Quick Time Pro is a popular commercial application produced by the Apple Corporation that can be used to convert AVI content to MP4. Step 3 – Open Quick Time Pro and load the AVI file to convert to MP4 by clicking the “File” and “Open Files” menu options.
Step 6 – Toggle the output format type to “MP4.” Depending on the version of Quick Time Pro that you purchased, the output format type for MP4 may be labeled M4V to indicate that it is a MP4 video file (Apple specific). Step 7 – Enter a unique file name for the new file and select the output destination for the MP4 content. Step 8 – Select the “Save” menu choice and Quick Time Pro will now convert the AVI file to MP4.
HandBrake is an open source file conversion program available for installation on the Mac, Linux, and Windows Operating Systems. Step 3 – Select the “Source” menu choice and pick the AVI file that you want to convert to MP4. How to Convert ISO to AVISometimes we get ISO image files of DVD or Blu-Ray disc but don't know how to watch it.
In general, an ISO image file is generated when people rip a DVD or Blu-Ray disc, it's an archive file which contains all the stuff in the disc. Neither the physical way nor the virtual way are all not good choices, here I recommend you convert ISO to AVI. We only need two tools: The free archived file extractor like 7-Zip, and the almighty video software Video Ultimate. Download and install the archived file extractor I mentioned above, 7-Zip or WinRAR are all able to extract the files from ISO image. Click the buttons above to download the Video Ultimate installation file, then run the software.
Then look down to the conversion settings area, we can choose to which format we want to convert the files, and customize the video&audio quality.
Wait for several minutes the ISO image will be converted to AVI, as one of the most popular video formats, I guess you are no longer worrying about how to watch it. Your means of describing the whole thing in this article is truly good, all be capable of simply know it, Thanks a lot. First you’ll need to get Perian, it is a free open source QuickTime component that adds support for many popular video formats. If anyone knows any easier ways to convert avi to mov than this (that are also free), please post them in the comments!
2 years later and a few days b4 the end of the world your comment made my day, many many thanx! Thank you so much for this, I searched high and low for an avi to mov converter that was easy to use and so simple!!
It also doesn’t mention that you have to have QuickTime PRO, which you have to buy for $30. DAV is an encrypted format created by a DVR365 digital video recorder, such as the DSD304, DSD308, or DSD316 DVR. To open and play DAV files without conversion on Windows PC, the recommend choice is to hire a special software package, the DVR365 Player software that ships with the DVR365 digital video recorder. Hi alioui khaled, to open and play DAV files without conversion on Windows PC, please download DVR365 Player software.
DAV to AVI converter not only works very fast, but also there is no video loss in the final output avi file. While, some Motorola XOOM 2 newbies have the confusion that if the XOOM 2 can support WMV, AVI, MOV files playback on Motorola XOOM 2? Tip: If you wanna join your several video files into single one, just check the a€?Merge into onea€? box. Click the a€?Settingsa€? icon and you will go into a new interface named a€?Profile Settingsa€?.
Note: You can keep the default parameters since these formats are especially designed for the Motorola XOOM 2. When you wanna convert FLV, VOB, AVCHD, TiVo, MKV, etc to Motorola XOOM 2, this powerful Motorola XOOM 2 Video Converter can also do you a favor. So you’ve got a movie in AVI format, but you want to put it on a disc so you can watch it through your DVD player. However, before we jump right into the tutorial, you should take a moment to determine if burning a DVD is necessary in the first place. Although there are dozens of conversion options out there for burning AVI files to DVD, we prefer Blingsoft’s flagship offering given its level of simplicity. Step 1: Head to the main Binglesoft homepage and click the blue Download link near the top of the page to download AVI to DVD Free Converter.
Step 3: Click the Converttab located directly underneath the main toolbar and find your file below in the Convert list.
Step 4: Click on the Burntab beside the Convert tab and select the VOB option from the list of assorted video containers. Step 2: Once installed, launch Free Video to DVD Converter and click Add files… button before selecting the AVI file you wish to convert to DVD from its respective save location.
Step 3: Specify where you want to save the resulting, DVD-ready file within the entry field beside Save To and choose your video format from the drop-down menu beneath.
Step 5: Switch to Free DVD Video Burner once the conversion finishes and click Browse to select the newly-minted DVD folder from its desired save location. Step 1: Navigate to the main CloudConvert webpage, click Select files in the top-left corner, and locate the AVI file you wish to convert to DVD. Step 4: Once the conversion has finished, click the green Download button or retrieve the file from the save location you previously specified.
