We’ve heard of different music charts like the Billboard Top 200, Ultimate Chart, MTV’s Music Meter and We Are Hunted. The top 10 of the YouTube’s music charts, are similar to that of Ultimate Chart and Billboard. Hey Gootube,Its been over 5 months since the youtube partners program was announced,enough “testing” already! Who’s Nalts?Kevin "Nalts" Nalty the only career marketer who also is one of YouTube's most viewed entertainers. Mark (that’s his real name) has links to his affiliate products and his smart phone apps, not to mention over 66,000 views in just under one week! DeStorm has links to his products and his Facebook page too and if you were impressed with 66,000 views in a week, what do you have to say about 195,000 views in a week? Add me to circles on Google+ If you have questions, or want some feedback about your blog, sign up to get free tips and resources to help you expand your audience! There are definitely many ways to create a video and promote it on YouTube and of course other video sharing websites. Thanks for putting the series together, I would agree it is really easy to create a YouTube video, sometime it may be less than writing a post. Sanjeev, you have the right idea because you already got started with creating YouTube videos.
I got an aged youtube account but its not more on tips or tutorials etc etc, its more on music slideshows which I made and so far, most of my videos get a lot of hits. The last time I had myself recording on the camera was during my cousin’s birthday which many of my friends says that I look and deliver good at the camera. Imtiaj, I need to improve the design of my YouTube channel and I like your idea of making it mimic the website. This guy (idiot might be a better word) decides to eat a ghost chili pepper, one of the hottest peppers in the world with over 1 million scoville units. This is a YouTube video that shows you how to trick people into thinking you have big boos. The 10th place of the best YouTube comments of 2013 goes to a video of Marissa and Alex kissing. About EpictubeSome of the comments on YouTube and Vimeo are so awesome, they need to be preserved for future generations. If you have found an epic comment yourself you can contribute it and share it with the rest of the world! If you have suggestions or questions about our website or advertising inquires, you can contact us. The Legal StuffUsers may find advertising or other content on our site that link to the sites and services of our partners, suppliers, advertisers, sponsors, licensors and other third parties.
It’s actually the same thing as blogging used to be, back when it all began, before social media was even a word, before it all exploded and transformed into a circus of tens of thousands of music critics (aka formerly known as passionate bloggers).

That’s mainly because of mainstream popularity of these 4 artists : Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Chris Brown and Bruno Mars. Notice that he also used a cool annotation feature in the top right hand side of the video to link to another YouTube video he wants you to watch. Don’t worry about dofollow or nofollow, just be sure to add links in your description.
You don’t have to be a professional to upload videos, all you need to do is get started. I'm Ileane and this blog was created to help you learn about WordPress blogging, Social Media Optimization, YouTube Tutorials and more. You post actually inspired me to come up with a list of tasks that I need to get done, to upload one video.. I always find the weird robot voices very off putting, and the animation isn’t great.
I did a post about that last year and I featured a tutorial from Ana Hoffman on just how to Turn an Article into Video Quick and Free. Creating some viral videos that everyone will like and designing a channel that almost look like the actual website will create exposure ultimately bring some quality traffic. I know video marketing is a great way of online marketing but I haven’t tried it yet. More than 10.000 people enjoyed this epic comment on a video of a woman getting a nipple piercing. A commentator wants to use the Lion King song to wake his kids up for school. I bet a lot of you want to try the same thing when you have children.
He was commenting on a Fleet Foxes song that it sounded better on vinyl. Here’s your free flannel shirt, beard, glasses, and suspenders.
One of the commentators has experienced the same pain and the result is the epic YouTube comment.
We do not control the content or links that appear on these sites and are not responsible for the practices employed by websites linked to or from our site. When we were picking clips for Flix55’s viral-video show, we asked creators to send us their 3 best clips.
I like how he added some other call-outs for his social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Also, a disproportionately high number of XtraNormal videos on youtube seem to be either predicting the end times or trying to prove that global warming is a hoax, so it may not be great to throw your lot in with them. I have been reading her posts on Traffic generation cafe for a long time and she is an excellent marketer, exactly like you:-).
There are lots of ways you can make easy little videos to promote your blog, your ebook, your program, product, etc… Some are free.
Ok, it was not much of a video but I’m not yet ready to compete with the like you have on the post.

First I’ll see your three videos and then certainly try to create my first video ever.
Wait a minute … I could have sworn I was watching pants when I started watching this video.
In addition, these sites or services, including their content and links, may be constantly changing. Music has always been heard, searched for and uploaded to youtube, more than any other place on the webs, but these channels took a tumblresque look and blogging approach to new music especially remixes, to stay out of legal troubles, or even get their channels deleted.
Pack it all up in a handselected playlist to give you a current roundup of their best new featured tracks. But there are 2 major differences between YouTube Top 100 Music Video chart and other online music charts. I found the creator knows their work best, and can usually identify the best work even if it wasn’t their most popular. There are several videos in the playlist that show you How To Optimize Your YouTube Channel and Market Your Videos on YouTube. I’m using a cheap software from Incansoft for turning my articles into (youtube) videos. I really enjoy using Animoto and creating the intro that I’m using for my YouTube videos now.
I created a channel for my blog and I’m planning on doing more of videos in the days to come.
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Instead of just focusing on the sound, like most blogs, it was equally about the visuals with an audience already 100% conditioned on images rather than reading or even scanning. Firstly, the video music chart contains user-generated and viral music, like (in)famous Rebecca Black, who is present in the top 10 of the same. So guess what Im trying to ask here is, am I charging someone and getting money, or am I being charged and losing money! But just be careful with commercial-type videos, as they aren’t very fond of them sometimes. Secondly, YouTube music chart focuses on video while others focus on the music, with videos (if offered) being supplementary.
All pics were dreamy, sexy, romantic, arty, fashionable in combination with beautiful nature, summer or sunshine tumblr moods and got paired with (mostly) cutting edge music to make it click. But the presence of 8 music videos in the top 10 YouTube videos of all time, is a proof that YouTube targets music.

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