In the above headline, we are not stating some hyper-obvious fact and dressing it up as copy. We were surprised that the kinds of coaching he kicks down are not limited to the Mike Day and Jill Kintner types, at the highest level the sport has to offer. Last week, BMXNEWS brought you an article about G-Cog, and how Rennen was making it more accessible to the masses through a payment plan that allows customers to pay over a year’s time. One thing that struck us since day one with G-Cog was that, in addition to being an integral part of the training program for top pros and Olympic-eyed ams, it could also be a miracle tool to help dial in the bikes and riding habits of the youngest riders our there. More on that concept in a future article, but we wanted to hear more about the inner workings of G-Cog, and how it can work for different groups of BMX racers. Today’s big news centers around the introduction of a payment plan for people who want to get G-Cog installed in time to have it do its thing as the season hits full throttle, but may not have a chunk of cash to plunk down for one today. Rennen Design Group will have a better west coast presence this year and individuals can find Greg at our booth at select races. We at Rennen Design Group are excited about the addition of Coach G and we look forward to working with him to bring innovation and technology to BMX racing. As for his on-track colors, Greg will be rockin his Sun Bru colors for the foreseeable future, but capped off with the G-Cog helmet (just like the above shot from the ABA Grands). You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. S1 internal mosaic 4 -layer PCB 32BIT AKM4390 DAC, AKM4390 commonly known as the CPI DAC chip , this chip is truly 32BIT chip integrates DSP, S1 features an analog output with CPI sound , warm and mellow and beautiful sound , very high frequency control right , the overall balance of the three-terminal , an open sound will impress you .
S1 with headphone output can directly drive headphones, your bedroom or a small environmental choice.
We’re looking forward to plugging Greg into areas of the company where he can enhance the brand, the product, and the awareness of the G-Cog power meter.

As you may know, many top countries and BMX athletes are using powermeters to quantify and test their training and equipment.
There’s a fine sense of urgency throughout the song starting from the opening bass line that immediately grabs the listener. In the road and MTB industry, powermeters are the standard over heart rate monitoring systems and traditional speedometers. Having personal experience using other powermeter systems such as the SRM and Powertap, I believe that the G-Cog and the data that it renders is second to none.
Support 30kHz to 216kHz sampling rate , digital attenuator , de-emphasis filter , fully differential analog outputs. Audio Dynamics was the only close and easily accessible studio we could find (Stafford Springs up a country road or two from Uncasville, if I remember correctly.
Who would have thought that song, a “B” side, done in a few hours one afternoon, would be remembered and currently on two limited release compilation CDs [Gravel vol. I recall we weren’t happy with the very rough pressing of the record, which gave turntable needles difficulty at times.
Maybe we sold most copies.I also had ties to The Breakers out of New London, CT, who took a song I wrote, “She Left Me” through various Battle of the Band competitions, eventually landing an MGM Records contract, releasing a bubblegum tune, “Jack B.
And yet, beyond all those major league labels, better recordings and “A” sides, “About the Girl I Love” is the one that survives for posterity.We play New London’s meaner nights, The “backdoor” clubs, the dance floor fights, Rowdy Norwich Rooftop fans, Who punch Steve out whilst in the can.
After we all graduated from high school in 1969, the group split up and three of us went to colleges in different states, and one went to air conditioning school (I think). After the end of our freshman years, we, for the first time in our teenage lives, had to get REAL summer jobs (during high school, our weekend Pentagon gigs made us enough money to keep our parents quiet regarding that “Get A Job!” syndrome).
We cut our personnel to three to make more money apiece, and the club always let us pick the band name and didn’t much care what it was, thus, “Running Sores” from Boston, “Prep H” from Detroit—I remember making posters: cardboard stock with a real slice of burnt toast nailed to it, to place outside the club.

Actually, the scheme worked great for three summers, and none of us had to get anymore real jobs through college.
I loved that New London club (pretty well-known, it turns out), and Gary’s dad and uncles.At the end of our run (around 1973), I wrote a three-page epic poem about the beginning, middle and end of The Pentagons.
Proceeds go towards restoring Chesapeake Bay.Update, January 2014John announces the upcoming release of the second and third volumes of his Bay Blues trilogy, Bay Blues Fools and Bay Blues 3 Times The Legal Limit. Fan letter to the Pentagons from left: Gary Lamperelli, Dave Lemieux, Steve Morse and John Coggeshall Where The Pentagons rehearsed until the boyfriend of a female fan burned it down. I asked Don Ouellette if they worked well together musically and Don said no, it was more of a gimmick, which was also what Tom Falconer said in an interview with Fuzbrains magazine.
To me the song really takes off as the guitarist kicks in with his distortion pedal for the solo.
Joe Longone and Brian Goslow did with Tom Falconer in the first issue of Worcester fanzine Fuzbrains, a major source for this article.
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