Has your software development team adopted an Agile method like Scrum, XP, Lean Development, Crystal, FDD, or DSDM? Choose from optional modules on business cases, Agile requirements and user stories, release planning, forecasting and pricing. Change the timing on modules to address topics in greater depth or with a lighter touch – or not at all!
New product managers and product owners who need to quickly understand the scope, processes, methods, tools and deliverables of product management. Experienced product managers who want to leverage the advantages of Agile development methods to get products to market faster and with greater success. Any members of the product team (especially product marketers and technical leaders) who need a thorough grounding in processes involving cross-functional participation. Go to market faster by using processes that help you choose, define, and launch products efficiently.
Ensure that your products meet real customer needs, deliver lasting competitive advantage, and realize revenue and profits sooner. Ensure that best practices are taking root in your organization with an individualized follow-up coaching session. We promise to only take a few minutes of your time to see if we're the right folks to help. Results inspired radically new Corn  Pops positioning impacting packaging and creative,  rejuvenating brand image, and increasing sales, share,  and awareness.
Researched multi-channel marketing efforts  of five key advertisers to prepare comprehensive report on  how to target Baby Boomer women for agency-wide project.
Explored multi-cultural trends and  developed volumetric sales analysis to convince Kellogg's to  address diverse '"non-traditional" audiences across all 17 kid-targeted brands.
Partnered with nationally recognized Teens Research Unlimited (TRU) presenting leading research studies  to entire 50-person Kellogg's Kid brand and agency teams.
Created a Marlboro-first brand personality  chart spanning family of 10 varieties fundamentally altering  new creative executions, and segmenting mailing to millions of adult smokers. Developed, sold, moderated, and interpreted results for more than 100 qualitative focus  groups and one-on-one sessions for Marlboro. Led several Key internal brand team  ideation sessions across new products, promotions, and  Marlboro racing school, preparing holistic planning  platforms and guiding brand personality studies. Introduced planning discipline and mass  advertising techniques to entertainment retailer with more than $250MM in sales.
Turned 17% sales decline into 20% increase  in two years by overhauling entire marketing effort and  launching company's first-ever national advertising campaign.
Introduced new psychographic target and  launched television, radio, magazine, billboard, theatre,  sponsorship, partnership and licensing plan helping stores  grow from $100MM to $250MM in sales.
Conducted company's first-ever foray into  qualitative research inspiring creative executions for  nationwide campaign launch. Extended Masterfood's Kid's Point of View  (KPOV) qualitative research program to include 75 inner city  schools providing a more diverse constituent perspective. Developed agency competitive analysis  standards and processes correlating media activity to sales. Designed and conducted proprietary  nationwide research study on inner city teens seed by agency  for all M & M's brands. WorkBloom's goal is to help job seekers find work and reach their highest aspirations, one step at a time. Would you believe me if I tell you now that creating a mind map for marketing activities is the perfect way for marketing professionals or newbies increase their chances for success?
You must know that marketing is a very important and often a crucial part of doing business because it involves the process of developing and implementing plans to identify, anticipate, and satisfy consumer demands so as to generate profit for the business.
The mind map marketing professionals like you can apply on your very own business have the same uses as the one shown in the sample above. As I have mentioned earlier marketing plays a really crucial role in the success of your business.
A mindmap marketing professionals like you and even those who are fairly new to marketing gives you the clarity you need. With mind mapping you may include the different elements that may affect the marketing of your product or service.
To make all your mind mapping activities so much easier for you take a pick at the number of mind mapping software you can choose from. Senior Business Development Manager, acknowledged for well-defined understanding of the business-technology interface and capacity to identify and align clients' emerging technology needs with products and services.

Uncompromising ethics and transparent communications underpin business-focused value propositions that leverage competitive advantage via top quality service. Won the largest new outsource services contract in Volumable's history, later used as the managed-services flagship and reference company. Gained distinction as a superior business development performer, accomplishing 65% sales to budget from a zero base in just 12 months. Distinguished for developing a qualified pipeline of $52M for a new line of business and establishing the gold standard of prospecting and cold-calling processes later used by Business Development Executives worldwide. Identified portfolio gaps and deficiencies and joined forces with the National Portfolio Manager to address issues, conduct market research, devise new strategies and produce the marketing collateral, sales tools and templates to support the sales effort for a new line of business nationally.
Devised business case modeling tool, flexible for use as sales collateral yet intuitive in providing early and rigorous qualification of the business case for new opportunities.
Generated the largest single-qualified pipeline of $52M, following a 3-year lull with no business closed in the state.
Won the largest new outsource services contract in the company's history, later used as the managed services flagship and reference company.
Gained distinction as the first Business Development Manager to close deals across all seven lines of business within a single plan year - winning the highest number and value of new business for the business.
Assumed control of a customer dissatisfied with level of service and seeking to change suppliers at contract's end.
Successfully closed $5M, three-year deal with DaimlerChrysler for desktop, helpdesk, and network management outsourcing.
Outshone competitors by closing $2M+ in new business with companies including NAB, Skilled Engineering, and Fosters Group.
SNAPSHOT Company: Largest supplier of a diverse range of business products to the corporate market revenues of $897M.
Gained distinction as a superior business development performer, accomplishing 65% sales to budget from a zero base within the first 12 months. In fewer than 12 months, provided leadership for many of the company's most prominent and strategic tenders and sales, in tandem with driving new  innovations that enriched branding and reputation for quality of service delivery. Selected to lead closed tender bid for major services and procurement contract for a leading bank - the company's first, largest and most complex IT services proposal ever devised.
