Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. Ita€™s my favourite time of blogging year, where we look ahead to what will be the major trends in digital marketing in the year ahead.
In deciding on the most relevant trends for marketers I dona€™t just look at whata€™s a€?Hota€? or a€?Coola€?, but instead I focus on what make the biggest difference to marketers, from a commercial sense, since most of us are working in marketing to get better results for our companies or our clients.
Which single digital marketing technique do you think will make the biggest commercial impact for you in 2015?
In the later parts of this post I review different types of analytics and reporting tools - perhaps not 'Big Data', but certainly to support data-driven marketing in 2015. In my discussion of trends in previous years I have exploredA innovation and trends in the use of digital marketing techniques at a top level, like content marketing, search, email and web development. These data-driven tools are again all focused on those that can potentially make the biggest difference. Many of the trends in digital marketing involve marketers applying new services, platforms and software to plan, manage and optimise their marketing, so in this part of the post I take a look at the technologies that I think will fuel digital marketing in 2014. With micro and visual content giving the highest impact, tools to manage the creation and publication of this content from different sources become important to fuel the content marketing machine. Even if you have won the battle to create outstanding content, site managers still have the challenge of connecting audiences with the most relevant content.
Site personalisation technologies have been used for a long time for targeting products and offers to visitors to customer sites, but these have not been used so widely outside the Ecommerce setting.
Most businesses use a web analytics services to track visitors to their site, with Google Analytics most popular as a free, but very powerful service. Google Analytics and the other analytics services mentioned under #6 have another limitation. Ecommerce management platforms tend to focus on the serious business of getting merchandising right across home, category and product pages as described in our Ecommerce Design Bible. I hope you find it useful to check out these tools, do add via the comments any other categories of digital marketing tools or examples of tools which you see as important for your business or your clients in 2015 and Ia€™ll update the post to include them.
Required post for digital marketing freshers this post helps them get in to right direction. Only room for so many trends, but certainly for retailers you’ve picked an important trend! A very useful article on 30-cutting edge digital marketing tools and techniques, though the wave of digital marketing evolved in the west it is still picking up in Asian countries, however recognizing the importance, every SME and big companies are trying to integrate their existing marketing strategy with digital media for brand building, brand awareness, pre and post sale engagement. If anyone would like to find out a little bit more about the profound impact effective digital marketing have on your brand, please visit our website! Content Marketing would also make a great impact in 2015 and we can expect to see more budget allocated to the preparation and distribution of quality content.
We also see that Social Media Marketing will be recognized as one of the pillars of marketing. 15 Digital Marketing Trends for 2016 That Could Destroy Your Business You are using an outdated browser. 2016 is knocking at the door, which means dynamic clothing, champagne cheer ups, and a never ending list of unfulfilled resolutions. With the constant uprising in the digital ad spend, challenges like user engagement and ad fraud are becoming more acute. Forrester’s predictions reveal that with accredited customers personalizing every platform with numerous social media channels and gadgets, customer-oriented changes will open doors for reshaping every industry.As a consonance, the contextual marketing will see dramatic changes in 2016, pushing marketers to build proper and far better customer involvement, and clout automation know-how to get deeper viewer insights across all marketing key points. Now you can buy directly from the social site or search engine, and as e-commerce marketers you shouldn’t forget!
You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. Update: I update this post annually with a new poll on the techniques that readers think is important. Many of the trends I identified below will remain key digital marketing activities in 2015. Each year, I review the latest trends in Digital Marketing to help define digital technologies and marketing techniques which will give options for companies to grow their businesses.
Please select ONE area of marketing which you believe will give you the greatest commercial benefits in the year ahead.
The results are below and show a familiar patterns with same 3 "usual suspects" still rated the most important commercially. So, it seems as if the three core areas of investment in marketing for 2014 are likely to continue to be Mobile and Content Marketing and Big Data in many businesses. But, I would like to think that Conversion Rate Optimisation and Marketing Automation will increase in investment since these are about process and improving performance, so they can potentially offer lower risk returns than other activities.
