TweetScoop.itWhen it comes to presentations, there are many desktop and mobile apps, add-ins, web services and web apps available, however finding the right mix of tools and apps for presenting your content is the key. While PowerPoint is famous among Windows users, Keynote is the favorite presentation app for Apple users. Some call Prezi the future of presentations, while others simply love to use the zooming UI. This is a presentation software that you might not have even heard of, however it is a brilliant software for presenting PDF documents as presentations with the option to annotate them real time. This is another fine software that can help you create Flash presentations using videos and photos.
Now lets take a look at some of the most useful web services that allow managing presentations in the cloud.
Formerly known as Google Docs, Google Drive is undoubtedly one of the best free web services for managing presentation files (e.g. And if you are looking for a service that offers the real deal, then Office 365 is the best web service for using MS Office apps in the cloud, including Microsoft PowerPoint. SlideOnline is a web service that allows you to upload and share PowerPoint and PDF files as presentations.
Over the years I have reviewed several web services but not as feature rich and as easy to use as PowToon. There are many add-ins that can be used to enhance the functionality of the most famous presentation software i.e.
Last but not least, here is a list of some websites from where you can download content for your presentations, including everything from PowerPoint templates to clipart, animations and more. SlideHunter provides some of the finest free business PowerPoint templates, diagrams, illustrations, as well as tips for making presentations.
These two websites have been developed by a team of presentation experts who have been developing content for fortune 500 companies including names like Wal-Mart, GM, Verizon, Procter & Gamble and others. Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs. Help us to deliver resources and content that are most relevant to you by selecting your main area of interest below. Seeing is believing, so the best way to validate the statements on this page is to book a demonstration of our products, where one of our consultants will take you through iServer, with your own content if available, and show you how it can support your projects. Before adopting an EA tool, most organizations use Microsoft Visio, Word, Excel and PowerPoint to document their enterprise architecture. The Orbus approach is to let you use the best tried-and-tested tools for the job, extending them to provide collaborative modeling and analytical capabilities, but preserving the familiarity and ease of use of the original applications and allowing users to continue working on all the valuable, existing Microsoft content they have created previously.
Many of the legacy “90s EA tools” are CASE tools that over time evolved to become business process modeling and later Enterprise Architecture tools.
Meta-model: iServer has been designed from the outset to have an extensible meta-model that is easily editable through the user interface.
Notations and Templates: Due to the proprietary diagramming interfaces of most tools, implementing a new notation or standard requires a change to the software, and it is rarely possible for a customer to customize the notation themselves.
Some tools allow image files to be uploaded as symbols, but as soon as these are resized they pixelate which is not the case with Visio.
With many tools, the time taken to deploy and configure the software, customize the meta-model and train up the users stretches to an adoption period of many months and in some cases years. Furthermore, iServer’s "out of the box" solutions fast track initial configuration and modeling activity to reduce project start-up times. One of the reasons why customers love iServer is because the diagrams they produce look really good.
If, as an architect, you can produce diagrams that are clearly understood by the business and that are adopted as their own. HTML Publisher provides a simple publication mechanism, suitable for sharing a set of diagrams with colleagues or clients via HTML or an upload to Microsoft SharePoint.
There is also a tool to publish a set of diagrams to PowerPoint that will keep the executive level happy.
Naturally this means that the return on investment is faster, and it is also viable to engage in a cost-effective proof of concept deployment prior to investment in a wider-scale BPA initiative. If you also take into account the minimal requirement for costly consultancy hours, then you have a tool that if far more competitively priced than other vendor offerings.
Book a demo with one of our qualified consultants to see how the iServer Business and IT Transformation Suite is different from other vendors and can improve your business and IT initiatives. ArchiMate®, The Open Group® and TOGAF® are registered trademarks of The Open Group in the United States and other countries. I can understand why are you looking for cloud based online presentation tools, because of its lots of facilities such as creating presentation online, anytime, anywhere, and edit on the go with any device, right?
I can easily pay for all these facilities delivered by an online presentation tool but if their cost doesn’t meet your budget, you can use the following cloud based presentation tools which you can use for free, without paying a single penny. So, this article is dedicated for all those people who highly need an online presentation tool but can’t pay for it.
Sway is my favorite online presentation tool because it is developed by Microsoft and here users can not only create presentations but also the Word document file, Excel document, OneNote and Office Documents. Prezi is cloud-based presentation tool, meaning you can present from your browser, desktop, iPad, iPhone, or Android device and always have the latest version of your work at your fingertips.
For creating online presentations on SlideShare, firstly you will have to sign in with your Linkedin account.
