With a population of around 2.2 billion and a total GDP of more than $27 trillion, EMEA contains both the oldest and newest of the world’s industrialised economies. Our Brand Strategy group reaches out to more than 50,000 people a year in order to conduct our own quantitative and qualitative research.
In order for a website to be an integral part of your brand, it has to succeed on functional (left brain) and emotional (right brain) levels. This is a very exciting process which you would want to be involved in every step of the way, this is what makes us different, we become the client as we begin to understand his needs clearly. The Sound is using stories about society's fringes to help brands learn more about the mainstream. Figuring out what there is to learn from documentary films is a big part of the business at the Sound. To that end, the first short documentary that Sound Media is about to release is about a couple in Port Townsend, Washington, who live as Victorians. By looking at the extremes of any given group, or any given way of life, the insights there can be more informative than by looking at mushy middles. To that end, Sound Media looked at others on the fringes—people who are living outside of the mainstream and off-the-grid in other places, such as Lasqueti Island, off the coast of Vancouver. Not all of those subjects are fringe (other documentaries will talk about the business of marijuana and London antiquing).
Our expert brand strategists, following a proven process used by the big agencies, to design your brand strategy … at a price point you can afford. Our experts work with you to provide the art, to build the right strategy for your brand that will last for the next 5 years. If you like what you see, connect with us below. We promise to keep your information private.
A positioning statement is what makes you unique and describes the value your product or service to customers.
Your company’s personality isn’t simply how you write content or the style of your website, it’s also how you interact with customers. Now that you’ve got the formula to create a brilliant brand strategy, use it to help grow your business.
Join the JuiceboxRegister below to receive some Creative Juice delivered to your inbox weekly. Corporate branding is more than just a logo and colour scheme, it’s a broad term, which incorporates any and every quality that contributes to the image of your brand in the eyes of your staff, clients and the public. Once we have a clear understanding of who you are, we can get started on creating your brand identity and developing a brand strategy for its implementation, growth and long term success.
An effective business name is a vital part of your brand strategy and business positioning. Once your brand strategy has been designed, it needs to be implemented with precision and consistency to ensure its effectiveness. A strong brand is one of the most powerful tools a business can harness for ongoing success.
BrandingBusiness EMEA is helping global brands to span the cultures and opportunities our region offers. If you want to reposition a product or service, we pay attention to the equity and stakeholders that already exist in the brand and ensure that we work to transition it.

We ask about platforms, functionality, usability and user experience, the whole nine yards or requirements analysis. As the means to make a movie get cheaper, and people better understand what kinds of stories are worth telling, the appetite for nonfiction storytelling on our various screens has grown. Brands have many questions about specific groups, and about how those groups relate to their brand, but what the Sound Media wants to do is help them understand those groups in a broader, more holistic sense. Our process is the science; it works for any organization, in any market, anywhere in the world. While the underlying purpose of operating any business is to make money, it’s important to go beyond that when you start to think about your company’s purpose. Once you’ve established your positioning statement, incorporate it throughout your business.
All your employees, whether they work directly with customers or not, should know your personality and how to incorporate it when communicating with customers.
Our branding agency has partnered with countless businesses to design and implement successful brand strategies and brand training workshops. One common misconception about branding is that a brand is simply a logo, corporate typeface and corporate colour palette – a visual identifier and representation of a business or organisation. As an experienced branding agency that has worked in Brisbane for years, Mariart are experts in developing unique and memorable names for businesses, products and services.
Mariart’s team of creative minds will partner with you to develop your signature visual style. If you’re a new or existing company and you wish to partner with our branding agency, please get in touch today!
Behind every great brand is an even greater brand strategy, carefully guiding and constantly adapting to the world around it.Here at Toast we don’t want to create good brands we want to help create great brands that reflect more than just the inherent properties of the product or service. So whether you partner with AMP for market research, brand identity development, consumer profiling or any of our other offerings, we will help you identify a strategic path tailored to ensure the growth of your brand.
Through the years, we’ve morphed from a non-traditional marketing agency into a full-service shop. A great brand has a vision, a voice (a shared culture that people want to belong to), and a promise (a consistent experience each and every time your customer works with you).
If you are launching something new, we help you create a holistic, well-branded launch or rebranding re-launch using our full service creative’s and marketing team. And while stories about, say, pop stars who died young and tragically or delightful animals in their natural environments certainly sell, there's plenty of room to innovate and see what else we can learn by following around interesting people and documenting what happens.
But five years ago, after Pierpoint became a father, the agency decided to make a documentary about dads that changed their philosophy around this kind of filmmaking. The documentary sold to broadcasters in 17 countries, which encouraged Pierpoint to launch the Sound Media, a division of the Sound devoted strictly to documentaries. The more extreme the subjects, Pierpoint says, the better we can understand the mainstream, too.
A purpose can be the reason why you started the business or the overall benefit that you wish to provide customers. Many elements go into creating your brand personality; it’s how your employers interact with customers, how you write your content, and many other factors. Telling your story brings out your personality because it allows people to see your values and business environment.

As experts in corporate branding, we will develop a unique brand strategy for your business, in Brisbane and all around Australia.
While these visual components are important elements in the makeup of a brand, they alone do not constitute branding as a whole. Or did you also think about your personal experience with the brand and how their service and products have made you feel? If you feel there is a disconnect between the image you want to project and the image you have now, talk to us. These workshops are extremely valuable and allow every member of your team to gain a complete understanding of your brand, as well as their part to play in reinforcing it on a day-to-day basis. We work alongside our clients, matching their passion for their product with our own passion for design. Today, we’re a 100 + team of intellectually curious individuals who are eager to solve your business challenges.
These elements are a part of how you do business and represent yourself in everything that everyone in your company does. Not only does it keep you on the right path to achieve your goals, but it also sets the groundwork for your brand so you can stay consistent throughout every aspect of your business. However you decide to define your brand, remember that it needs to be something that sets you apart from your competitors. When you start to think about the tone of your brand, take your audience and industry into consideration.
By connecting to your audience on a deeper, emotional level, you can build stronger relationships and turn your existing customers into endorsers of your brand. It’s also crucial to understand that your brand strategy is not set in stone; you can always make adjustments to it as new best practices are discovered or when your business grows. Brand is more than logos, clever ads and marketing material – it’s the personality behind the business. This understanding, along with analysis of your customers, competitors and the broader marketplace, helps us to define a clear vision and personality for your brand. And we’ll translate those ideas and goals into simple, yet effective logos and corporate design styles that help you stand out.
A well-designed brand can often be one of the most valuable assets a company can own but like all assets it needs to be appreciated and valued. They’ll ignore a 20% off sale but sprint for the computer store on a tax-free holiday. Put simply, corporate branding is the overall image that’s reinforced at every opportunity and touchpoint. Only when the value of the brand is truly understood, can it be used it its full potential – gaining that understanding is what Toast does best.So why use Toast?Toast will work with you from day one to establish a vision of your brand that means something, not an arbitrary statement that can be mistaken for anyone else or a glib reference that inspires no one. As a successful branding agency, we know how to enhance this image and allow your business to grow. Only when you have the vision and the visual toolkit can you start to build the brand and apply it to the marketing challenges you face.

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