Since the main top-level trends, the “Usual Suspects” are likely to be similar for 2014, I thought that this, year it would be interesting and more useful to drill deeper to see which specific digital marketing technologies and techniques will be important trends in 2014.
In the next sections I'll briefly run through key techniques I recommend focus on for 2014.
How Digital Marketing integrates with other marketing channels is the biggest challenge of implementing digital marketing I see, more important than any tactics for specific channels. In 2011, when we launched Smart Insights Expert membership, we defined these 11 factors for marketing success that we believe are important. Growth hacking is a concept from startup companies that is being applied more to larger organisations in 2013 - some even have Growth Hacker in their Job Title. We recommend the success factor mapping technique based on the Ishikawa approach as a way of defining investment in platforms and activities to drive growth. Modern Marketing naturally focuses on the customer and we’ve seen more focus on use of Customer Personas to help here as part of Customer Experience Management. Success in online marketing has always been about how you invest to build a brand online across different digital platforms.
As we’ve reported in our weekly alerts, 2013 has seen a growth in targeting options in each of Facebook (e.g.
We have reviewed different media attribution techniques for several years now, but they were never going to be widely adopted until free tools were available as Google has now done through Multichannel Funnels. Google’s earlier developments to bring customer touchpoint point modelling to the mainstream have been added to in 2013 by the new Attribution Modeling Tool and its Customer Journey Mapping benchmark. Google and Facebook acted in 2013 to increase their ad revenue from customers using mobile devices, this was a major threat to their revenue model. In 2013 Twitter’s 6 second Vine videos - examples, Instagram - see examples and Snapchat have become increasingly important with many brands trialling campaigns. Search continues to be a major driver of visits, leads and sales for most businesses, so it’s important that companies, or their agencies are on top of the latest changes in the Google algorithm.
In the SEO recommendations, there is a big focus on how to achieve content quality and social signals to show authority, so attention on how to develop what Neil Patel calls “Epic” content, Michael Stelzman calls “Nuclear” content should be a strategic focus of marketing in 2014.
The development of more interactive content marketing techniques will be a trend in 2014 – take a look at this interactive HTML5 Match Day dashboard from Man City as an example.
Of course Content Marketing is two words and I think marketers’ efforts often focus too much on the Content rather than the Marketing – I think we’re guilty of that. There are some really interesting examples of mobile responsive landing pages being developed - rather than traditional, static form based pages, it will be interesting to see how these develop in 2014. When we asked recently “when did you last update your website?” Over 50% in the poll hadn’t done a major update in the last year – shocking! The increased use of mobile technology means that all structured testing and experiments need to take this into account too. We regularly advise on better use of analytics to drive sales improvements on Smart Insights.
To develop the best customer experiences you have to go beyond the hard data from analytics and get real feedback from real customers. While discussion of using the individual social platforms will continue, a more holistic approach looking at integrating social media with web and email touch points should continue as part of Social CRM. Throughout this review, mobile has played an important part and email marketing is no exception, since the data shows the majority of email interactions are now in Mobile for consumer brands. I’ve been recommending the use of the event-triggered email marketing or what we now call behavioural email for many years. Attribution research showing the channel that influences online sales typically shows for retailers that email is usually one of the top three sales drivers whether first touch or for last touch. Our final trend is one of the most exciting, but also one of the most frightening, as will be discussed a lot in 2014 as Google Glass goes on sale. If you prefer to listen, hear my interview discussing the trends with Ciaran Rogers of Target Internet.
This is part of the regular Target Internet Digital Marketing podcast which is one of the best ways of keeping up-to-date with the latest in digital marketing. At the beginning we set a goal to get somewhere and then we set specific measurable objectives showing how we will get there. Recent survey says that Companies spend over 10% of revenue on Marketing (Digital Marketing Spending accounts for 25% of that, with a 9% increase in 2013) – Gartner Report (U.S.
