Now on its 4th edition (although my copy is the 3rd edition), this was really my go to guide throughout my dissertation and probably my degree as a whole. Perhaps not an obvious selection on many marketers’ list of reading, but in my opinion and certainly for the writing of my dissertation it was vital.
This book, similar to the Principles of Marketing is suitable for both newbies and more experienced marketers.
Kudos to Joe Griffiths who inspired me to write this after his post on marketing process with internal blog content. Mike's background is in Business and Marketing Management, with experience both client and agency side in demanding industries such as tourism, entertainment, finance, B2B and FMCG. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
November 7, 2011 by anitacampbell Leave a Comment Despite technology taking marketing more online, direct mail is alive and well, just with an updated look. Terry Holman, Founding Partner of ActuallyWeDo™ Design says that relevance, along with good design, is key in creating direct mail that gets people’s attention. The first step in creating direct mail that people will read and act upon, says Holman, is knowing your audience. Taking the time to carefully plan out your direct mail strategy, as well as including a tracking system, can help you reach new customers. Developing a working Internet Marketing Plan is difficult.  And with all of the different Social Media Tools available today it can be downright impossible. This isn’t some large sales page talking about all of the benefits of an eBook in an attempt to convince you to buy the book. This isn’t a page scattered with testimonial after testimonial trying to entice you to buy a $19.95 eBook. At Markomm, we are in the business of getting websites on the first page of search engines.  We’ve done it for hundreds of businesses (and we’d like to help you as well).

However, it is these questions that have led us to writing this ebook.  There are so many questions that come up with developing an Internet Marketing Plan that you need an expert to help you through them. The primary reason we wrote this ebook is to help introduce businesses to Internet Marketing.
Several of our employees worked for other companies in the past.  In those previous jobs, it was their role to integrate these internet marketing tools into their business.  The challenge they faced was exactly what this book is about…when they looked for an integrated Internet Marketing Plan, they couldn’t find anything out there – Anywhere! So, to make a long story short, part of the reason this book now exists is because of the frustrations we’ve seen in the past.
We (Markomm) are in the business of providing internet marketing services to companies like yours.
We are providing you this content so you can have enough information to make an educated decision on how you want to approach internet marketing in your business.  By the time you finish reading this book, you’ll have a much better understanding of which tools you’ll what to utilize and how to employ those tools as part of your internet marketing plan. All we ask is that you keep us in mind when it comes time to implement these tools and give us an opportunity to quote on your specific situation.
Order the ebook by clicking on the Image of the ebook to the right.  When you do, you’ll simply enter in your credit card information and you’re basically done. Petty began her career as a marketer at the world’s largest brand, Coca-Cola Enterprises, and went on to direct the marketing campaigns of many small businesses at a top regional advertising agency. She began her career as a marketer developing marketing plans for small business owners in the tourism, beauty, retail, and restaurant industries at a top regional advertising agency, Verbeck went on to earn her MBA from Texas Christian University. The entire book is really well structured and offers step by step insight using a host of real world examples and case studies per chapter.
The book is a must read particularly for anyone interested in the green wash, and how companies use ethical practice and factor it in to corporate social responsibility – sometimes without success! Consumer behaviour is certainly the most interesting module that I studied, and this book goes a long way to understanding the importance of people’s behaviour.
In my opinion (and as the title suggests) there is a stronger focus on the strategy behind marketing activity which is key particularly if you’re trying to sell in or justify a campaign. Mike joined the search marketing team at Branded3 in January 2011, and now heads up Branded3's London office as an Account Director.

His company worked with Trap Media to create a visually appealing voucher book, which was featured in Visual Marketing. Holman and Trap Media implemented reference codes on each of the coupons so that they could see which deals were redeemed the most, and which did the poorest.
Our client list is very extensive and diverse.  We know these tools and techniques will benefit you and your business. Oh, and if you’d like to skip reading the book all together, simply give us a call at 1-866-503-7673 and we’ll build a custom Internet Marketing Plan to fit your budget.
After earning her MBA, Petty opened her boutique photography studio and was named one of the most profitable photography businesses in the country after just five years in business by the Professional Photographers of America. She directed the branding and marketing of a handful of the travel industry’s top brands at Sabre Travel Network, the parent company of Travelocity, before joining The Joy of Marketing.
The interesting point for me was how you could combine two conflicting theories; marketing encourages consumers to consume more and sustainability encourages consumers to consume less and consume responsibly. This book evaluates the two extremes of the spectrum: from the right, CSR goes against the ethos of free enterprise and trade, while from the left, it helps to control how the business is perceived (fitting in neatly with a PR or communications strategy). Petty is also a sought after marketing expert who gives marketing speeches to audiences around the globe on how the boutique business model can strengthen their companies. Verbeck has been featured as a marketing expert on the Wall Street Journal radio network, Fox Business and The American Express Open Forum on small business branding and marketing issues. Either way the book offers great insight, although be prepared for some heavy reading with few uses of imagery or artwork to be found. While this voucher leaflet did not physically give out ?1200 it did offer ?1200 in savings, which put ?1200 back in the pocket of each user,” explains Holman.

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