Step 5: Follow the on-screen installation instructions, enter your registration name and license code if applicable, and launch the software.

This is a minuted tutorial which mainly concerns how to convert video from MKV to AVI format on Windows PC. Equipped with 320 video codecs and 50 audio codecs, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is not only made for converting MKV video to AVI format, but also born with the purpose of downloading and converting MKV to FLV, MKV to MPEG, MKV to AVC, MKV to MP4, etc on Windows or Mac. To begin with, you should put your MKV video into WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe by clicking +Add button and hit Open.
Other convenience brought by WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is you can easily set the destination according to your need and open converted file folder with Browse and Open button. After setting the output settings, you can just click the Run button to start converting your HD MKV movie to AVI video. This is just an example of converting MKV to AVI on Windows 10, you can also realize the same on Windows 7, Windows 8, XP, and even on Mac OS with the help of MKV to AVI converter for Mac. You've learned how to convert GoPro HD MP4 video to AVI so now it's time to learn how to convert AVI clips to MP4. Update: Please note that you can batch convert from almost any format into any format with most video editing programs. Of course you can upload your 2GB AVI file to YouTube but wouldn't it be better to convert it to MP4 and only wait 20 minutes for the upload to complete instead of three hours? The free version allows you to output in medium quality (480 px) but if you want more you can always purchase the pro version for $19. Batch converting is a bliss - simply add more files and hit the big green button (curved arrow). The program is intuitive and easy to use so download Leawo for free and start converting your videos. Extra tip: If you don't have a converter, you can simply upload your video to YouTube and then download it again. Of course, if your file is large to begin with it will take a while to upload it to YouTube or Vimeo but it works. Before You Join the YouTube Club, Get a Program That Doesn't Crash, It's Not Expensive and It's Easy To use. Then download and install the program on the target computer for conducting the file conversion. The application can be used to convert between a wide variety of video codecs to include AVI to MP4. Then, change the height and width of the video if you do not desire the default configuration. In this situation a single video file cannot display these stuff well, that's why the uploader prefer the ISO format. Click the "Add Files" button, then find the files you just extracted from the ISO in last step.
In addition, if you want to convert all the imported files, but only want to get one AVI file, just choose "Merge into one file". Perhaps the easiest free ways to convert video from an AVI file to MOV format in Mac OS X is bt using an external app like Miro, VLC, or by using the Perian plugin for QuickTime. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! I tried opening the avi files using QuickTime and it says the movie is not in a format that Quicktime can open. Please don’t leave out useful information in order to point out how easy this product is to use. Git rid of those obnoxious ads and then work out the instructions carefully, making sure to tell people what is required for this to work (such as Quicktime Pro – if that is the case). Very quick and small file (3.6mb), Takes seconds to install and quite recognises AVI files right away.
In order to play DAV with VLC, the all-in-one codec pack K-Lite Codec Pack is needed to download and install.
You can adjust codec, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channel in the interface according to your needs and optimize the output file quality.
Perhaps you’ve got a different set-top box like a Roku, Apple TV, or even just an old laptop lying around. The Windows-exclusive software features a dedicated utility for burning DVDs and can burn any one part of an AVI file if desired. Afterward, follow the on-screen installation instructions, paying close attention not to install any unnecessary software or malware as you go along. Next, select the add video files option and choose the AVI files you wish to convert to DVD from its respective save location. A VOB, short for Video Object file, acts as the container format for DVD video media. Afterward, choose the appropriate video format corresponding to your region — NTSC if you live in North America or Japan or PAL if you live in Europe or Asia — before clicking the Burn button below. DVDVideoSoft offers an entire suite of capable converters, downloaders, and recorders, all of which come with robust help menus and comprehensive instructions on the DVDVideoSoft website. Afterward, follow the on-screen installation instructions, paying close attention during the process to avoid installing unnecessary software or malware (specifically add-ons). Again, the general rule of thumb is that North America and Japan use the NTSC standard, while Europe and the rest of Asia use the PAL standard. The program will then ask you if you want to launch Free DVD Video Burner, and assuming you do, click the Yes button to automatically launch the program while Free Video to DVD Converter continues to convert your AVI file to a DVD-ready format. Afterward, insert a blank disc into your computer’s optical drive as you would normally and select the blank disc from the drop-down menu in the bottom-left corner before clicking the Burn button. The freemium piece software handles a melange of files — so long as they’re under 100MB — allowing you to convert image and document files alongside those for video.
Alternatively, click the downward arrow next to Select files and choose the file from either your Dropbox account, Google Drive account, or a specified URL. Afterward, click the wrench icon beside the format type and choose your desired setting for the resulting file.