Content Marketing – Content marketing has been around since 1895 and is still in practice today.
Mobile Marketing – Interestingly, mobile marketing is slowly emerging and establishing itself to become one of the more dominant forms of marketing. Old digital tactics and mastering individual channels are being overcome by the need to create a common brand experience across the digital experience on and offline.
From content to mobile to ads to humor to being more human – this post covers a variety of important areas of focus for digital marketing in 2015.
We’ll focus on more relevance and new inspirations (rather than just the tried and true). As far as 2015, there is a vast change on our horizon that will be led by augmented reality and wearable technology. By the end of 2015, wearable technology should be gathering enough steam that we will begin to see some early marketing applications. Marketers have been advised to create and tailor different formats of content with customized copy for highly fragmented marketing channels from TV and print to various social media platforms in order to reach their target audience.
Digital marketing will continue to morph and promotion channels will be further fragmented. Ia€™d love to say that by 2015 we will truly see digital strategies that are integrated across social, mobile, advertising, marketing, comms, et al. I believe organizations will go deeper into overall strategy with digital marketing – Chief Digital Officers will help organizations lessen their focus on demand creation and heighten it on organizing an end to end customer journey through digital storytelling tactics. In 2015 companies will stop treating digital marketing as a tactic and embrace it as an ecosystem.

In 2015 we will see a large move among brands to buy media companies, flush with cash and short on patience to build loyal audiences. In the age of infobesity and increasing digital noise, visual storytelling will continue to emerge as a strategy for not only standing out, but also for nurturing and growing vibrant and engaged communities. 2015 will continue a trend that has caught steam this year, which is mixing paid media with owned media to accelerate content distribution. Employee Advocates will humanize digital marketing experiences on behalf of their brands, outperforming traditional media investments. Marketers will become obsessive about becoming relevant to their audiences and buckle down to do the work that informs the development of a digital strategy. As brands strive to create authentic connections online, especially with Millennials, more will understand that a clever laugh or the vulnerability of silliness is the most efficient path to earning trust and loyalty. Consider thisa€”Ia€™m walking around town, listening to online radio over my phone, and I hear an audio ad for a product that might interest me. But the continual removal of barriers between message and action that mobile gives us (for those who begin to think that way) will begin to restore the balance of the Force for attribution, and digital marketers can start to get away from channel-based thinking and move towards a more human behavior-centered model, with mobile serving as the unifying principle to unite offline and offline marketing.
My prediction for 2015 is that the digital marketer aka Social BizologistA (the person guiding the integration of social into the business functions of an organization) will be asking for an end-to-end content solution. The convergence of marketing, public relations and advertising will accelerate even faster in 2015 and beyond as agencies and internal corporate organizations fulfill eachA of those roles. As you can tell, each marketer that shared insights here brings their own experience and perspective as a flavor to their prediction. Beyond Content for Marketing – Channels of Distribution and Being the Best AnswerDigital Marketing – What Does It Really Mean? I find therea€™s a real thirst for knowledge amongst marketers about the latest trends in digital marketing and Ienjoy reviewing the latest marketing techniques and technologies. They cover a wide range from analytics tools to retail ecommerce, but the first few tools relate to content marketing since this is where Ia€™m seeing the most useful and interesting collection of tools.
I recently presented these at the Smart Insights Digital Impact marketing conference and at a talk at the Brighton Digital Marketing Festival. AdRoll is one of the best known featuring remarking via Facebook, Twitter, plus mobile and media sites.
The tools I recommend here originated as SEO told for reviewing keywords and back links, but are now expanding into social media and content management.
While they can tell businesses the number of users, their source and their journeys through the site, their limitation is that most data is shown in aggregate for different segments. But these tools tend to focus on single pages in the journey rather than overall customer journeys, but they have increased hugely in their ease of setup and use recently. Clavis Insights is a relatively new, but expensive tool that presents commercial insights to retailers and brands so their can optimise their merchandising.
