They say that we are lucky enough to live in the middle of the most competitive business environment in human history. Even though there is more competition for customers and market share than ever before, global competition pouring in from all corners of the earth like a flood, all of this competition forces smart and savvy business owners, advertisers, and entrepreneurs to take advantage of all the leverage they can get their hands on to build the business of their dreams. Each and every single day, hundreds of millions of people log into Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest (amongst other social media platforms) and spend BILLIONS of hours on those platforms each and every month. Not only that, but they share a ridiculous amount of personal information in their social media profiles, information that has helped to establish incredibly targeted marketing advantages that you’ll be able to leverage. Never before have we been able to reach as many targeted prospects so effortlessly as we are able to with social media marketing, and when you really nailed a social media marketing campaign the return on investment is going to be almost immediate. We are talking about a flood of paying customers flocking to your business and bringing the register at a pace that you’ve never seen before – and everyone gets to join in on the party.
Now we get to the real meat and potatoes of this quick guide, giving you all kinds of insider information to help you boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns on every major (and almost all of the minor) social media platforms out there. According to research published by Buffer, Linkedin KissMetrics, Danzarrella and many more, (see the complete list below), the ideal time to send a social media marketing blast is variable.
For Facebook the best timing seems to be Thursday and Friday, early afternoon, work better from 9am to 7pm and you can get the most shares at 1pm and click at 3pm. You can use tools like Fan PageKarma to perform many valuable action on your Facebook from monitoring your activity to find the best timing for your audience. For Twitter Saturday and Sunday work best, and the most CTR you can get it at 12pm and 6pm. You can use tools Like FollowerWonk to find the optimal time for the audience you want to reach. It’s going to be absolutely impossible to have any chance of succeeding with social media marketing if your marketing campaigns and messages aren’t as laser target as you can make them.
You have to know your marketplace (REALLY know your marketplace), or else you’re going to end up wasting a lot of time, and a lot of money, and a lot of resources on marketing and advertising that never stands a chance.
Each and every person in the developed world sees between 3000 and 5000+ advertising messages each and every single day. We are so bombarded with marketing messages that we have learned how to block out all but the most targeted to our specific wants, our specific desires, and our specific needs. You really need to bring those bells if you’re going to have any chance of success at social media marketing.
Being able to create a masterful one step marketing campaign where people are instantly pushed into a purchase are slim to none. People are skeptical, and they just aren’t going to be all that eager about spending money. They need to know 100% that they are safe, and to create this trust they should feel comfortable with you and your brand.
After 7 times they see and read you (from your funnel, email marketing or social media), and finding your contents valuable, they feel that they aren’t going to be tricked. This is why I suggest to drive your audience through a marketing funnels, essentially multi step processes and campaigns that lead people through a sales machine. Each step builds a little bit more trust, a little bit more goodwill, and a little bit more of a relationship.
It is a gently slide to become a customer without even knowing that a transformation has happened! About meI have been working in the web marketing and making money online for more than 10 years. Most people need some motivation to get through the afternoon slump, and for many of us that means checking Facebook.
Tons of people are checking in on the Twittersphere around lunchtime, with peak posting days falling between Monday and Thursday. It appears that when people are winding up and winding down their workweek they have less interest in what's happening on LinkedIn.
Pinterest users are checking out home organization hacks, delicious recipes, and dream purchases more on the weekends, especially first thing on Saturday.