Propelled start-up business into a flourishing manufacturer and national distributor employing seventeen staff, and gaining distinction for rapid order turnaround and superior service that surpassed larger competitors. Despite no prior industry experience and a shoestring budget, jump-started business with minimal capital. Hundreds of hours devoted to ongoing professional development throughout career via workshops, formal and informal training courses, memberships in industry  associations, market research subscriptions and more. For almost 20 years, Gayle has been transforming the careers of thousands and setting resume writing trends that have impacted the way employers think. As a business grows in size and takes on more staff, managers need to make sure employees understand their role within the company. The Managing Director (MD) or Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - this position is appointed by the Board and forms an important link between senior managers and the Board of Directors. Executive Directors are appointed to the Board due to their expertise and knowledge in the field.
Non-executive Directors are directors who are independent and assume the role of consultants to the organisation.
Mind mapping is an effective way for you to strengthen your marketing strategies and improve results for all your marketing efforts. You ensure that you explore all options necessary to let you deliver the desired products or services to your valued clients. So if you want to see significant improvements in all your marketing efforts then mine map now!
In just one mind map you can show everything that needs to be done or analysed and it enables you to mark relationships between tasks. A mind map is a very convenient way for you to summarize all these elements in a single page so that you may do away with the use of too much documentation in paper.
If you want to be more effective and productive then it’s time for you to mind map your marketing plan today. A successful and diverse background spanning technical, operational management, service delivery, project management, and business-development disciplines underscores expertise in engaging decision makers and devising winning sales strategies and solutions. Skilled in optimizing teams dynamics, uniting diverse agendas to a common goal, and harnessing strategic and  operational drivers to deliver results.
The $5M  three-year outsourcing contract surpassed offerings by prime competitor IBM and incumbent provider HP.

The unexpected departure of the National Product Manager prompted the need to develop a personal strategy and the tools critical for driving sales. Clients included Tabcorp, Smorgon, Amcor, Orica, KPMG, GE Money, Department of Defense and Metricon Homes. Summary: Targeted new business in SME and enterprise companies across all commercial verticals, with full spectrum of technology offerings. The $5M three-year outsource service contract surpassed offerings by prime competitor IBM and incumbent provider HP. Negotiated resolution of all outstanding issues without extra payment and persuaded customer to release additional funds to successfully complete the implementation. Prevented loss of customer by building a convicting and credible case for a 12-month renewal with +1+1+1 options.
Later,  handpicked to lead bid for the company's largest and most complex IT services proposal in its history that set a new benchmark for the ITS division. Beat aggressive competition in open tender to win back trust, securing the largest tender of its  kind for a $1.5M national fleet refresh and network upgrade.
Within 6 months of establishing trust and optimizing service delivery on a small volume of sales, achieved preferred supplier status for all licensing, including MS Select and hardware procurement. Winning proposal was later acknowledged as having set a new national benchmark for excellence.
From just five leads, grew customer base to 100 regular customers, with larger retail franchises keen to sign national buying agreements.
Within 12 months, the business had reached $600K turnover, producing and delivering 100 units weekly to 200 independent and franchised retailers. Highlights include: Executive Briefing Presentation Certification, VITO Selling Strategy, Strategy - The Art of Winning, SPIN Selling, Operations Supervision and Control, Situational Leadership,  Presentation Skills, Extraordinary Service Leadership, and more than fifty technical training courses spanning areas of systems, networks, architecture, platforms and data communications. The first professional in Australia to achieve the Certified Professional Resume Writer credential, Gayle set the pace for her peers, cementing her level of proficiency to be the first Master Resume Writer, Certified Expert Resume Writer, Master Career Director, Credentialed Career Manager, and Career Web Portfolio Practitioner in Australia.
For example, the Marketing Manager in the Midlands can see at a glance that she is in charge of ten subordinates, and that her line manager is the Director of Marketing.
The CEO is the main decision maker in the organisation and is involved in the day to day running of the organisation.
The Chairperson is appointed by the Board of Directors and is usually very experienced in the industry. Product managers who have worked with traditional development teams gain updated methods and new insight into creating successful products.
Pivotal Product Management, Product Management Intensive, and Pivot Point are registered trademarks.
Mind mapping is also the best way for you to determine the best solutions for any given challenge relating to the successful operation of your business. Thus it’s very important for you to be careful and serious when making your marketing plan since it can actually affect the entirety of you business.
In addition it lets you identify relative priorities and identify patterns as well as allow you to easily keep track of progress. Summary: Targeted new business in enterprise companies with high-volume, document-intensive business processes to outsource and reengineer services. Rebuilt trust through the effective sale and delivery of a major infrastructure upgrade and additional support services. They also show how different roles relate to one another and the structure of departments within the whole company. The CEO will delegate roles, duties and tasks to other managers, however through reporting, monitoring and control systems will keep up to date with issues affecting performance. A high profile company such as Tesco or BP will appoint a Chairperson who will be able to deal effectively with the media as they will be in the public eye. This technique allows you to exhaust all ideas and information so that you are able to come up with unique and creative answers to certain issues or problems relating to marketing your business. It’s important as well to maintain a level of clarity for you to arrive at sound decisions and well-informed judgements.
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