Internal capacity (brass thickness) can vary between brass manufacturers, affecting chamber pressure, velocity and accuracy. Sleek for the street car and built for abuse, these polyurethane mud flaps will offer both style and protection for your Subaru.
Unlike other bulky units, the DuraSlam system has all of the mechanical gears hidden inside the 6" steel structure, making it clean and safe. SnapSports multi-sport nets and ball containment systems are engineered to effortlessly integrate with one another to allow for maximum and continuous use of your court during play. Snapback Rebounder – A Patented 10' x 10' and 10' x 15' adjustable rebound systems available. While the numerous possibilities for custom-tuning ammo make reloading gratifying, they may also seem overwhelming at first. As the only reusable part of a cartridge, brass is the fundamental starting point of reloading.

Powder charges should revert to the starting charge recommended in your reloading manual when the brass (or any other component) used with a specific load changes.
No bulky base plates to trip on, no mechanical parts to get fingers caught in… this feature is so innovative there are multiple world-wide patents pending. Easily adjust the systems for all your favorite sports, such as basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, hockey, soccer, and paddle ball sports to name a few.
If a load is already at or near maximum pressure, loading it into a case with less internal capacity could result in an over-pressure load.
Using the correct primer for your cartridge is paramount for loading safe, effective and accurate ammunition.
With the knowledge provided below and the proper reloading manuals, you will be tailoring loads for optimal performance in no time.
This seal causes pressure from the expanding gasses created by the burning powder to drive the bullet down the barrel.

There are a lot of different powder options to choose from, but they are all one of two types: single base or double base. In order for your cartridge to perform well, you must choose the correct bullet for your shooting needs. Single-base powder is made of nitrocellulose while double-base powder is made of nitrocellulose and nitroglycerine.

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