path.
Source a product for less than you sell it for and keep that profit for yourself as well as to invest in marketing to keep growing sales.
If you were to set-up an e-commerce internet home business, my suggestion would be to create information (digital online courses) products from your existing knowledge. You would need knowledge people were willing to pay for, a way to sell it and a system to host (store and deliver) your digital product.
You purchase an Internet home business franchise, receive a share of the profits from your sales as well as build leveraged residual income…the very best type of income around as it equals freedom!
The company will track all future referrals that you started meaning after a period of time you are earning with or without you making any personal sales. So 3 companies trying to build an online home business and 3 companies I just couldn’t get any kind of results with. Seeing as I have a background in health and wellness as a personal trainer I figured that health and wellness would be a great fit…wrong!
Can you really get people to buy something for way more than they can already get it and is changing their spending pattern?
So I wanted to be a little smarter in my Internet Home Business choice after receiving some advice from a successful friend. He said why not pick a product you love to do with or without the money so people see your passion and it doesn’t feel so stressful and also something that actually helps people save money on something they already do…genius, whose going to quit to pay more for something! After watching this gumball video on the travel industry I knew I was on to something and then I was recommended to watch this video which opened my eyes to simplifying my new business and why I’d failed before.
The best part is nowadays with money taken care of I get to teach other people to do the same, it’s really rewarding. Using Social Media (I got over 100 people started via Facebook alone) it’s easy to find people that are wanting to travel more or are open to more time and money from a little time on the computer. I’ve created and taught people how to use the videos, information and process I created initially just for me to build their own Internet Home Business, I mean as we’re team members it makes sense for me to help them hit their goals too! The thing is with so many advances in technology, all the technical mumbo jumbo is bypassed with a couple of clicks with the right software or system, nowadays with the right information you simply need only bring your desire and be willing to apply what you are taught.
See my story as well as thousands of others shows that being a total newbie with zero skills and plenty of failure is not a disadvantage, when with the right people, product and system your results as with anyone that chooses to work at it are predictable. I mean other than the investment to get started (probably less than your mobile phone with today’s Internet Home Business) what do you have to lose…really? Want to take a closer look at what I do and request me to consider working with you one on one? You see, when you knock one out of the park with other forms of content you’re apt to earn links, generate a heap of social media shares, and perhaps inspire an interesting commentary stream. Great big list of infographic ideas –The infographic I created near the end of this post features 25 concepts and themes that might work for your next infographic.
Other infographics – It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that many of the 25 ideas I visualized for you came from a deep dive into, yes, infographics. If you’ve been creating content for a while, you may be sitting on a treasure trove of winning infographics ideas.
What if – Challenge your thinking with “what if” questions to invoke different points of view around a problem or creative challenge. Ask questions – Write the questions you have about your topic and answer them quickly – without overthinking.
When you dig into my infographic below for style ideas, try some of the processes I suggest.
You’ll want to strive for something that feels fresh and original, but I don’t recommend you get too hung up on it. Join Over 150,000 of your Peers!Get daily articles and news delivered to your email inbox and get CMI’s exclusive e-book Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program FREE! Barry this is a fantastic infographic which demonstrates how powerful they can be – in my view the visual medium is so much stronger than the written word these days.
I’m completely agree on that people remember the visual data compare to text data and that is the reason why visualization matters. My biggest challenge with infographics is that it’s hard to print to capture the information.
The beauty about infographics is that they are able to take complex ideas and boil them down into something simple and accessible. Disney characters surprised unsuspecting shoppers earlier this year to bring out their ‘Disney side’.

With an eye for discovering greater marketing value and a love for listening to what customers are really saying about a brand. As you think about your content plan for 2015 think about how to integrate your approach and work on the five aspects of your online marketing highlighted below. Content is KING when it comes to internet marketing so focus on creating delightful high-quality content. To write a high-quality blog post you need to conduct research, think about how you will present the topic and then write and refine. That means dedicating more resources to things that are harder to track, like answering customer questions and providing more valuable content online. Learn to use these technologies to improve engagement by improving your storytelling skills. Take a photography course, a class at your local SCORE chapter, or attend a digital marketing conference. The corporate-speak messaging is not engaging (perhaps even boring) and does not engage the audience. Telling a story is something that humans have done since we learned to speak (as a species) and as humans we all enjoy a good story. Here’s why you shouldn’t give up on your Social Media Marketing even if your stats are down. Their inspirational quotes might be popular but they have nothing to do with marketing success. Brooke Ballard of B Squared Media wrote a recent article on how NOT to waste time on Social Media and what you should be doing and looking at instead. As you can see from this article on Entrepreneur, there are tools involved and technicalities that require time and knowledge for an efficient Social Media strategy. Specializing in SEO and Social Networking, she is a creative problem solver, and loves to help!
Marketing strategies for apartment communities are successful when they are consistent and creative, two areas that can be heavily impacted by staff changes and fluctuations in management.
And you can gain access to an online library that houses hundreds of successful marketing ideas for apartment communities formatted into copy and paste campaigns. That’s a lot of marketing bang for your buck and a certifiable plan to help achieve success. I mean once you realize you want more in life that’s not something you can live with, right? It’s not going to give you your topic, but you’re bound to find a style to shake ideas loose. The emails you and your colleagues send in response to customers’ questions may be a perfect source for infographics ideas.
There’s a good chance the slide decks your sales team uses would make for strong infographics.
Barry operates Feldman Creative and provides content marketing consulting, copywriting, and creative direction services.
Are there any specific agencies or firms that you think make great infographics (if you’ve not got design resources in-house)? At gopromotional we have been working hard on creating visually eye-catching and informative infographics for the last few months and have found the results to be amazing. I find that it can sometimes be challenging to break things down visually to present them in this form. If we share some story or in depth analysis with info-graphic, it will gain more attraction and more hints compare to a general blog. Anton has helped take global and local businesses including Microsoft, Nestle, P&G, Gloria Jean's, Foxtel and American Express amongst others to the next level. Consultez notre Politique de confidentialite et nos Conditions d’utilisation pour en savoir plus. A little bit of selling here and there is great (but make it educational), but those marketers who do nothing but sell, sell, sell, will be ignored, dismissed and overlooked by consumers and prospects. You might need to re-focus and adjust but never stop having an active social presence for your business, big or small.
If Facebook is working for you, or if Instagram can be added to the ‘Combo’, then remain there and optimize your strategy. Even if you decide to develop an infographic around an idea similar to something you’ve seen before, I believe you can give your infographic a fresh spin and realize the enormous benefits that can come from publishing valuable content in the form of a new infographic. Sign up today to receive your free subscription so you don’t miss the next issue of CMI’s bi-monthly magazine. He contributes to many of the web's top marketing sites and was named one of 25 Social Media Marketing Experts You Need to Know by LinkedIn.
It is often very tricky to come up with ideas for an infographic so I will bookmark this page as the thought process involved that you describe are great tips to use as a formula to creating some compelling visual content for any site in any niche.
It would be like stopping maintenance work in your shop because they don’t seem to change anything.
Jay highlights the very different ways in which brands and consumers expect their online relationship to work.
This might be what you need to understand in order to look at your social marketing efforts in a different way.
Of course, it’s gratifying, but it’s also great for extending the reach of your brand and its message. How might you present that content in the ultra-friendly show-and-tell style of an infographic?

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