Ia€™ve kept this a€™til last since I suspect it will make the smallest commercial difference to most companies. Businesses simply cannot afford to bypass making digital a core part of their marketing efforts.
The tools and technology here you mentioned was awesome i hope this will be the trend of 2015. If you’re making content like a magnet than all nearby iron will pull and website will be more stronger.
That is, responsive websites will become even more critical and potentially take a huge leap with multiple websites switching to responsive design. In 2014, we already saw that 93% of B2B marketers engage in some sort of content marketing.
Apps such as Twitter allow businesses to sell their products instantly and directly on the user’s news-feed without leaving the app. It is expected that content from emails will be re-purposed and will now be featured as friendly downloadable PDFs, eBooks and Whitepapers.
In 2015, Native advertising will shift from being solely about promotional content to being more about relevant content and will become an important part of online advertising.
Taking a proactive approach, many digital marketers have started forecasting what’s next to watch out for the digital world in the forth-coming year. One of the biggest Digital service giant – Deloitte Digital, expressed serious concerns on whether ads will be seen by individuals or simply mechanic bots, a challenge further synthesized by the snowballing number of intermediaries evolving in the ad technology arena. You can see the latest poll in this post on Digital Marketing Trends for 2015 - in the article I have also covered what I see as 30 of the top tools for managing and optimising digital marketing in 2015.
In 2013 we reviewed top-level digital marketing trends, asking which trends will give the greatest commercial benefits, this year I drill down to the next level to give more specific practical recommendations to increase effectiveness. In the poll, please select the single most important trend based on that which you think will make the biggest commercial difference to leads or sales in your company, or a typical client if you are an agency or a consultant. The most significant change is in mobile marketing where there is a decline in popularity, perhaps suggesting a realisation of the difficulty of encouraging customers to buy rather than browser via this channel. I’ve structured the trends based on marketing to achieve different goals across customer touchpoints in the Smart Insights RACE Planning framework. It requires leaders to define a vision of how channels will integrate and the transformation needed in people, process, tools and metrics to make the most of digital marketing.
In 2013, Econsultancy developed their Modern Marketing manifesto which I recommend as a way of thinking through different performance drivers that need to be harnessed for the best results. Digital marketers may know it as CRO - Conversion Rate Optimisation, but it’s broader than this, looking at testing different business models and refining Product offering and Pricing models too. Our customer persona toolkit is one of the most popular practical resources on Smart Insights. CXM signifies a change from a focus on User Experience and usability of the first touchpoint to broader touchpoint mapping across customer journeys and through the customer lifecycle including evaluation of post sales support and customer service.
Promoted Posts, Custom Audiences, FBX), LinkedIn (Sponsored Updates adding to targeted ads) and Twitter (Keyword, Interest, Device and Geographic targeting of Promoted posts), these have given many more options to target the user particularly on mobile devices where the majority of social media interactions occur today in many consumer markets. Google’s new Enhanced AdWords campaigns have had a large impact on CPC (for example, Greenlight has seen a 30% increase in CPC since Google’s Enhanced campaigns ) were introduced.
This isn’t a fundamental trend that will help transform most businesses though and there is a danger in chasing these “Shiny Objects” as Jeff Bezos has them. I recommend these 10 trends from the Search Engine Journal summary for the best practical guidance. Take a look at our Content Marketing matrix to review the options for this type of content… For evaluation, see our guide to Evaluating content marketing ROI across RACE.
More investment in resource to help with outreach and partnership by segmenting influencers will help here.
