Email marketing is a great tool for building relationships with your current clients and attracting new leads because it's instant, personalised, directly linked to your website and positions your business as the expert. Works with your website Your website runs on the same technology as your email campaigns and contact management, so there are a range of features that get your contacts to come back to your website more regularly.
Newsletters added to your website Newsletters are automatically added to your website. Contacts Update their own details Contacts can update their own details on your website from a link in your email campaign.
Once you are happy with the way your email looks, we can pass it through a Spam checker to see what issues you need to fix in order to get a better delivery rate. For each email campaign you can select to use one of our 50 free email templates or a template we have designed specifically for you. Create your email campaigns and then schedule it to be sent immediately, at a time in the future or even on a recurring basis. You can also automatically email or sms contacts when they match a certain criteria such as filling in a form on your website, purchasing a product from your shop or attending an event using Triggers.
With each email you send you get a set of powerful reports that allows you to see who opened it, who it bounced from and even what links each contact clicked within the email. At no cost to you, we will tell you why your website isn't working for you and what you can do to get more leads and sales. Blogs within a business website, when done right, are getting great results by increasing traffic to their websites, conversion rates, Google rankings, plus much more. We have written a lot of blogs and articles and even held a webinar discussing the importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for the success of your website. Images say a thousand words and are important in assisting you to attract people to your website, keeping them there longer, helping you sell your products and services, and getting your visitors to take action.
CostsDuring the last decade, lifetime value (LTV) has become the standard method for measuring the success of customer marketing programs. Lifetime value is the net present value (NPV) of the future profits to be received from a given number of newly acquired or existing customers during a given period of years. Let us assume that we have a chain that uses email as a primary customer contact method, encouraging shoppers to buy on the web or to visit their stores. In this chart we are following the lifetime of four million consumers who have registered on the company’s website.
Looking at this chart, you can see that of 4,000,000 customers that we began with, acquired, only 3,760,000 are still reachable with emails a year later.
Where i = the market rate of interest plus a risk factor and n = the number of years that you must wait to receive the money. Dividing the gross profits in each year by the discount rate, produces the net present value (NPV) profits. To see how lifetime value is used, let’s assume that the retailer we are discussing has decided to adopt a number of new marketing strategies. The result of these changes in our emailing program will be several: The un-subs will go down, as will the un-deliverables. Overall, the change in our email marketing strategy has boosted profits in the third year by $241 million.
The same type of analysis can be done for any company that is using emails to contacat their customers to increase retention and sales. Arthur Middleton Hughes, vice president of The Database Marketing Institute, has presented 28 seminars on database and email marketing.  Arthur has also authored several books includingStrategic Database Marketing 4th Edition (McGraw-Hill 2012). About ArthurArthur Middleton Hughes has published over 200 articles on Database and E-mail Marketing. Successful E-mail Marketing Strategies: from Hunting to Farming (RACOM 2009) by Arthur Middleton Hughes and Arthur Sweetser. This new book takes readers through a step by step approach to implementing database marketing essentials to improve e-mails marketing returns intelligently. The two Arthurs make it easy to see the difference between primitive “Hunting” and customer-centric “Farming”.
Arthur Middleton Hughes has just published a new book of Marketing Strategy for Telecoms including Landline and Wireless Telcos, Cable TV, Satellite TV, BPL, IPTV, VoIP and WiMAX. Advertising Press on Your Side Creating a BIG Promotion Tutorial Unique Ideas Promotion Articles Online Tools This is our article database.
Many email marketers have been looking to make their email marketing programs more effective, easier and more time efficient. People will have slightly differing views on its exact meaning and interestingly some people will have a different name for what I call marketing automation, but ultimately it’s all about a process that uses insight devised through data collection.
