As we all know social media has exploded in terms of it being a very crucial part of your search engine marketing strategy. One quick glance at Facebook’s statistics and it’s easy to realize why your business needs to have its own Facebook fan page. Facebook does a pretty good job of keeping all fan pages looking very consistent, effectively limiting the way business pages are laid out, their color palettes and overall design. Working with thumbnails in Facebook is a little bit trickier and a lot more limiting than custom profile pictures. Customizing your profile picture may not sound like much, but it definitely can make your business stand out, communicate what your company does, push your contact information and promote your brand. In addition to all tactics & strategies employed in online marketing, there is one vital thing you need to look forward to first. So, those who can create killer content & tie it to their business goals have the ability to create online marketing gold.
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All of us post messages to facebook with the intention that people take some action, right? Most people will shy away from sharing a blog article or photo that’s of questionable or low quality.
So try and make sure your facebook post is something worth sharing — or it may be a big old flop!
This entry was posted in Social Media Marketing and tagged facebook post, shareable posts on June 29, 2014 by Puneet Badam. The Cost per impression (CPM) model or Pay Per View is often appropriate if the advertiser is looking more for generating brand awareness or visibility for something. Set your Cover photo and Profile photo: I created this little infographic, that you can save, to keep in mind when you upload a new photo to your Facebook Page. Invite your friends: They will support you on growing your business, so just let them know you have created a Facebook page and they will like it! Understand how Facebook works: This means understanding how Facebook chooses the content to show to your fans.

Create a Facebook campaign: After understanding how Facebook works, I suggest creating a Facebook campaign to engage with your fans and bring traffic to your online casino Etsy Shop. The resources we share for understanding 50+ consumers are quite varied, so it shouldn’t surprise us that a recap of top links would be as well. Early reports for the 2012 election are that 18-24 year olds made up 19% of this year’s electorate and those over 65 16% of the electorate. If the boomerang kids do start to leave the nest, we guess there will be a lot more peace and Like-ing going around … Happy Monday! Erin Read spearheads integrated and digital marketing programs for organizations targeting mature consumers. Mature Marketing Matters - Blog by Creating Results, LLC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. I have asked Marco from MDO Studio who’s been very successful in customizing, branding, and designing Facebook Fan Pages to talk a little bit about how you can customize your own Facebook fan page very easily. With over 400 million active users, Facebook is the number 2 most visited website on the entire World Wide Web!
On the second part of this article I will discuss the FBML application, custom tabbed pages and wall tabs. Remember that your goal on social media should be to grow relationships and build an audience for your business.
And for that to happen, you must be in a position to answer all queries and concerns, objections and doubts about your business. You have to be brief and I suggest putting the link to your website or Etsy shop at the end of it.
That means posting interesting content daily and sharing some of your products in a balanced way. MatureFacebook, Internet Users More Similar to Offline Population Ages Than EverWhich Social Networks are Boomers and Seniors Using Now? Here is a super simple and quick guide to the first step you have to do with your Facebook Page.
While some people would find the constraint of these dimensions limiting, there are very imaginative web designers that have found truly creative solutions that integrate very well the profile picture size with the entire Facebook page layout.

It’s almost like looking at a shrunk version of the profile picture through a window: only that boxed area will be shown as the thumbnail. Keep an eye on your key engagement metrics (likes, comments, shares, retweets, clicks, etc). You can use this key piece of real estate to its full advantage by adding logos, slogans, descriptions, contact information, URLs, etc.
There are logos that look perfect on the profile picture but don’t fit the thumbnail area, and designers have to get really creative in order to have a profile picture and thumbnail combination that looks good and makes sense. These provide insight into which type of content is working, what’s not, and what you could be doing differently to improve your strategy.In addition to testing different posting frequencies, you can also test different days of the week, and different times of the day.
Even more important, Facebook Fan pages offer businesses a way of interacting with their fans in a way that was unthought-of just a few years ago. Unfortunately you can’t add any hyperlinks to your Facebook profile picture, but you can definitely communicate your message in that space. Sometimes a client’s logo will not be the best option for a thumbnail picture, because at a 50 x 50 pixel size, they may become unrecognizable. For some businesses, the majority of social media activity will take place during the Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. Fan pages offer a place where you can listen to your fan-base,  engage in a dialog, ask and answer questions, advertise special offers, drive traffic to your main site, promote your brand and so much more.
Depending on the role each network plays in your social media plans, you may want to adjust these numbers.
It will also improve your chances of following through on your social media plans.Need help getting started? I like the idea of providing different types on content on different days vs posting same item on all networks.Reply Peter S.

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