Vous pouvez decider de rendre ce choix permanent en vous connectant a votre compte client rubrique « ma boutique ». Pour etre prevenu par mail d'une baisse de prix de cet article, renseignez vos coordonnees ainsi que le montant en euros du seuil de declenchement de votre alerte. Cyberlink has consistently offered media programs that are undoubtedly useful to different walks of life. Should there be a single word that can describe this software, it will be ‘package.’  This is because this software packs a combination of almost 15 of the best multimedia applications that are essential to have in your computer. Moreover, there are advanced and professional photo adjustment tools that enable you to remove objects in a photo or even beautify portrait photos. The CyberLink Media Suite 9 gives you the best movie experience with support for HD DVD and Blu-ray playback. File conversion is ultra-fast because the CyberLink Media Suite 9 supports Nvidia, Intel, and AMD technology. The author run multiple websites aimed at helping people get the best deals for their money. An often viable alternative to a purpose built video editing software program for those whose needs are modest can be in the form a a multimedia program that comes loaded with a video editing module.
This can also apply to a person who may be looking for a good DVD or Blu-ray burning or copying program. Before we go any further on this page and in the interests of keeping things simple you should approach these types of programs with at least a little caution and with your eyes wide open. In the case of video editing you may want to look on this page for a purpose built video editor or on this page if you need a DVD or Blu-ray program. This strategy is alive and kicking in the world of multimedia software suites because they inherently have a bunch of features anyway so it is important to keep a cool head! Although within the various brands of software available there will be some variation, these are the basic capabilities you will find in a good suite.
A video and audio playback module covering CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray including HD and 3D capability. A Disc burning and copying module which also allows output to a range of file formats for distribution to services such as YouTube or to mobile devices. Below I have listed the three main contenders in this market but please take note that they are not listed in order of preference or desirability. Each one covers the basic requirements of a multimedia suite more than adequately and all three are well matured, stable and well maintained products. Cyberlink Media Suite 12 comes with all the main features of a well balanced multimedia software package.

If offers a very good audio editing and manipulation module, a similarly good image editing program as well as all the other basic features you would expect.
Essentially what’s on offer here is their award winning consumer level video editor PowerDirector packaged into the suite. Of all the choices listed here it offers easily the most user friendly interface and is very much aimed at the person who just wants to get the job done. Nero started out in life many years ago in the days when CD burners and a little later DVD burners were introduced to home computers. Because of those origins and the subsequent development of the technology Nero has had to adapt to a new world order in terms of what value their software offers. It is that ancestry that gives Nero 12 the strongest feature set of all three programs when it comes to handling discs of all types.
In keeping with this it also offers a very powerful set of disc recovery tools and data retrieval programs and in fact on my DVD Disc Repair page it is one of the main tools I recommend. The remaining modules are quite serviceable with none of them standing out in any way but they all do the job they are designed to do. Roxio Creator has had a major overhaul over the past few years due to the company being bought out by Corel, the makers of VideoStudio Pro.
The program pretty well match it pound for pound with the others as far as general functionality goes but it excels in two main areas. The first of these is in image editing where Corel have included their flagship image editor PaintShop Pro.
The video editor is OK as are the other features but as I say, this one is definitely for those wanting to deal mainly in images or have a need for correction technology. CyberLink Media Suite 12 Ultra es una coleccion de software multimedia lo mejor en su clase, incluyendo un trio de multiples premios de software para video y creacion de fotos, edicion y reproduccion de ganar.
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Paiement en 3 foisPar carte bancaire à partir de 100 euros TTC Livraison outre-merNous livrons dans les DOM-TOM en HT ! When it comes to creating menus for your videos, it has ready-made templates of 3D-animated menus in full high-definition quality.
It offers ultra-fast file conversions and supports the latest multimedia such as Blu-ray and 3D video. You will get tools for adding particle effects, faster video rendering, and SD-to-HD upscaling. The Smart Detect feature selects the ideal format and conversion profile for mobile devices such as Android phones and iPhones.

FaceMe Technology will identify and group similar faces on your photos and offers smart name suggestions.
In this world we live in, the internet has become so saturated that it's so hard to find honest deal and coupons.
The “wow!” is most easily achieved by the presentation of a vast array of awesome features that can do amazing things!
In all honesty you can’t really go wrong with any of them so a choice of which one comes down to your personal needs. This has been my top choice for a video editor for a few years now and offers an enormous feature set to the average home movie maker in an easy to use interface. At that time it was considered a rather exotic subject and way out on the leading edge of technology! It extends to an incredible set of features that allow all sorts of manipulation of files in general as well the ability to output to a wide range of formats. By itself this is almost worth the price of admission alone if your emphasis on usage is for editing photos. The suite comes with a wide range of features to clean up sound files, correct video files and manipulate images that far exceeds what any of the others can do. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. An addition to its innovative features is the Windows 8 touch application for media playback and editing needs. The CyberLink Media Suite 9 gives you everything you need for music, videos, photos, and data. You can also play Blu-ray 3D movies and increase the quality of videos and DVDs to HD and 3D. The CyberLink Media Suite 9 also allows you to convert your video files so can play them on a mobile device. After editing and converting your videos, you can easily upload them to Facebook and Youtube without exiting the software. The CyberLink Media Suite 9 also allows you to edit audio files to make ring tones or lecture recordings.
The CyberLink Media Suite 9 also includes easy-to-use DVD burning software for burning videos and music on a disc.

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