In the talk I describe our approach to 90 day planning and Evolutionary site design using RACE. Google have released a number of improvements in 2013 to encourage this like Universal Analytics, Advanced segments and improvements to conversion attribution modelling mentioned above. The use of customer feedback and satisfaction tools like these to help with this should increase too as companies take a more holistic approach to CRO. So getting the mobile experience right through responsive email design is where many companies will focus if they haven’t already. The increased focus on marketing automation means that more sophisticated lifecycle email programmes will be developed as part of MA initiatives. Marketing applications of Glass and its impact on search will be limited, but one Glass app, Glashion, was recently released this week where you can snap clothing and bags of footwear of other passers-by and then complete a comparison shop. I hope my review sparks some ideas on where you should be increasing or decreasing your investment in online.
I am aware of a very amazing service technique of a top digital marketing agency once I hired. As the global economy is in turmoil achieving financial independence was the foremost thing i wanted desperately and thanks to the friend of mine who introduces to an amazing program. In the field of digital marketing, a lot of predictions have been floating around since 2013 about the big things that will emerge in 2014. Big data, as the name implies is the collection and storage of large collections of data which cannot be processed manually or one program. Everybody writes, and thata€™s true whether you are the Chief Content Officer or Marketing VP or the mar-com manager.
With content marketing reaching near-ubiquity, the success pendulum will swing toward boosting consumption of content. This change will be so profound in fact, that I think we will look back at this revolution as something that is as important as the Internet itself. A little bit of selling here and there is great, but those marketers who do nothing but sell, sell, sell, are gonna get ignored, dismissed and overlooked by consumers and prospects. The ecosystem will enable a singular goal of attracting, engaging and retaining new and existing customers by providing information and content that gives them everything they need to locate, purchase and use their products and services. The ability to craft visual stories that inspire emotion and spark the movement will help companies get noticed and amplify their message throughout those communities.
This will require digital marketers to once again rethink and reshuffle the budgeting decision deck. Marketing (one to many) and sales (one to one) are beginning to use the same techniques of content creation and real-time engagement. In the past, were I to hear that ad, Ia€™d have to remember the name of the company, then go home and use a search engine to learn more about the company before an eventual purchase. Our team evenA launched a MOOCA (Massive Open Online Course) to provide a free and robust resource to educate marketers and help them succeed.
We need a tool that can facilitate content efforts from ideation to publishing while tracking the usage and performance of content across the customer journey. Content creation, search optimization and social media will be less siloed as specific departments and treated more like skills that exist across the organization. Each has their own bias but collectively, I think this group represents a great cross-section of ideas that we, as marketers, need to consider for the rest of 2014 and into 2015. What is it about digital marketing thatA will be most important for your business and customers in the coming year? Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on integrated content, search, social media and influencer marketing. We respect your privacy.NameThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. For the past few years I have given my recommendations on the trends as I see them, based on reviewing innovation in marketing technology through the year, plus crowdsourcing what Smart Insights readers see as important for them. Content marketing topped the poll for the third-year running and in fact was even further ahead compared to previous years since mobile marketing and social media marketing have declined in importance as marketers have implemented these changes.
There is a problem of describing the a€?usual suspects.a€? So this year, when Ia€™m presenting trends I have been taking a look at tools and services to help digital marketing.

No examples of tools in this section, rather efforts made by platform vendors to integrate other services to add value to their own tools. Theya€™re not designed for understanding individual user behaviour, repeat behaviour by groups of customers (e.g. Users have to know the right questions to ask, how to customise the tool for their business, e.g.
All of these are due to be launched in 2015, so watching the popularity of mainstream adoption and marketing applications of their apps should be fascinating! Content marketing and conversion optimization is the most important techniques, digital marketers should focus on upcoming years. Many marketers and agencies are starting to use this as a direct mobile marketing channel and I truly believe that this will be a trend for 2015 and 2016. Quality content will attract audience, here my meaning to do blogging on your own corporate.
I especially enjoyed reading about SEO, Content and Social Media Management, which I found to be very helpful and inspiring and many relevant points were discussed.
There are 22 trends I see based on companies I have worked with, examples I have reviewed and our own marketing activity on Smart Insights. With the increased competition, working through the best way to adjust bids for mobile will be a source of attention for many consumer brands and their agencies.
