As a community marketing plan example we are highlighting one of the six communities who has moved forward with their planning since the end of the research project. The boom of the automobile and road drastically changed the town of Underwood since it was further away from circulation and the new market place built by US Hwy 83 than neighboring towns. During the 1970s the population of Underwood grew significantly due to the openings of the Coal Creek power plant and the Falkirk lignite mine, but the population steadily declined from its 1980 peak of 1,329 residents. An active and engaged City Council, who together with the Underwood Area Economic Development Council, is focused on Underwood's growth.
A strong employer base in the energy park south of town, which includes the Falkirk Mine, Great River Energy's Coal Creek Station, and Blue Flint Ethanol.
An active Park Board that is interested in improving existing recreational facilities, including an outdoor pool, tennis courts, playgrounds, and volleyball courts.
Underwood is a growing community attractive to all who want to be part of a compassionate, caring and accepting place. We are a diverse and vibrant business community that excels in quality and service from the perfect T-Bone steak to the best medical care.
To promote, encourage and assist in the development and advancement of business prosperity and economic well-being of this community; to stimulate growth of new and existing businesses which will in turn maintain the economic stability of this community and provide employment possibilities in this area. Goal 3: Increase levels of acceptance to instill a sense of belonging and pride by all community residents. Goal 4: Partner with the Underwood School to achieve and maintain world class status in helping students and community members lead full lives and reach their potential. Goal 5: Retain and expand the quality and variety of retail, recreational, and human services to help diversify the local economy and respond to global change.
Branding: includes community words and images with a specific message that have meaning to new residents and represent community. Leadership Training: helps reinforce the "energized" brand-suggest all public officials, community leaders and business leaders participate.
Buy Local Campaign: regionalize outreach and buy local efforts, create a "sustainable community". Underwood is currently working on a strategic plan for 2012 that will provide an in-depth focus on leadership training, entrepreneurship and the Buy Local campaign. 2010 Marketing Plan Powerpoint (pdf) This was presented to the Underwood Community in anticipation of creating a usable marketing plan. 2010 Marketing Plan Draft Underwood is currently working on completing their official 2012 marketing plan. The photo is an outline of the marketing plan Underwood presented to the community in 2010.
Underwood residents were invited (see invitation) to participate in a discussion on test-marketing a powerpoint presentation developed by NRI for marketing Underwood. Becky Bowen was nominated as Professional Developer of the Year and Underwood was awarded Entrepreneurial Community of the Year by Market Place Ideas for their work in successfully re-developing the Underwood Community. Launched the First Annual Underwood Mid-Summer Classics: along with car owners, enthusiasts, and community members, this show attracted over 300 bikers.
Plan to hold a series of community meets, starting in January, to prepare a new strategic plan.

January 19 Underwood will be hosting a region-wide meeting to discuss how to prepare for the expected oil impact. T-Bone's Steakhouse and Lounge: Opened August 1, 2010-Scott and Dawn Sackman purchased an old Cafe, tore everything out and started new. Instead of doing a little work here and there, you have an organized schedule that will make it easier to manage your time and stay on task.
Creating a list of marketing initiatives is easy, the hard part is planning it all out and making them work together. Next, drill down in to each item and write out what you plan to do with it over your timeline (we go more granular and list 60 days at a time instead of months). Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing.
Regular readers may remember that, earlier in the year, we published some joint research with HubSpot to explore best practices in managing content marketing.
Although content marketing is still seen as important by many businesses, our earlier research suggested that how to develop a content marketing strategy or plan is less clear. To help develop a content marketing plan or review existing methods, I thought it could be helpful to apply some of the planning techniques applied in our Digital planning workbook.
Step 2 Content marketing objectives and KPIs This uses an efficient planning table I have developed for summarising digital plans on one page. Step 3 Content Gap analysis This uses a new visualisation of the Content Marketing Matrix that you may have seen before developed by Dan Bosomworth of First 10 and Smart Insights.
So, we hope that’s useful - do take a look at the free download and tell us what you think. Underwood, North Dakota has effectively designed and implemented their community marketing plan and strategic plan.
The presence of the railroad and the construction of Garrison Dam in the 1950s contributed to Underwood's early growth but with the introduction of US Hwy 83, the region's main trade corridor, the town began to experience a change in its growth patterns. As a result, "shotgun growth" emerged east of the railroad, while the downtown corridor slowly lost a significant amount of its retail business. According to the 2000 US Census, Underwood had a population of 812, but the 2009 number was closer to 750. Through its efforts, as well as the actions of the Underwood City Council, and several private citizens and benefactors, Underwood began its initial stage of "re-energizing", which was fortified in 2004 through the completion and creation of several projects and developments. Then the Underwood Area Economic Development Corporation, through its participation in the Northwest Area Foundation's Horizons Program, developed a two-year Strategic Plan for the City of Underwood focusing on five goals and specific areas. This trio of employers hosts a monthly roundtable for discussion of both employer and community issues for Underwood and Washburn. We provide recreation and services for those who want to grow, prosper and retire in a place they can call home. It provides world class education and activities in a dynamic learning environment for youth and adults.
This presentation and meeting were designed to help identify the marketing strategies that best suited Underwood specifically.

This is particularly important because Underwood is a "fringe area" community in terms of the oil expansion western North Dakota is experiencing. Content marketing is still comfortably rated as the most commercially important marketing tactic for 2015 in my recent post exploring digital marketing technology options. The chart below shows that the majority of businesses surveyed didn’t have a plan, but kudos to the 44% of businesses who do have a defined strategy!
So we again teamed up with HubSpot to create a simple 4 Step process you can follow in the Content Marketing Planning Template published today and free for download via HubSpot - it also links through to the research we completed earlier in the year. This is a classic SWOT analysis where we have given examples of problems with content marketing programmes that are often forgotten. Here, as the example shows, it links objectives, strategies and KPIs across the customer lifecycle shown as the RACE Planning approach. If you have other methods of planning or visualising content marketing we’d love to hear about them in the comments or even in a blog post.
Underwood is a community of about 800 people, as of 2011, located near energy resources and development. A sprinkling of businesses currently lines US Hwy 83 near Underwood, but provides little draw into the community itself. The K-12 Underwood Public School was experiencing an eroding population as well as, a significant economic leakage of business activity from Underwood to larger trade areas. In 2010 Underwood completed their first marketing plan, focusing on the areas established in the strategic plan. This example template links different content assets with content distribution or promotion options (look out for a new Content Distribution Matrix infographic we’re publishing soon to prioritise these).
For example, Chris Pile shared the Farm Digital ABC Content planning prioritisation approach. Prior to the research project Underwood's main concern was growth due to a decreasing population. Due to these plans and assistance Underwood has experienced economic and community growth since 2009.
It was decided to have a follow-up discussion and each person committed to bringing at least one other community member. Becky Bowen also discussed the two restaurants reopening, the sale of the lumberyard, the new home construction, the highway signage, the new consignment store, and the beautification projects. I was keen to show the options for repurposing content assets during a campaign since often opportunities are missed where there is one central asset in a campaign such as a whitepaper, but it is not repurposed to give the campaign more momentum. Underwood is currently (2011) revamping their strategic plan and marketing plan to incorporate these community changes.

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