Google’s Online Presentation tool looks like Microsoft PowerPoint and lets you create online presentations anywhere, on the go. To create your first presentation with this cloud based Google Presentation tool, visit the link above and sign in with your Google account. Empressr is also an online presentation tool in which you can upload your incomplete PowerPoint presentations, or photos, music, videos to give them a new touch or edit anytime anywhere you want. To create video presentations with this online presentation tool, firstly you will be needed to sign up for an account and then after sign in to your account, upload a PowerPoint or other file to create a video presentation, then add your voice using a telephone, microphone, or mp3s. With the help of this tool, you can edit your PowerPoint slides anytime and from anywhere you want just by logging into your account. So guys, these are the top 10 cloud based online presentation tools where you can create and edit your presentations online, on the go and of course for free. I started All Useful Info (AUI) in December 2012 as a passion but it's now empowering thousands of daily readers. All Useful Info many times featured as one of the top 50 and top 10 technology blogs in India.
In this list some of the tools provides a free environment to making online channel for save data or information. Three is no need to download any software for create presentation on your personal computer, just few click, you can share show and create your presentation online. Visit this list and select the best online tool by which you can make your presentation in a simple and easy way. Haiku Deck was founded on the premise that simple, modern and elegant slide decks should be the norm, instead of overly dense, difficult to read designs.
Haiku Deck is completely free, and your account gives you access to over 35 million images and six presentation themes to choose from (additional premium themes and images are available to purchase). Prezi allows you to visually show how ideas relate to one another instead of just putting one idea after another.
Like other Google Drive applications, Slides allows you to collaborate in real time with other users, and everything is stored online in Google Drive. It’s simple to create animations, transitions, graphs and charts, or to upload and attach your own to your presentation. Keynote is best known as Apple’s presentation software offered as part of the iWork productivity suite.
Honourable mention this week to the Office Online version of PowerPoint, which is a solid choice if you’re familiar with working in PowerPoint.
This one is a free tool that allows uploading photos, videos, audios, PDFs, or PowerPoint files for creating presentations.

This is a really nice tool that allows uploading PowerPoint presentations and sharing them with others online.
Empressr is a free tool that allows uploading your images, video and audio in order to create presentations online. With a passion for Knowledge, Smashinghub has been created to explore things like Free Resources For Designers, Photographers, Web Developers and Inspiration.
In this post we will provide you with a compilation for various commercial and free presentation software and tools that you can use for creating amazing presentations.
The reason we have added version 2013 to this list is because of the extraordinary new features that PowerPoint 2013 has to offer, for example, now you can “Create Amazing Widescreen Presentations Using PowerPoint 2013”. To see how you can quickly create Flash presentations with this software, see our Review of iPixSoft Flash Gallery Factory. This unique service enable users to easily create rich video presentations by using readymade templates. PowerPoint, below is a list of some of the best PowerPoint add-ins that you are ever likely to find. This website has various categories from which you can search and download free PowerPoint templates for business, academic and general use. You can see more details about these websites from our comprehensive reviews of SlideGeeks and SlideTeam.
He is a former systems engineer and has been associated with the IT industry for the past 8 years, rendering professional services related to desktop administration, networking, SEO and Blogging. These tools typically have complex proprietary interfaces, requiring week-long training courses. Ease of use has always been a priority, and our world-class customer retention rate is testament to our success. Some EA tools are entirely locked to a proprietary meta-model, some require text-file code changes (and the predictable vendor consulting expense to make basic changes). With iServer, the Visio templates and stencils can be changed in minutes, using almost any icon or image required so you can best support your chosen standard notation. Added to this, existing Microsoft Visio, Word and Excel content can be instantly imported and re-used without any delay for converting or re-creating content. The huge number of "out of the box" diagram templates with attractive modeling notations, coupled with the vast array of Visio templates available.
Live Documents allows diagrams, lists of objects and matrices to be re-used into your preferred documentation templates. Microsoft®, Visio® and Office® are all registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
Therefore, here I listed top 10 free cloud based online presentation tools for all those people. So, I think it will be the great the option for everybody who are looking for a free and best online presentation tool.
It lets you create or edit your presentations on the go and auto-sync across all your devices with ease. However, the Public subscription plan is absolutely free to use and this is the reason I listed it here.
It lets you simply select any of its professionally designed free presentation templates to easily create an amazing visual experience for your audience. Not only you can upload your pre-made presentations but also you can create a fresh presentation online on SlideShare as it has partnered with Haiku Deck for creating online presentations. Or if you don’t have Linkedin account, you can also sign in with Facebook account to start creating your presentations online very beautifully. After sign in, as soon as you will click on + (plus) button, it will move you to the presentation tool where you can select a template and start creating your presentations on Google slides.