Campaigns produced through marketing automation are extremely targeted and highly relevant to each individual consumer if the right (email) data analysis is used. It provides the ability to automatically set up campaigns, marketing automation saves companies both time and money. As you can see, the data comes from various sources so it’s vital this database is built to handle all these sources and is not just plugged onto the side of something existing that does not have the capabilities for such a job. At the heart of marketing automation is the database holding all customer data in one place. Unfortunately many people think they can begin marketing automation by integrating digital data into an existing CRM database – WRONG! For many marketers, marketing automation is a big step towards getting all the 4 R’s of real-time marketing. Over the last 10 years I have developed an account management team that offers the service led approach in the web analytics industry at RedEye. Dedicating my time to take the data available and developing new ways improve the understanding of online marketing. Because preparing and sending email newsletters are steps within each and every campaign, those tasks can add up to a lot of hours. In today’s Marketing Minute, David discusses the challenges marketers face when considering how to use their resources to build and manage communities. Pull mobile techniques include a website that is optimized for mobile, as well as apps designed for mobile. One example of a push technique is mobile app notifications (e.g, Starbucks sending push notifications to your phone of their daily deal).

The second push technique is mobile messaging. Did you know that 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery? Every day, marketers are finding new and innovative strategies to reach their target audience and build loyal relationships. Rather than just thinking solely about email marketing, Warby Parker got more specific in their latest campaign and thought about how consumers are using email on their mobile phones. At what I first thought was a joke by some bored, single person was actually a new marketing ploy by the television show ‘The Mindy Project.’ FOX confirmed that it used the hottest dating app on the market to do some advertising for its sitcom. While it is true that social media is a powerful tool, it is also true that you don’t own your social media lists. When you are wooing new clients, sometimes it can feel really funny to keep calling and asking if they are ready to buy yet. Electricians are used in almost all industries of the economy and therefore a comprehensive e-mail marketing list of electricians would be on great demand. It would make more economic sense to engage a good electrician from the neighborhood than from far off because transport costs are factored into the overall cost of the job.
This is important especially when the client is paying a down payment or when there is a guarantee period.
A firm that is a member of a professional body usually works ethically because professional bodies have a code of ethics that members are expected to adhere to.
It is good to be able to have a feel of what the market price is at any particular time so as not to get short-changed. If an e-mail mailing list of electricians shows some firms that have great businesses in their profiles, one may feel comfortable engaging the services of one of them.
Very many people would benefit from a list of electricians’ directory because identifying one for either a quick domestic job or a complex project is bound to be easy. These may need to check out a suitable electrician for domestic wiring and maintenance of domestic electrical appliances.
You can use this system to send newsletters, welcome letters, company updates and even trigger emails. Simply select from a range of preset styles and drag them to where you want them in your email. You can also use Bloomtools to tell other email servers that we are able to send emails on your behalf through our Authorised Domains feature.
The free email templates cover birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and a range of general business categories. For instance, you might write the next three month’s newsletters in advance and then schedule them to be sent at the start of each month. Return on investment (ROI) is used for campaigns, and profitability is used, particularly in banks, to take a snap shot of the performance of existing customers.
To compute lifetime value, you have to have a customer database that includes purchase history.
To track their purchases in the store, the chain may use a proprietary store card, or may get customers to register their VISA or MasterCard credit cards with the chain. In subsequent years there will be others who register, but they do not show up on this chart.
That means that we can no longer reach them for one of two reasons: they have unsubscribed, or their email address has become undeliverable. The direct costs can include anything that can be measured, including the costs of goods sold, the cost of serving the customers, etc. As an example, suppose that the market rate of interest that the store must use to borrow money is 8% and the risk factor is 2, then the rate of interest is 16%. When all profits have been reduced to NPV, they can be added together to get the cumulative NPV profits.
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It’s the ability to do all this in a real time situation that lifts it above things like offline CRM. Using this, marketers can effectively assess the patterns and correlations leading to a sale and therefore build the correct strategies to effectively target and nurture users.
Solid e-mail marketing system can create the same quality of e-mail campaigns while increasing productivity.
If Facebook is only allowing you to reach 10% (or less) of your audience with updates, maybe other social media platforms are appealing.
You don’t have to worry about your text being able to be seen on a Droid, Samsung, iPhone, etc.
Luckily, through mobile, we have a channel that allows us to get even more up close and personal with consumers. If someone calls Warby Parker with a customer service problem, the brand takes care of it with a video follow-up via email.
And as I was I casually swiping left and right, all of a sudden I saw an all too familiar face. And when I say everyone, I mean the 20-something, city-living demographic that so many brands try to reach. I think as long as it belongs in the context and is appropriate, then it actually ups the quality of the content of ads out there.
