With their custom templates, creating a coming soon page can be done in minutes by uploading a background photo, logo and tagline detailing what your company is about. Event DetailsNYCxDESIGN s New York City’s official citywide celebration of design that begins on Tuesday, May 3rd – Tuesday, May 17th, 2016. Covering all disciplines of design and the 5 boroughs, NYCxDESIGN creates a collaborative platform for cultural and commercial opportunities.
Event DetailsBKLYN DESIGNS is Brooklyn’s premier design event showcasing a cross section of design, architecture and art that features local talent. The event will take place at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint at the start of NYCXDesigns. The Good Goods Market is popping up during NYCxDesign Week and lives at the intersection of art, fashion, design and culinary goods while promoting innovative and sustainable practices.
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A landing page is “a standalone web page distinct from your main website, that has been designed with a single focused objective in mind.” For example, the goal may be to get users to sign up for a free trial or download a free Ebook in exchange for providing information, such as their name and email address.
Landing pages are an essential element of your Google Grants strategy and lead to its overall success by increasing your conversion rates. Write in the second person and using action-oriented language to help capture the reader’s attention.
The body of your landing page should further describe what your offer is and why visitors should download or sign up for it – therefore, your goal is to make clear the benefits of completing the form and answer the question “What’s in it for me?” You need to not only create and deliver value in the offer itself, but also convey that value on your landing page. The format of your landing page is equally to the success of your landing page as the content.
Images catch a viewer’s attention instantly – your goal is to use a relevant and captivating image that reinforces the benefits of your offer.
You can also use videos to explain the offer or give additional information as another fun way to convince your visitors to fill out the form. When possible, it’s better to create an original photo or video demo rather than using a stock photo. The form is a crucial element of your landing page, since this is where the conversion takes place. To entice someone to complete your form you need to match the perceived effort involved in completing it (the length and personal nature of the form and it’s questions), with the ‘size of the prize’ (the item you offer in return, such as a discount, an ebook or a webinar registration).
Make sure the form appears above the fold – You don’t want the viewer to have to scroll down the page in order to see it.
Make the form stand out on the page – Surrounding it with a colored box helps isolate it from the rest of the content. Privacy and Security – Many people are hesitant when asked to provide sensitive information. Your CTA is the action you are asking the user to complete (such as download a fact sheet). Use negative space effectively – Make your CTA button stand out from surrounding content and command attention by incorporating blank space between your content and your CTA button. If you look forward to increasing sales and conversions on your blog or website, landing pages are one of the best tools to go for. Here are 5 WordPress plugins that let you create and manage landing pages, track and respond to leads, build forms, create auto-responders and generate conversions. Beaver Builder consists of a set of content modules that assists in building layouts of the landing pages. Beaver Builder is optimized for mobiles and tablets, creating responsive landing pages, for a better user experience on mobile. WordPress Landing Pages lets you design a landing page for your site with its visual editor which lets you view changes on the fly.
The plugin lets you opt from a number of custom landing page designs or implement your blog’s theme on the landing pages. If you have zero coding skills and are a new blogger or entrepreneur, this one might be right up your alley. It even lets you collect emails using FeedBurner and helps you stay connected to your leads actively. Create lovely landing pages and switch between themes to find the right design for your page. Parallax Gravity allows you to set the options with respect to sections rather than the whole page unlike other such plugins.
The plugin also allows deactivating and redirecting pages to custom links and generating QR codes for offline campaigns. Did you install any of the listed plugin to create and manage landing pages on your WordPress?
The quality of traffic has increased dramatically since I began using WordStream, and the relevancy of the clicks has nearly doubled in less than 30 days. If you are in the transition phase and don’t have any content up, you may want to consider Launchrock. There’s also the option to embed a video, animated GIF and create a mobile page version.

She is also the founder of The Emerging Designer and an instructor at the Fashion Institute of Technology. The brands will address complexities of supply chains, discuss fair trade and will give the audience a fuller, richer and more honest picture of Africa’s sustainable potential.