Thanks to this infographic from online payroll company SurePayroll’s blog, we know the best and worst times to post. It appears that when people are winding up and winding down their workweek they have less interest in what's happening on LinkedIn. Now that you know the best times to post to LinkedIn, it's time to figure out where and how. One consideration worth noting when scheduling your content is how different time zones could play into your timing. It goes without saying that your brand should be utilizing this invaluable space to build relationships with your community, solidify your position as a thought leader, and reinforce what your organization stands for.
With that said, we won’t try to convince you why the opportunity is a no brainer, we’ll simply tell you how to use it most effectively. Since Google’s integration of the Hummingbird algorithm update, there’s been a new focus on optimizing your content for social media.
In summary, best practices in social media entail thoughtful content creation and content dissemination. Newsletter Sign UpThe latest health care marketing insights delivered to your inbox every month.
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Social media has carved out its niche in business, and now that people and companies are there, they’re trying to learn how to properly use it. Social media gives businesses a great opportunity for people and customers to connect with them on a different emotional level. Along the lines of posting regularly, whoever manages your social media profiles should make checking social media as much as a habit as checking your email (Tweet this).
Whenever there is negative or conversation on a particular topic or even around your brand, companies MUST take the high road and stay positive. Whether you believe it or not, the reality is that people are talking about your brand, and chances are, they’re doing it on social media.
To help me remember, I thought it would be worth it all into a diagram that would capture the essence of each of these services visually.
So here’s a simple chart to help you remember 10 of the Best Social Media Tools for Entrepreneurs and Startups!
Notify me of replies to my commentThis blog uses premium CommentLuv which allows you to put your keywords with your name if you have had 9 approved comments. Did you know that some times are better than others to get your message across via social media? But did you know that not all social networks have the same optimal time for posting content?
Here's how to optimize each one based on when you post." class="">Different social media sites offer different virtues for your business. And it looks like their willpower is strong during work hours, since this is the worst time to share on Pinterest." class="">Pinterest users are checking out home organization hacks, delicious recipes, and dream purchases more on the weekends, especially first thing on Saturday. The most engagement comes from content that is posted first thing in the morning." class="">Unlike Tumblr, Google+ users are early birds.
All it takes is some knowledge and forethought, and anyone can be well on their way to posting engaging content. It might be worthwhile to base your post timing decisions on what time zone your largest demographic falls into. That’s why it’s critical to have a page that people want to engage with, and find useful, valuable information along the way. If your hospital has a blog, brainstorm two blog titles: one that is optimized for SEO and another that is more appealing on social media (short, intriguing, eye-catching).
A benefit to having a strong social media platform is you’ll increase search engine optimization through Google rankings; consumers do not want to click past the first page of search results so it’s important to have your page show up organically.

Traditional SEO has historically been focused on link building (the more links to and from your content, the higher it ranked on Google search). Create a content calendar in advance, but don’t “schedule” timed delivery; the essence of social media is genuine engagement and there’s no way you can effectively engage if you’re not a live participant. As a marketer, you learn a lot about generating and maintaining TOMA (Top of Mind Awareness). Whether it be number of fans, retweets, or engagement levels, make sure you’re recording it.
Start following the founders of Creately on Twitter to see a mix of interesting and insightful tweets!!
When she’s not working on marketing strategies for web start-ups, she paints and loves to create designs for printed textiles.
Countless other interactive platforms are sprouting up on a regular basis, making it nearly impossible to determine where your time should be spent developing content and connecting with healthcare consumers.
So when the need eventually arises and a follower of your hospital page is deciding where to look for a provider, that person has a pre-determined positive connection with your brand.
Additionally, keep a balanced level of sharing – 1-2 posts per day is plenty, no more, no less. Also, be sure to sync up your service line campaigns with social media content; relevant postings should complement what is in market. The entry requirements can be as simple as entering an email address for a chance to win, accept nominations for Mother of the Year in the month of May, or ask for a 200 word essay on why they’re committed to making healthy choices during February (Heart Health month).
We believe that a brand built around the desires of the patient will increase satisfaction, fuel innovation and grow market share. You can post pictures of company parties, service projects, NCAA tournament brackets, competitions, etc. Posting regularly will help maintain TOMA with your customers and fan base and will help build your credibility as a good source of information in your industry (assuming you’re posting great content).
Again, this is boils down to if you’re going to be in social media, be fully-invested in doing so and commit to it. More often than not, consumers will see your social media pages long before they ever visit your website, so you don’t want to give them a bad first-impression. With Creately’s slick Upload Image feature, I managed to pull through all the icons of the Social Media Tools in the list, added a short description and it was ready to be published.
I mean just think about your own social habits.  You have certain times of day when you spend more time on social networks and if you do, then other people do too!
Different social networks have different peak times for posting.  So what are the best and the worst?  I made this handy infographic to help guide you.
Although links are still very important, equally important are social endorsements such as Facebook likes and shares, LinkedIn shares, tweets and Pinterest pins. Bring your mission, vision and values to life through sharing real people with real experiences.
For example, if your first quarter is dedicated to promoting cardiac services, be sure to weave in supporting messages on social sites. New Apps are developed at lightning speed.  The rules of engagement are being rewritten every year.
Consumers just want to be heard, and research shows that people will turn against the brand if they’re ignored. It can get tricky with HIPAA compliance so if you’d like to feature patients, be sure to take the appropriate steps. This proven approach leverages online, direct and mass advertising, web platforms and brand experiences to convert prospects into patients.

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