Nadine Ke?ler won the 2014 FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year award on Monday in Zurich.
Ke?ler led her club, VfL Wolfsburg to a second straight UEFA Women’s Champions League title and helped Germany complete a perfect World Cup qualifying campaign. Wambach, the 2012 World Player of the Year, helped the United States qualify for the 2015 World Cup in October. The awards are voted on by a national team captain, coach and journalist from each FIFA country. The last time the US and Germany played in a major tournament was the 04 Olympics, which the US won in extra time. I was disappointed that Stephanie Roche did not win the Puskas award but then Puskas failed when it mattered, in Bern 60 years ago, so Steph is in good company.
Maybe some of the biathlon provided that Franzizka Preuss and Laura Dahlmeier have good days. But for the sake of my topic at hand — is it even POSSIBLE for the US to meet Allemagne in the final? The most illustrative was the old Japanese journalist who, as I understand it, did not mention his Nadeshiko winning the World cup. I’m not the biggest Wambach fan but when she was named a finalist, she deserved to go.
Eh… Roche was challenged by a French journalists to repeat her goal to prove it was not just pure luck. Frankly you can find a bunch of sublime goals scored in amateur championships last year on Youtube. Stephanie and James goals were the same level of difficulty but James goal happened during the world cup knockout game. Little a midfielder scores goals for fun in the NWSL, Vero joined the league when it was almost over and she was one of the best at the end.
The title in the NWSL comes from a silly two-round playoff, not from a season-long table (like a real league). As for Angerer, any American fan can tell you that there were easily 5-6 American goalies in the NWSL far superior to her.

No team wins a world cup without a great GK, great defense, and great forwards, not to mention superior midfield play. Man Utd closed their WoSO down and Chelsea almost did, while Real Madrid has never had a WoSo section. Given how wealthy BM is, their ladies left not much trace after themselves, compared to Potsdam or Frankfurt. I’m not really interested in watching it again but wasn’t Dunn also on the field that game?
Renate Lingor of Germany receives the Bronze FIFA Women's World Player of the Year Award at the Zurich Opera House on December 18, 2006 in Zurich, Switzerland. Ronaldinho of Brazil speaks to the media during a press conference prior to the FIFA World player of the year awards ceremony at the Zurich Opera House on December 19, 2005 in Zurich, Switzerland. Ronaldo of Brazil, Bronze winner of the Adidas Golden Shoe Award, hugs Zinedine Zidane of France, Gold winner of the adidas Golden Ball Award, during the FIFA World Player of the Year Awards at the Zurich Opera House on December 18, 2006 in Zurich, Switzerland.
Lloyd's 13-minute hat trick in the final -- including a shot from the halfway line in a 5-2 rout of Japan -- made her the top contender. Lloyd got more than 35 percent of votes made by national team captains and coaches, plus invited journalists, on a 10-player ballot.
In 2014 she led Tyreso to the UEFA Women’s Champions League final, losing to VfL Wolfsburg. Germany won WC-03 (in the US) beating Sweden on a golden goal, Germany won WC-07 and Japan won WC-11. And to be honest, Germany was lucky to even get that game into extra time, because they were outplayed by the US.
It might actually be better for any team to come second in that group but I can’t see the other teams obliging the US. The hightlights of this Video contains against Turbine Potsdam one of the best teams in Europe. She is so overrated and as an American fan I’m praying that she is in net when we play Germany. I don’t think anyone could have predicted this, and really none of her fan base or the USSF wants to admit it.

I also recall CHI vs SEA in which Reign tried to funnel the ball to Little for 85 minutes and failed. Before that Arsenal was the only club to do anything for their ladies, but not very generously. They become 4 times vice-champions (2009 just second due to goal difference – one goal missing).
You can limit your losses and if you bundle the lasses together with a rich men’s club, you simply hide the deficit in the combined accounts.
They have an easier path than the US, Germany and France, presumably because FIFA wants the hosts, Canada, in the final.
Lloyd was a finalist for the first time at 33 after a decade of national team duty, more than 200 appearances and two Olympic titles. The latter's six World Cup goals in Canada matched Lloyd, earning her the Golden Boot because they were scored in less playing time. Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Your California Privacy Rights, Children's Online Privacy Policy and Internet-Based Ads are applicable to you. I assume Germany will win their group, so maybe no need to even check the 1st, 2nd, 3rd possibilities for them, as they got so lucky in the draw. I can look at the draw and see if a 2nd or 3rd place finish could re-route us to potentially face the Germans in the Final. As for Solo, at least she will be severely tested in Algarve two months from now to see if she lost a step and needs replacing.
Let me remind us that Renard is 2 years younger; she has also lots of room for improvement some she has already filled. Peter looked horrible last friendly, though the younger Henning has much improved since that disastrous game vs Morgan. The wheels came off for her against Denmark at Algarve, and it was more than TS’s strange lineup and bad defense.

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