Doesn’t it just make sense that you should try and get a whole bunch of followers and friends? Having an email database means that you can communicate regularly with people who are interested in what you have to say. Too often we are so busy working on our businesses and working FOR our clients that we forget to tell them all that we do for them! Instead of constantly asking for the sale, you can send industry news, updates about new products, sale information and anything else that would help them know more about your company and could possibly help them make a buying decision.

I know that sounds crazy BUT who can refer more people to you than others in your industry? Already, a number of business people are selling mailing lists of electricians, but one needs to screen each of them well before buying.
Still without that, one should be able to trace down the electrician in the course of work. One can also conveniently consult them for feedback on the electrician’s competence and reliability. It also becomes easy to tell a credible electricians’ firm from a questionable one and also one with little capacity from a big one with huge capacity. Add images and articles with the click of a button and add placeholders to personalise each email.
Lifetime value, unlike these other measurements, predicts the future performance of a group of customers, based on their past and current spending behavior.
Costs tend to go down over time, since loyal customers are easier to serve than new customers. This discounting is necessary because money to be received in the future is not as valuable, today, as money in hand right now.
These numbers are then each divided by the original 5,000 customers to get the lifetime value of newly acquired customers in Year1, Year 2 and Year3. Let’s assume that we have segmented our customers into different groups based on their preferences. What these LTV charts indicate is that the programs have the potential to be highly profitable, if they are executed properly. If you want your e-mail marketing to succeed, learn how to farm.—Stephanie Miller, VP Return Path Click here to download free the exhibits from this new book.
In the marketing automation world we can get very close to real time, especially when we are using a behavioral email ESP, it becomes so much more powerful than offline CRM.
It provides the means to ensure you are covering all 4 R’s: effectively targeting the Right people, with the Right message, at the Right time and through the Right channel.
Offline data is based on household name and address, whereas online data is based around email address and cookie data. More about the requirements of a real-time marketing automation database and beyond in my next article. Reaching your audience wasn’t too difficult because many updates were included in early updates and streams.
Maybe you look at the old stand-by (email), which, when done well, can achieve open rates of 30-40 percent.
However, just because someone downloads your app doesn’t ensure a consistent conversation. In order for your mobile strategy to work, you have to be seamless across the board. If your app is awesome but your mobile website sucks, customers will take notice and go elsewhere. To have a balanced mobile strategy, it is important to leverage both push and pull techniques. Having regular updates to send to your clients is a great way to let them know that you care about them! They have a great email newsletter that talks about how to stamp, stain, shape and generally do all kinds of things with concrete.
We get referrals frequently from other marketing companies, ones that don’t do exactly what we do. It is only beneficial to buy an e-mail list whose data will help increase efficiency in the business. By a combination of these three methods, the chain is able to track most of the purchases of those shoppers who buy on the web or in a store.
An obvious example would be a basket abandonment email program, but it’s actually about how all forms of communication can be handled quickly and most importantly how quickly data can be captured and processed. But Facebook has made changes so that only a small percentage of your audience sees your updates – unless you agree to pay expand your reach. Or maybe now is the time to finally explore mobile marketing – where open rates for SMS text messages are close to 99 percent.
On the mobile app, their pull techniques include a store locator, the ability to load your card and pay, etc. In this example, Warby Parker gives the consumer a reason to share their personalized video in the easiest way possible. As long as you are interested (and INTERESTING) other people will find your work interesting too! A committed firm that is compiling a list of electricians will definitely include fields of data that the user can localize or personalize to fit certain criteria.
It is also highly possible that a hundred thousand or more consumers may have put our emails on their junk mail (spam folder) list so that they do not see them.
In other words, we send people news about what we think (or know) that they want to buy, rather than what we want to sell. The cost of the emails has gone way up, because of blasting everyone the same message, we have to develop different creative for each segment, and personalize our emails to boot. They have to be continually motivated to engage with the app otherwise it will sit on page 5 of their iPhone never to be seen again. But Mindy and Danny are in the demographic that use Tinder and “belonged” in that environment. A LOT of marketing people read this blog (I know because they make comments or email me on the back end!) I am happy to write great content that helps them AND I read their blogs too so I can keep abreast of the latest marketing news. It features products that Susan has purchased before or has clicked on when she visited our site last.

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