I recommend this deck by Chris Coward introducing a structured approach to mobile CRO and this by Craig Sullivan covering technical aspects of mobile CRO. Perhaps some of the social media and content marketing budgets should be allocated to more sophisticated testing like the examples that we look at in our email marketing course and 7 Steps Guide to Email marketing. They have over one hundred marketing experts and before they start doing work for you, they make you a great marketing strategy and one out of 100 marketers works with you closely until the end of your project for maximum satisfaction.
Many businesses are looking into content marketing to expand their brand’s services and credibility. With the implementation of DMP or Data Management Platforms, advertisers can now target specific audience groups and individuals to ensure their ads will show only to them. To top it off, many websites are opting for for a mobile compatible design, according to Google’s Responsive Web Design.
That will put a new focus on math, testing and optimization as content production and content distribution become equally important. What we will see though is a more conscious effort to bring disparate groups to the table to learn how to collaborate across screens, channels, and moments of truth to deliver ONE experience to customers wherever they are in the lifecycle. The days of preaching to customers rather than exciting and informing them are rapidly coming to an end and marketers that can effectively connect with prospects will win. Instead, we’ll begin to see more marketers incorporate human-speak into their messaging – videos, pictures, humor, and human! The ability to understand how front end web development and coding can affect, enhance, and optimize a content strategy will become a necessity for marketers instead of a nice to have. But as a call to action from social media, a party, the radio, or a billboard arise, todaya€™s smartphone-equipped consumers can take actions in the moment in a way that can be directly attributed to the medium that drove the action, without friction. An ever-expanding mix of devices and channels is creating even greater pressures for digital teams to quantify their efforts, but the technologyA is hereA and the market demand for talented analysts & data-savvy marketers has been in place long enough that 2015 is the year digital measurement finally comes of age. Optimization will move beyond individual tactics and focus more on overall customer experience across channels. When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely on a beach somewhere doing absolutely nothing. CRM services are particularly strong at this as are analytics tools such Adobe Analytics (formerly in Omniture). I personally believe that digital marketing is more of an umbrella of cross-platform tools and technologies. Here you have mentioned awesome points and trends that definitely help marketer like us to boost business and digital traffic. Thank you for sharing this article and I hope to come across more articles like this in future. But as much as the new dawn of digital and the rise of the social web has changed the landscape, some things have stayed the same.Memorable and congruent branding, creative content creation and knowing and understanding your target audience are still marketing 101.
What are the top marketing tools or techniques you’re using now, or expect to use in the year ahead which weren’t so important previously? In result, they often reach their target audience (via social media) and fulfill expected KPI (Key Performance Indicators) goals. The more responsive web design a website has, the more probability people will return to your website and continue doing business with you.
AA surprising number haveA never taken and published a selfie before, so you’re seeing them here first. That means youa€™re got to choose those words well, and write with economy and the style and the end reader in mind (there’s that empathy thing again!). That means dedicating more resources to things that are harder to track, like answering customer questions and providing more value online. Marketing is everybody’s job and more companies will leverage internal resources through social business and collaboration platforms as well as participation marketing with their community to integrate scaled content creationA andA social media engagement. A It's significant that 'Big Data' is still in second position although the hype has receded.
These tools, which have been available for several years now offer a user-based, value-based focus which Google has been applying. The hard nosed conversion tactics and principles of the direct mail experts from the 20th century are also a skill set worth embracing and polishing.The social web marketing tactics, new media and platforms are all new skills and concepts that we need to understand and learn.
Keep in mind that organic search rankings can bring in 300% more traffic than social.That surprised you!The new age marketers that win will be the ones with the greatest and best content and will also know how to make it flow across the web and optimized for discovery. Still, it's better than a simple vision on Inbound Marketing which doesn't emphasise the need for integration. I think this shows the potential for companies to implement more data-driven marketing techniques in 2015, which will likely be closely related to marketing automation which is in third place. Tools that present data more clearly to novice and management users and integrate action can help here.