For example, San Francisco-based Futures Without Violence (FWV) wasn’t having any difficulty using Google Grants to get users to their website -the issue was that most visitors to their site only stayed for a few minutes and didn’t return. Below you will find brief descriptions, examples and tips on how to create a successful landing page. Format your page in a way that makes it easy for viewers to understand the offer, the value, and the action they need to day. The main questions to answer are what to include and how long to make it – Your goal should be to collect enough information through your form to enable you to both contact and qualify the lead. You need to show your visitors that they can trust you with their information; a simple way to do this is by including a link to your privacy policy.
You can bring back your navigation and keep the visitor moving through the site with other offers on the thank you page after the form has been completed. Take advantage of the viewer’s attention by asking them to do something else after the conversion. Media Cause is a big supporter of Unbounce, a cloud-based software that makes it easy to create, publish and test landing pages. They interact with the customers, bring in leads, and market your product all without needing you to be around for the action to happen. However, if you know how to work a plugin, you can still get your own landing page or coming soon page. It’s built with the best of inbound marketing techniques that helps you gain and convert high numbers of leads. You can build landing pages with a customizable permalink for your email list and brand the page with your logo to add value to those pages. You possess complete control over the header and footer sections of the landing pages and coming soon pages.
And you can also create email newsletters straight from your WordPress dashboard for building eye-catching HTML emails for your leads or subscribers. With multiple sections support, you can customize various parts of the landing pages with different backgrounds, multiple content such as custom CSS, shortcodes from third-party plugins, and more. A coming soon landing page builder which gives you responsive, professional-looking designs. Some of my best and sharpest customers use WordStream's management software and report outstanding results.
The quality and performance of your landing pages affects your Google AdWords Quality Scores – the “grade” that Google uses to determine how well your ads rank on the search engine results page, as well as how much you pay per click. If you are savvy on the technical side or work with a developer, you can use their embed widget feature to create a custom page from scratch.
They needed to form a long-term relationship with these visitors in order to create true value from their Google Grant. We created a strategy to build custom landing pages that collected email addressed from FWV supporters. To implement the strategy we used resources that FWV already had available.
For example, if your visitors click on an ad telling them to download a fact sheet, they are expecting to be directed to a page where they can do just that. Your goal should be to convey the top 3 or 4 most important pieces of information almost immediately.
For example, this is an ideal time to ask them to sign up for your newsletter or join you on social networks. You can also install WordPress Calls to Action and WordPress Leads to implement and use a lead generation system. For more savvy users, the background image, headline and description are customizable, and you can use Google Fonts with this plugin.
The plugin also offers a premium version, with which you can create video landing pages and collect emails using Aweber, MailChimp, etc.
Building can be done with drag-and-drop and further customization is possible with custom CSS and HTML.
Add company logo and social icons, change background color and customize the style of the page to suit your branding. When you're able to squeeze more juice out of Google AdWords with less time, it frees you to work on even more profitable, bigger-picture stuff. Since your Quality Scores have such a big impact on the success or failure of your PPC campaigns, it’s crucial to get the landing page component right. Their goal, and one of the most important benefits is to allow users to build an audience for their business before it has launched in order to develop traction and acquire interest in advance. Working with fashion and lifestyle companies, she seeks to educate, inspire and build brands. We discovered through Google Analytics the top downloaded fact sheets and created landing pages that offered these fact sheets to supporters in exchange for their email address.
Make it obvious that they’re in the right place when they arrive on your landing page by keeping your ad copy, headline and copy consistent. Your formatting style should draw your viewers’ attention to the key components of your page very quickly, allowing them to take in and process the information in a shorter amount of time.

I am consistantly seeing an increase in quality traffic and a decrease in my cost per click. Fast-forward to a couple months later, and FWV was now adding 1,000+ emails per a month and growing.
It doesn’t matter how good your ads are if your landing pages don’t work.The AdWords Landing Page Grader is the only landing page tool of its kind. Adding a few best-practice landing pages made a huge impact on the value of Google Grants for FWV. Our industry-specific benchmarks give you a competitive baseline to measure against.Find out how relevant your landing page content is, based on spend. This free Marketing Grader checks to make sure your landing pages include top keywords, which demonstrates relevance to both Google and your visitors.Make sure your landing pages follow PPC best practices.
