Since finishing university with BBA and major in marketing, SFU, Ivana evolved with the discipline as it advanced from traditional business case analysis and print culter (advertising, collateral, direct mail) to what's-new-this-week in online, e-commerce and social media. Her analytical eye and ceaseless curiosity always have her wanting to do things in a new way and to come up with new solutions. How does an experienced printing and mailing professional with a passion for delivering big cost savings to small mailers keep profits in check? Advertising Press on Your Side Creating a BIG Promotion Tutorial Unique Ideas Promotion Articles Online Tools This is our article database.

OK, she's got fears like we all do, but nothing that ever held her back once she set her heart on something. She has worked for big names such as Electronic Arts and Telus as well as other companies that were leaders in their industries, but less well known: NICE, Chancery Software, Coastal Contacts.
She is happiest when creating marketing solutions with a distinct flavour that's just right for each client.
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When it comes to marketing strategy, web development and online strategies, Ivana has been there and done that. And she added more initials to her name (Industry Executive MBA, Stanford) and won Marketer of the Year Award at Telus.

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