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Until there's an easier way to import into WeVideo, it will only be useful for projects that absolutely require collaborative editing.
What makes it potentially hard to get off the ground with a cloud-based video editor is that all of your raw footage must find its way into the editor.
Erez ZukermanWeVideo makes it easy to export to connected cloud services, but its free option is watermarked.
One advantage of WeVideo's cloud-based nature is collaboration: You can invite friends to upload footage to your project, and even create different edits based on the same footage.
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There's usually acres of HTML, javascript and other arcane code behind even the most minimal websites, but the majority of us would probably rather not peek behind the curtain. The first bit of good news is that the price has fallen slightly since our last review: the standard software costs ?35, Premium is ?70, and upgrades to the latter from earlier releases cost from ?30-?45. There's been no obvious update to Web Designer's interface, but it still looks fresh and, given the huge amount of features to cram in, surprisingly uncluttered.
The interactive introduction document which loads automatically when you first open the software is ideal for novices.
While Web Designer won't make you an expert overnight, it's commendably easy to get started.
It's surprising how quickly you can find yourself doing something quite advanced: it took us less than five minutes to open a site created in version 9, reposition the social media buttons, make them stick in place during scrolling and apply the change to the whole site.
Web Designer can also cater to a wide variety of screen sizes and input methods with its Responsive Web Design feature, which makes several variants of a site with widths to suit various screens.
Synchronising site changes using either Dropbox or Google Drive is now supported for the first time. The new cloud editing function is currently light on features and displays a prominent 'BETA' sash, but our first impressions were very positive. Cloud editing should work in most browsers running on any platform, although in practice a smartphone screen was just too small to be practical - Xara has PCs, Macs, iPads or other tablets in mind.
We're not sure that there's enough new in version 11 to merit an upgrade from Web Designer 10, unless you desperately need its cloud features. No matter where the signal is originated or acquired, you can archive live video in the cloud. Anvato’s Cloud Editor helps you distribute your video clips not only to premium destinations, but also social networks like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Anvato’s hybrid approach combines the ease-of-use of cloud editing with the HD quality of on-premise capture.

Anvato’s patent-pending technology makes editing and syndication resilient against network glitches, CDN and cloud errors. The source content becomes available for editing in the cloud immediately after it goes over the air. Once a clip is created in the Capture Editor, it is immediately ready for rapid transcoding to multiple renditions, and then syndication to countless destinations. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links.
We've got email in the cloud, backup in the cloud, not to mention project management, image editing, and pretty much everything else that you use your PC for in the cloud. The upload takes time, but I don't need to think about it or do anything to make it happen. There are no dramatic changes in this version, but several new features reflect trends in web design toward fewer pages, increased scrolling, and sliding, fading or other animated elements. At the left, a large pane holds the preview of the page you're working on, while to the right the Page & Layer gallery lets you navigate between the pages of your site, drill down within their structure and show, hide or lock layers.
This five-page website walks you through common web design concepts, shows you how to create, modify and preview them on the document itself, and gives an insight into some of Web Designer's more advanced features. Text, images and other elements can all be placed freely on the page, with guidelines appearing as necessary to help you align them with the edges or centre of other elements, or with the page itself.
Rather than modifying the live website, it's effectively a web version of Web Designer which works on projects stored in Dropbox or Google Drive. At present, users are limited to editing simple text or picture elements which aren't part of a group or subject to effects like shadows, but Xara says that it's working to add more features. It's still not possible to see or edit the code Web Designer generates, you can't zoom in on the page thumbnails and gallery previews, and there's no navigator to help you understand the hierarchy of a site's content either. Whether you're a web design novice or a more experienced creative looking for a no-code way to generate design-led sites, Web Designer 11 Premium is an excellent buy for new users and a worthy upgrade from version 9 or earlier. Breaking news and sports highlights demand to be delivered to viewers as rapidly as possible.
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Since most users have connections with slower upload than download speeds, you could be uploading footage for hours on end before you can even begin editing. Once the files are in Dropbox, I only need to point WeVideo at them, and it pulls them into the editor very quickly.
It is easy to trim clips as needed and add transitions, and there's a rich library of soundtracks you can use.
I understand the limitation, but I wish WeVideo was more upfront about it and made it clear as part of the registration process, rather than reveal it at the last possible moment when the editing work has been done.
As with earlier releases, Web Designer 11 comes as either a standard version containing a generous set of core features, or the bells-and-whistles Premium which we're reviewing here.

More significantly, Web Designer 11 Premium introduces a beta version of cloud.xara, a cloud-hosted platform for simple editing via the web.
Expanding galleries docked at the right include the all-important Designs gallery, which is home to a large amount of free content including graphical elements, buttons, widgets, themes and so on. It's simple to group or ungroup elements to keep them together, and to make them repeat on all pages of a site. For the best results you might want to manually create different crops in your images or drop certain elements or content from your mobile site for simplicity, while keeping core text and menu options shared across all variants.
It's great for when multiple designers are working on larger projects, but if two users make changes at the same time, the software can't handle merging them into a single updated file.
Configure your Xara working directory so it's on your cloud drive, and cloud.xara will let you, or anyone else to whom you grant access, open projects and make changes from a browser. As it stands today, clients or colleagues without their own copy of Web Designer could make basic updates to a site, have them automatically replicate to your computer, and even publish them to the live site without needing to involve you.
Use Anvato’s powerful Cloud Editor to cut snippets from those events on your computer or mobile device as they happen. Live linear capture occurs on premise at the broadcast facility, therefore the clips are always high-definition, broacast quality. This makes Anvato’s Capture Editor the choice for high-end users who demand reliability,  accessibility and video quality. Fortunately, WeVideo's seamless connection with Dropbox and others cloud-based file storage services makes this less of an issue.
Feeding WeVideo with a gigabyte of footage took less than ten minutes, once it was all on Dropbox. Fading audio in and out takes just a couple of clicks, and the whole system felt responsive and would be familiar to anyone with experience with desktop video applications. A new sticky feature also lets you keep elements stationary while the user scrolls the page.
When published, all the width variants are contained in a single dynamic HTML file, and the most apt one displayed to suit the host device. Enjoy professional features: create cross fades, capture thumbnails, extract closed captions, and more.
It can also come in handy for the occasional solo project, as long as you don't mind uploading your footage to the cloud prior to editing.

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