The Landing Page Grader checks to see if you’re following AdWords-specific best practices for landing page optimization. If your form is too long, you’ll see a big drop-off in conversions.Find out whether your PPC landing pages are optimized for mobile. Mobile traffic is growing exponentially, and already accounts for about 1 in 5 Google searches. The tool wil quickly assess your account history over the last 90 days and identify your top five landing pages in terms of spend.
This will let you know if your conversion rate is going up or down as well as how you compare to similar advertisers or agencies in your vertical. As you can see, this advertiser isn’t measuring up to the benchmark in his industry:The content relevance section checks to make sure that your top keywords appear in the content on your page. A lack of relevant content can have a big impact on both your conversion rates and Quality Score.Finally, drawing on WordStream’s stores of AdWords account data, we compare your landing page performance against recommended benchmarks and best practices to provide an overall assessment of landing page health and make suggestions to improve your performance. Make sure that you’re not paying for traffic that abandons you once they reach the landing page!What Is a Landing Page?A landing page is the first page you reach after you take action by clicking on an advertisement or an offer in an email.
It’s called a landing page because it’s the place where you land on a website, often the first interaction with that website.The goal of a landing page is to convert the prospect into a lead or customer.
Effective landing pages are focused on a specific offer – they’re not broad enough to apply to lots of different kinds of traffic, like your home page. The visitor should be able to understand the point of your landing page within a few seconds.Clear, concise copy that tells the visitor what value they’ll get by acting on this offer.
Describe the benefits of the product or other offer (such as a downloadable guide) that your visitor is considering buying or signing up for.
Don’t bog them down with too much information or make them scroll.A form designed to collect key information from your visitor, such as name and email address – but not so much information that it deters them from continuing. The form and the button should be clearly visible above the fold (meaning, they don’t have to scroll down to find them).What is a PPC Landing Page?A PPC landing page is a landing page created specifically for use in your pay-per-click advertising campaigns. The PPC landing page is where a visitor will land after clicking on your paid search ad in the Google, Bing, or Yahoo search results, or a PPC ad on a Google partner site, or a banner or remarketing ad on the Google Display Network, etc.PPC landing pages need to follow the same design principles as any other good landing page, while adhering to PPC-specific landing page best practices as well. Google is looking for close relevance between the keyword you’re bidding on, the ad, and the corresponding landing page.DO use active verbs when choosing a call to action for your landing page button. Otherwise you won’t know which change is responsible for the uptick or downtick in your conversion rate.Test different versions of your headline. This might include more or less fields, different types of fields, or a different order.Test different versions of your landing page button.
Then test the CTA (call to action) on the button.Try moving the elements of your page around. These could be overt, like arrows, or more subtle, like an image of a person who is looking in the direction of the form.Test adding, removing, or changing the location of navigational links. Try a customer quote with or without a photo of the customer or the customer’s company logo.
Frequently, this is accomplished by offering something of value, such as a white paper or a spot in a webinar, in exchange for contact information.
People who sign up for your guide or webinar make good leads because they are showing interest in the expertise that you can offer. Amazon is a classic example of a company with hundreds of thousands of e-commerce landing pages. Many businesses fail at PPC because they can’t close the loop – even if they’re bidding on the right keywords and have written compelling, clickable PPC ads, they lose the sale once the visitor is on their site.A well-designed, conversion-optimized landing page is the last piece in the PPC puzzle.
Once you’ve convinced someone to click from the search engine to your site, you need to convince them to take action – usually by filling out a form to become a lead.
The goal of this copy is to paint a compelling picture of your offering so that your prospect wants to complete your desired action.Your headline will do most of the work, so focus on writing a strong headline that is clearly relevant to your keyword and ad text – Google looks for relevance between these three elements when determining your Quality Score.
Your finished landing page might look something like this:Now you’ve got a conversion-ready landing page!
You can’t improve your conversion rates if you don’t know what they are in the first place.The whole point of having landing pages, of course, is to get leads through PPC. Landing Pages & Leads helps ensure that you’re in a position both to get more leads and to understand why and how you got them!

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