You can use Zoho Show to create presentations and access them from anywhere using a browser and an Internet connection. There are plenty of online options that work well from any computer with a web browser, whether it’s your desktop PC at work, or a laptop on the go.
The best ones are either free or low-cost, they store all of your data online for you to access when you need it, and you don’t have to carry around files or your own computer to give a presentation.
You’re free to upload and use your own images as well, or import them from sites including Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox or Google+ Photos. The service made waves when it launched because it gave users the ability to create dynamic, fluid, non-linear presentations with great animations and motion effects that lend an energy to a presentation.
It’s best used for non-linear presentations, where you may need to go back to old topics, show how multiple topics are connected, and show how details relate to a greater picture. Reveal.js makes it easy to check out those presentations on the go or embed them in your blog or web site. A future contender to watch is Microsoft’s Office Sway, a new product that Microsoft recently announced that wants to create a a complete shift in the way people create online presentations and multimedia. Want to make the case for your personal favourite, even if it wasn’t included in the list?
Optus has extended its unlimited data plans to all broadband bundles including ADSL 2+, cable and NBN. But what happens to your cat or dog when the magic dies and you each go your separate ways?
Creating presentations can sometimes be an irksome task and you might want to take advantage of one of the many resources present out there for creating online presentations.
It allows uploading images and video, adding text, and creating presentations easily and quickly. If you will get the free plan your presentations will have ads, but you will still get unlimited uploads.
It gives you the ability of uploading existing files or creating your presentations right from inside this tool.
This tool allows creating presentations quickly, while others can even work on the presentation at the same time. Before we move forward with this list, let me remind you that FPPT is also home to thousands of free PowerPoint templates. If you are interested in making Flash presentations, you can also see our post about Four Easy Ways Of Creating Flash Presentations. So often our consultants meet organizations that have made a huge investment in such tools, only to find them become expensive shelf-ware. And, most importantly, a presentation has to be sufficiently self-explanatory.Today, there are a lot of alternatives available online like front end libraries and software tools to choose and build over the traditional presentation techniques in fancy styles.
You will definitely succeed to wow your audience with these free cloud based presentation tools. By using these tools you can prepare your online presentation with images, videos, special effects, text and many more.
With its popularity also came some overuse of those features, giving rise to some equally awful presentations that zoom and swoosh all over the screen, laying on motion effects to a dizzying degree.
It incorporates a professional look and feel along with some interesting and dynamic transitions. If you’re coming from a PowerPoint world, Slides can open, save and convert PowerPoint files. Similarly, you can just send a link out to people to view your presentation, or save a PDF of your entire slideshow. It can open PowerPoint files, sports lots of templates to make designing a great-looking presentation from scratch easy, and lets you upload and add your own media, charts, graphs and other images. Paid plans (starting at $19 per month) boast extra features such as no ads, private uploads, analytics, and buzz tracking to view who is sharing your presentations on websites like Twitter and Facebook.
It boasts an inbuilt media search that lets you incorporate images and movies from services such as Flickr and YouTube in your presentations. You have the ability of creating presentations or uploading your existing PowerPoint files. You have the ability of setting your presentations as public or private, and you can also download them and view them offline.

To grab a template that suits your needs, simply go to this link to “Download Free PowerPoint Templates”.
You can see more details about such features of MS PowerPoint and other office apps from this post: New Features of Microsoft Office 2013. You can find out more about this app and get the download link for Keynote from our Review of Keynote. Some of these tools are designed with keeping in mind the latest technological solutions, such as real-time collaboration, online access through multiple devices, interactive graphics and more.
If you wanna use AuthorStream web app for editing your presentations, then all you need to visit the site, sign in with your Facebook account, add your presentations and edit them anytime, on the go without any hassle. Create beautiful and attractive online presentation and access anywhere, anytime with the help of a single browser. You can see more than a few examples in Haiku Deck’s featured presentation gallery, which gives you a quick feel for how your presentation might look if you used the service.
If you’re working on a presentation with others, you can have everyone collaborate on its design.
