Professional Development is a critical component to achieving employee engagement in the workplace. Sustainable Human Resource management relies on ensuring that your employees are engaged in achieving the goals of your business. Furthermore, by adopting this style of People Management, absenteeism and employee turnover is reduced while revenue is increased. Effective interpersonal communication is the key to enriched and rewarding relationships – in our personal life, with our colleagues, leaders and employees.
As our own behavioural temperaments significantly impact the way we choose to communicate and how effectively we do this, Prime Performance uses Personality Dimensions® as a foundation workshop for understanding self and others. This introductory workshop can be delivered as a team retreat, in team building programs, leadership development and conflict management. This program of workshops helps your managers and staff to recognise the strengths and challenges of various communication styles. Workshops can be delivered as a team retreat, in team building programs, leadership development and as an integral part of conflict management programs. Many people identify finding work-life balance as their number one problem in today’s busy world; with 99% of employees citing it as crucial to their employment conditions. Whether juggling a new career and a young family, supporting aging parents, engaging in professional development, or managing some other combination of challenging roles, the demands and pressures on employees can be great.
Identifying ways that they prioritise their roles and responsibilities can help your managers and employees to identify what “balance” means to them.
Workshops can be delivered as a team retreat, in team building programs and in leadership development. Whether your goal is to enhance communication and relationships, form a new team or learn strategies for work-life balance, Prime Performance can deliver half day, full day or two day programs.
Plan your next team retreat with us to experience an immediate positive shift in team dynamics.
Conflict is often a product of personality differences; as such, Personality Dimensions® can help people recognise and adjust to the diverse ways others will experience, manage and seek to resolve conflict.

Discover your unrealised potential by learning that you have the power to change your life. You will be shown simple techniques, which trigger your success mechanism and motivate you to set and achieve goals. Learn the secrets of highly effective people and how to gain the confidence needed to break free from restrictive self-beliefs. Organisational and individual barriers can prevent companies from effectively managing employee depression. Prime Performance offers a one day workshop which provides skills in recognising symptoms and enables managers to initiate discussions with their employees in regards to depression and other emotional disorders.
Performance appraisals are a systematic way of evaluating the standard of a worker’s performance.
Every manager needs to be skilled in confidently and effectively conducting performance appraisals to ensure that employees feel their worth to the organisation is being formally recognised. Prime Performance can help your organisation design effective sales and marketing campaigns and customer service programs that recognise and accommodate the diverse preferences and communication styles of customers. By enhancing understanding of individual styles and preferences, your organisation can learn techniques to conduct more effective sales meetings, increase sales closures and meet the needs of diverse customers.
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We implemented a comprehensive company-wide action planning process designed to prompt appropriate action for adapting to a range of possible future scenarios. Harvard Business School has published a paper that reviews the goals, business models, and partnerships involved in eight early “ecocity” projects to begin to identify success factors in this emerging industry. Ecocities, for the most part, are viewed as a means of mitigating threats to the natural environment while creating urban living capacity, by combining low carbon and resource-efficient development with the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) to better manage complex urban systems. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Providing professional development opportunities, ensures businesses will retain their key talent. Personality Dimensions® can facilitate effective communication and shared understanding of team goals and objectives, as well as necessary conditions for personal productivity. Participants will learn to adjust their style of communication to be better heard by diverse team-mates; improving efficiency and minimising unproductive conflict.
They can then learn how to create and maintain a life that is in balance and personally fulfilling.
Knowing our personal responses to conflict and how we approach resolving or managing conflict situations can help minimise the negative effects it can have on our lives.
Despite well established research demonstrating the association between employee depression and reduced on-the-job productivity, increased absenteeism, and higher health care use, most employers remain largely unresponsive to the need for company based depression initiatives. It is often thought that performance appraisal is a one-off event, however it is an ongoing process….. These skills can be learned easily and implemented immediately through two training workshops and one-on-one coaching.
Technical capabilities, asset quality and scale, and financial strength set us apart - we are unmatched among independent exploration and production companies.
Whether it be Leadership skills, self management skills or skills for interpersonal relationships, Prime Performance can tailor  professional development programs for key personnel in business or for individuals.
Furthermore, 87% of employees say that they are most productive in their jobs when surrounded by colleagues with whom they share a good relationship (Source: LifeByDesign 2010 – reproduced with permission). Improved communication is contingent upon “self” awareness and understanding of others – two hallmarks of Emotional intelligence.
It is also apparent in the conversations held between our local community liaisons and stakeholders.

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