See the full 2015 Digital Marketing Trends infographic by Syndacast here to see how Mobile Marketing will play out, as well as other notable trends. They will understand the power of content “marketing”.Social media assetsAnother digital asset is your tribes on social media.You may have the content but do you have the crowd to distribute it?
Google hasna€™t evolved its Intelligence service, but new tools are becoming available including a new dashboard and recommendations service that will launch from Smart Insights. You need to be investing in your digital content assets and global distribution networks.3. Thinking global instead of localYou competition is no longer just local.Amazon is the global competitor for the corner book store and much more. Or a computer company (Apple) would disrupt the music industry.We need to be nimble, agile and dedicated to a lifetime of learning. Much of the past we have to leave behind.Why I wish I had a NeuralyzerIn the Men in Black movies, Agent Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) and Agent Jay (Will Smith) are the guardians of all things alien.
Crowd sourced brand content is essentialCoca Cola decided to re-invent and pivot its marketing philosophy from creative excellence to content marketing excellence when it discovered an essential truth about the digital world. It is a device about the size of an average cigar tube that gives a bright flash which erases the memories of the past.For many traditional marketers and business people there is a lot of unlearning to do.
Here are 8 as ranked by Hubspot in its latest “State of Inbound Marketing 2015”TechnologyTechnology is ranked as the third biggest challenge. They generate 2.4 billion video views a month on YouTube with content marketing created by their fans. But you will also need to integrate technology into your digital marketing manager skill set. To cap it all off you need to find someone who understands and has the capabilities.Some more questionsSo you know what is needed but now you need to find the resources that you can trust. The rise of the robotsMarketing was just an art.Now it is being amplified and optimized by technology and science. The focus on “Return on Investment”The shiny new toy is just another toy.When social media started to be recognised as not just a plaything for teenagers, the marketers started piling in.
Email is alive and kickingEmail is still a digital trend that isn’t going away.The rise of social media and all those multiple messaging apps (Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Viber and much more) have lead many people to question the future of email.
Personalisation has arrivedRelevance is key to catching and holding attention offline and online.
The CEO is saying “Show me the sales”.Social media is great for traffic, brand awareness and customer engagement but as you move down the sales funnel the other digital marketing tactics are vital. Delivering content that engages and sells means tagging customers interests as they discover you and subscribe to your email list.There are now a variety of digital marketing technologies from email to marketing software that are now available that can provide personalized marketing.
Landing pages that convert and an email list that gives you control of customer contact.No longer can you rely on Facebook to provide free traffic to your website or blog. It’s become just another paid advertising channel.It’s time to stop chasing every new social media distraction.
The data scientist is your next hireIn the past direct mail, print and mass media were your only option.
Moving beyond vanity metrics like traffic, likes and sharing to the sharp end of the sales funnel.
Experience, skill and intuition were the marketers only friends to achieve optimal results. The continuing rise in the importance of digital assetsIn the past advertising was just seen as an expense.But in the new age of digital it should be seen more as an investment in the future of your online authority. Advertisements that had a lifetime of 30 seconds and never to be seen again and cost hundreds of thousands are being added to and even replaced by online videos that can be viewed this year and into the future.This new media is indexed by Google and shared on Facebook and Twitter.
Mobile is now your first screenMobile was called the second screen but that has been flipped. Media creation is a digital content asset that provides brand value now and will keep giving. Powerful digital platforms for all businessAs the cost of technology drops, the access to powerful software that was only in the past accessible by the big end of town has become a reality for all.What are those platforms?They are customer CRM and digital marketing automation software such as Infusionsoft, Ontraport, Hubspot and Marketo and many more. Once they have been acquired by the business the next challenge is learning how to use them.11. The rise and rise of paid social media advertisingSocial media was free.That is what attracted me and many marketers 7 years ago.

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