Photo-editing platform Aviary released an update for its Photo Editor Android application that comes with an improved UI, enhance and focus tools, new filters, and more. This release comes along with the news that more than 50 percent of Aviary’s 11 million monthly active users are on Android devices — an increase from 30 percent six months ago. Today’s news comes just several weeks after Aviary announced that it is seeing more than 50 million monthly active users. The focus tool now enables users to place emphasis on the subject of a photo by defining its focal point and blurring out background images. Aviary’s Photo Editor also comes equipped with a Color Spash feature that lets users strip away color and repaint it in “a super fun way”. Our today’s Android App Review and Download featuring Photo Editor by Aviary for Android. Photo Editor by Aviary is a clean, elegant, all in one photo fixing tool with simple user interface.
Aviary Photo Editor Android app has moved from being a simple plug-in to the stand-alone application. The app is offered for free and you can download Photo Editor by Aviary for Android by hitting the widget bellow. This is a dream-come-true app for those who are tired of typos and the small keyboard buttons on your tablets or smartphones. With a smartphone, we can snap photos on-the-go and attach them to our blog posts either immediately or in the near future.
Pixlr-o-matic might be another typical application with some other nice filter, but knowing that comes from the hand Autodesk, Inc. Apart from being free and without any advertising, it contains dozens of filters to add to our pictures and made ??or to create the time and add the desired filter. There are a variety of filters to add, are the most typical as black and white, sepia, but each has a name, that can transform and add all the filters you want in one photo to get the desired effect. We go through 10 best Android apps suitable for direct image editing on your device, aka the best Android image editor apps.
Most of the Android phones available in the market are also known for their good resolution cameras.
Tingle your friends by sending funny photos taken from your smart phone with this amazing software.
PicSay does everything which a normal image editing software can do like image cropping, color adjustments, etc.  Additionally, the users can add humorous balloon texts to the images.

FingerPrint is one of the exciting android apps which give you the same features as provided by MS Paint on Windows Platform.
With this free android app, the user can just convert the images and pictures of your camera to special ones by applying beautiful effects. PicsIn Magic allows the users to do all kinds of stuffs required to make the picture beautiful. As the name suggest, Dash of Color helps users to make the images more beautiful by giving black & white effects to the selected portion of the photo. The image editing app in the android phones allows the users to make changes directly from the image gallery post which it can be directly shared in the social networking websites. It’s worth noting that the 11 million monthly users come just from the company’s own apps, not any of the 4,662 apps currently integrated with the service. Aviary says that the main editor toolbar now scrolls instead of paging, making it easier to find the Editor’s tools.
With the former, users will find that it now has three settings: Hi-Def, Illuminate, and Color Fix.
This feature is something that services like Instagram, Path, and other photo-sharing apps have had for a while. He carries around a big camera & likes to write about tech, startups, parties, and interesting people. The app is remarkable mainly due to its very well designed interface and the ease with which you can access the various options. From time to time, we might need to do some minor touch-ups on the photos that we’ve taken and this is where Photo Editor comes in. It also include effects of glare and lights, snow effect, paleness, ultraviolet light, light of dawn a long list that will help us stay ahead of our smartphone hooked up to try them all. There are various image editing apps available to make the pictures look more beautiful and meet the user’s requirements. The mobile version of Adobe Photoshop allows the users to crop, rotate, add artistic features, color and lot more just by touching the screen. With the help of this app, the user can add various effects in the image, use different brushes and contrasts the colors and image effects quite easily. This free image editing app not only allows the users to sketch the photos, but also to cross process, cartoonize, pencil and other effects to make the photos look good.

The user is required to select the brush size and paint either in black and white or color. RedEye Remover, tilt shift, Blemish Remover, Auto correction, sharpen or blurring are some of the special features of this android app.
The usual practice of saving the image file in external drives and applying photo editing is time consuming method. Additional aesthetic changes include highlighting photos by making the theme darker and reducing the padding. Just install a pack from Aviary’s in-app store and start applying mustaches, hats, and other assorted “fun” things to your photos. Among all those many photo editing apps available for Android, a few of them are categorized as serious photo editing tools. Aviary Photo Editor is one of the best the platform has to offer. With this app, you can crop, edit, and resize your photos as well as add effects, texts and drawings onto them.
Pixlr-o- matic was honored in 2011 as the best application of its kind in photo editing for Android.
Taking pictures and sharing them with friends and relatives can be done easily by just a touch of the screen.
In addition to the above, sketching, speech bubbles, fun stickers are some of the other exciting features of PicShop Lite.  The users can also customize the app with their own theme color. Similarly, through the app’s store, additional filters can be purchased, including an outdoor photo filter called Woodland Effects Pack, which previously was only available on Aviary’s iOS app.
The same segment also includes tools to control the brightness, saturation, contrast and warmth of colors that can be operated extremely intuitive.
As for effects, a substantial amount is offered but you can also install additional packages you can download from the Store.

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