An effective digital marketing campaign will bring you more visibility online, more leads for your business, and more profits.
In today’s post, we will share five effective ways of improving your digital marketing strategy. Many businesses focus a lot on getting more traffic to their website but forget to create a plan for what to do with that traffic once it arrives. Ensure that anyone landing on your website knows exactly how you can help them and what to do next now that they’re here. Once a person lands on your website, are they immediately hitting the “back” button on their internet browser and returning to Google?
Every time you implement a new digital marketing strategy, be clear about what your desired results are and track whether or not the strategy was effective. Every business owner knows that they need to know their customer, but many forget about this when building their digital marketing strategies.
A recent study by B2B researchers Clutch looked at digital marketing by small business in the US. What’s holding the other 56% back?  According to the survey, it’s cost and inexperience with the tools. Generally, small businesses don’t invest much into marketing, digital or otherwise, and it’s the first place they cut in a tight business market. This trend may change, however, with over 70% of small businesses surveyed indicating that they plan to implement a digital marketing strategy in future. Everything you need to know about SEO, published jointly with Search Engine Land every Thursday. A 2015 study by Smart Insights showed that 50 percent of businesses doing digital marketing had no form of digital marketing plan or strategy. For many, this scattergun approach fails — and digital itself is questioned as a marketing strategy. If we break this down, we are basically saying that a strategy is of no benefit to us if we don’t have a detailed plan or tools to implement that strategy.
Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23.
Growing a business takes planning, and any successful marketing activity should start with a detailed plan. That is why Sticky developed the 360 Degree Digital Marketing Strategy to address client’s total online presence in a thorough and holistic fashion. 80% of business decision makers prefer to get information in a series of articles versus an advertisement.
Marketers who have prioritized blogging are 13 times more likely to enjoy positive ROI from inbound marketing. In other words, if you aren’t marketing your business using a sophisticated combination of elements like search engine optimisation, social media, blog posts, podcasts and video posts, you are most likely not attracting the volume of traffic, leads and customers you deserve. The Sticky 360 Degree Marketing process involves an initial audit, data collection, analysis and development of a thorough digital marketing plan tailored to suit each client’s specific needs, circumstances and goals.
The overarching plan is then designed to attract potential new customers, convert them into engaged visitors, close them as customers and then retain them as fans of your offering. This process has led to outstanding success for our clients and serves as the platform for most of Sticky’s work now.

If you’re ready to make a quantum leap in the marketing of your business please contact us.
Scott talks about some of the points that employers should judge or search for in an interview. SiteVisibility is an internet marketing agency in Brighton and London offering social media, PPC and SEO services. 2016 is going to be a great year for small businesses and I can’t wait to see what it holds, but before we can celebrate you need to understand how to design a digital marketing plan for 2016. Regardless of your answers to this, you need to be starting the new year the right way with a digital marketing plan that helps you target new clients, retain current ones, and connect with former customers. Defining your objectives is the first part, but you then need to add weight behind your goals and set achievable numbers.
You need to be able to answer these questions, as they will have a huge impact on how you market your business online.
After you have understood your target market and their buying habits, you then need to do situational analysis. Take a look at your current products and their main features, pricing, where you are selling your products and how you have been promoting them. Before changing your pricing, take a look at your customer sales statistics year on year, and your multi-channel sales.
To really utilise any of the above channels, you need to understand that you have to spend money to make money.
You might be driving a good amount of traffic to your website, but how are you converting this traffic into sales? The final part of your digital marketing plan is summarising all of the expenses from each part of your strategy, along with projected growth rates and timelines. Doing all of the above now, will make your online business ready for the year of online shopping; 2016.
It’s essential that you have a predefined customer acquisition strategy in place before jumping right in to email blasts and other undefined marketing campaigns. Because of this, improving engagement on your website and social media accounts will make your business more attractive to potential customers. Pay close attention to how your target audience responds to your digital marketing efforts and adjust your strategies as needed. Start experimenting with ways of improving engagement, customer retention and acquisition processes, plus tracking the results and learning more about your target audience.
They asked 352 small business owners and managers about their marketing practices, discovering that only 44% are engaged in digital marketing. Many small business owners are not digital natives, and are intimidated by the seeming complexity of establishing a digital marketing strategy. We can help you create a digital marketing strategy that offers flexibility while utilizing the right channels for engaging with your audience. The digital channels and marketing opportunities are changing so fast that most businesses simply have not responded.
This leads to businesses becoming more out of touch and stuck in the sinking ship of yesterday’s marketing methods. Equally, if we are applying marketing tactics such as SEO and PPC without an overarching strategy, then we are likely seeing poor results and excessive costs.
Marcus focuses on strategy, audits, local SEO, technical SEO, PPC and just generally helping businesses dominate search and social. We are strong believers that a successful marketing strategy requires having multiple marketing tactics working in unison.
Check out some of our recent case studies to see how successful a thorough marketing plan can be.

In the previous episode the podcast covered the elements that candidates should prepare before the interview and this week Scott and Andy discuss the recruitment process from the side of the employers. He shares the type of questions that should be asked and how to interact with the candidates.
This is where you analyse where your business currently stands, as you are creating your digital marketing plan. This gives you a good understanding of where you can improve, and setting a timeline for implementing new tactics. You will want to look at their target market in more detail, as it is similar to yours, their USP, pricing and promotions along with looking at their financial standing and how they are marketing their business. Use the information you have collected from all of your research to determine whether you need to change your pricing strategy. Consider the use of channel partners, SEO, social media, referral and affiliate traffic, PPC, offline marketing, email marketing and content marketing.
Yes, if you have a solid knowledge in how to use each social network you wouldn’t need to spend too much, but online marketing is a huge area to cover and don’t be afraid to spend money, and ask for help. This means that you need to invest time in collecting data on your target customers, it’s a common error in today’s digital marketing arena.
Take the time to reply to all inquiries from your website or social media accounts promptly, and interact with followers. For example, you might post 2 different versions of a post on social media to find out which one resonates better with your audience. It won’t take long for you to notice results from your efforts, and you can take the profits all the way to the bank. Of those that are leveraging some form of online marketing, 82% believe that it is imperative to their business success. Micro budgets require a solid ROI, but cutting corners leads to weak results in search marketing. Those that have attempted to keep up have an ad hoc approach and simply dive in at a tactical level and throw money at SEO, PPC, display, social and even content marketing. Finally, he gives his opinion on what he considers to be the most difficult parts of the interview.
You need to be competitive with your pricing, but understanding that any changes you make will impact the bottom line of your business. Called “relationship marketing” by some in the industry, focusing on customer loyalty and long-term customer engagement via email, social media, etc. You could also have 2 different sales pages on your website and test which version led to more profits. We have the same target audience, but they don’t directly compete, meaning I can market my social media bootcamp to their audience, and give them a percentage of every sell from their database. You need to be really clear about exactly what you want people to do once they land on your site.
You can run 2 versions of an online ad, and measure which one led to more conversions on your website.
SEO companies can do the leg work for you to bring in customers and retain them, just make sure you ask the right questions before hiring an SEO company to make sure they are the right fit for your needs.

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