Afterward, head over to the iSkysoft homepage and click the button corresponding to your respective operating system to download a free trial of DVD Creator.
Then, choose one of the menu templates on the right side of the application window, enter a blank disc into the optical drive as you would normally, and click the large Burn button in the bottom-right corner. With one of our best recieved video converter program - WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, you will be aware of that HD MKV video can be compressed and shrinked to standard AVI video file easily, and realize that MKV to AVI converting process can be done within such a short time and still maintain the excellent quality.
This MKV to AVI video converter is also an online YouTube downloader to free download MKV videos. To convert and compress MKV to AVI, you can follow this: Output Profile Category - PC General Video - AVI Video, then click "OK". You can choose to shut down your computer or open the output folder after conversion so you don't have to sit before your computer waiting for the conversion to finish.
Moreover, it is embedded with 410+ profile settings for Apple, Android, Microsoft, Sony portable devices as well as iOS, Android, Symbian mobile Phones.
Freeware favorite HandBrake can handle some video formats, but it's a bit out-of-date -- and nowhere near as comprehensive as a utility like WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe.
Coz MP4 is the video format that grants the highest quality with the smallest file size - it's best for archiving your clips online either on Dropbox or on video sharing websites like YouTube, Vimeo and all the other platforms that allow you to stream your videos. However, if you're not shooting in HD with your GoPro HD camera the free version should be fine for you. You basically import an AVI file and you export it as Xvid Movie (*.avi) - you'll get an AVI clip in slightly lower quality but the file size will be significantly smaller. I first upload the video on YouTube, then I download it again in a smaller file size so I can upload faster on Facebook. The file conversion can be accomplished using third party or online applications at no or low cost to the consumer. After preview I find the first two files are menus which are not needed by me, so I only choose the last file, which is the biggest in size. I have been SOOOOO stressed out about watching these .avi files I downloaded and you just solved it. This article includes a guide on how to convert DAV to MP3, AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, FLV, etc on Windows or on Mac. If the only piece of hardware you have in your home theater is a DVD or Blu-ray player, then go ahead and skip to the next section and read the tutorial. If that’s the case, there are still ways to stream movies to your TV without having to go through the tedious process of burning a DVD. Furthermore, the freemium software supports wide range of subtitle files and can combine several AVI files before burning them to a single DVD. Moreover, you can also download each utility individually, allowing you to avoid the heavy footprint associated with the full suite of applications. Keep in mind you can also specify the disc title, change the burning speed, and set your computer to automatically turn off after burning the files by checking the various boxes within the Options panel. The process is also relatively straightforward, encased in an attractive interface, and quicker than many desktop-based applications sans the heavy footprint. Though the Web-based software is somewhat limited, you can still adjust the bit rate, frames per second, aspect ratio, and a few other video components. Free download this software, and this illustration will lead you a shortcut to convert and compress MKV video to AVI format on Windows 10 PC. This can be helpful if you want to import just one file into your video editor and then make all the cuts, transitions and effects. What you get is a MP4 in very small size and good quality - all done for you for free by YouTube. In my case, there was no extension name in the save menu, but it came out as a .mov on the desktop.
But When I go to SAVE AS it is still grayed out and tells me I have to buy something from Mac.
This Motorola XOOM 2 Video Converter is the best tool for you to convert WMV, AVI, MOV to Motorola XOOM 2 compatible format easily in a short time without any effort. By installing UPnP software on your computer, you can wirelessly stream movies to most DLNA devices (smart TVs, streaming boxes, etc.). It’s not the most attractive, nor can it do much beyond the aforementioned actions, but it does produce high-quality audio and video using image resizing arithmetic and a MPEG-2 video recorder. However, keep in mind the individual applications aren’t quite as attractive or feature-rich, either.
You may still have to utilize a program such as iSkysoft’s DVD Creator to burn the DVD-ready files to a disc, but thankfully, there are plenty of program for doing so available for Windows and Mac OS X. What's more, one of WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe's unique features is the selectable language tracks, which enables you to choose the audio track and subtitle track you prefer. So, in order to get your AVI movie to play in your DVD player, you need to convert the file into a format that your machine can understand.
All of the following devices will play AVI files, so if you’ve got one, all you need to do is pop that movie onto a flash drive, plug it in to the USB port in the back, and hit play. Below, we’ll cover an extremely simple, cross-platform method that will get the job done in just a few minutes. This site consists of tutorials and tips specifically created for people who are starting to edit videos.

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