There are also a lot of advanced features available too — you can create presentations and keep them private, present your deck offline, control your presentation from a mobile device, and sync your work to Dropbox if you choose. With paid plans start from $59 per year and you get extra features such as making presentations private and even the ability of working offline. In case you would like to download the latest version of MS Office, see this link to download Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. One can incorporate various available tools to make a presentation that is apt, engaging and meaningful.So, instead of stressing much on presentation techniques, I have listed down a couple of powerful online presentation tools that will work wonders for any presenter. If you have a Google Account, you already have access to it and don’t need to sign up for anything else. You can see a full list of features here, most of which are free, but some only available with a Pro account. All of your presentations are saved in iCloud, and available on your other Apple devices (and Windows PCs). These presentations can be downloaded in PowerPoint format, emailed to others, or embedded in websites and blogs.
This tool also provides you with a detailed reporting on who viewed your presentation, where, for how long and even how they interacted with the slides.
Without having any knowledge and skills of animation you can  easily create animated videos and presentations. If you need to use it for work, want storage for files, need privacy, want to edit offline or want more features, there are premium plans, including discounts for students and teachers.
So, even if you aren’t a professional type, you can easily navigate your way through to creating your best presentation till date.Alright, so get ready to check out this amazing list of 8 best online presentation tools.
Emaze ready-made templates and slides is very attractive , you can add video and audio in slides.
Emaze is an online presentation tool that is useful not only for working professionals but also for students.
You can choose from a plethora of built-in templates that make a presentation look even more articulate.
It allow you to upload presentation as PDF, embed, and share your presentation, You can also record your comments or notes and make a slidecast (presentation + voice). Additionally, these templates are designed professionally and based on graphical themes that enhance the visual appearance of your presentation. Emaze is easy-to-use and features an HTML5 Presentation Maker that skillfully creates slideshows as well as 3D and video presentations.
Moreover, it is cloud-based and supports multiple devices, so you can run or edit your presentations online even with a smart phone or a tablet.2) PreziIf you have not heard about Prezi, then you are surely missing out on something important. It is already used by millions of individuals globally and is a good alternative for any other conventional tool like Microsoft PowerPoint. Be it a marketing campaign strategy, an informative educational presentation or a training course, Prezi is ideal for anything. You’ll be able to share, work remotely and use your slides, wherever you are, is a browser-based tool which allows easy presentation creation. You can use PowToon for your next creative or professional assignment, be it a product demo, television advertisement, business presentation, website video or else. It has a simple user interface and offers several animated characters, images and other visual elements. PowToon is definitely a sure-shot way to engage and impress your audiences with your presentation.4) Go AnimateGo Animate is an online tool for making professional animated videos. I have listed Go Animate because a video presentation can be more effective than just a boring slideshow. The tool offers simple drag and drop features and various other tools, for making animated videos. You can choose from a gamut of characters and select various character moves, background settings and more.
Instructional video presentations can help impart training or communicate complex information in a simple manner. With Go Animate, you can make reports, presentations, illustrations and more.5) SliderocketSliderocket provides a hassle-free way to prepare your business presentation. Moreover, Sliderocket offers many custom features, meaning you can pull content in real-time from web and integrate it in your work. I have included SlideDog in the list, because it is a one-stop solution to creating a great presentation. On SlideDog, one can integrate data of any type and integrate in to one single playlist and play in a sequential format that makes way for a good presentation.7) Haiku DeckHaiku Deck is much more than just an online presentation software tool.
You can not only create a professional business presentation but also an image slideshow for blog, portfolio presentation and a lot more.
This free tool also features a gallery containing millions of photos which you can use in your project.
Additionally, Haiku Deck allows uploading your owns images or pulling pictures from other web sources.On Haiku Deck, you can create your own presentation by using their presentation themes which are elegant in imagery. It has a rich user interface and built-in set of theme-based templates, web fonts, animation effects and other elements. Moreover, the tool also has a built-in window for real-time collaboration as well as for embedding videos, pictures and tweets. Besides, Zoho Show offers Image library, supports document import, cloud storage and much more.
It is useful for sales professionals who want to deliver effective and dynamic multimedia presentations that leave an impact. Moreover, its tracking, email notifications and analytics features are great add-ons which help focus on key points. You can visit the website to get more information on how to use a KinetiCast presentation in different stages of the sales cycle.10) ProjeqtProjecqt is ideal for students as well as media and creative professionals. There are various types of presentations, such as informative, educational, training or sales presentation. Moreover, a presentation has several publishing platforms, such as social media sites, blogs, company website and more. So, it is important to be aware of different techniques and software tools to improve our presentation.Considering the broad scope of its applications, I have listed down different online presentation tools that suit general or specific requirements. You can check out each one and decide for yourself about the one that will work best for you on your next venture.
You can also share information about different presentation tools other than that mentioned in this post to keep us all updated.
This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

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