After this, when your friend(s) will open link provided by you, then they will be able to download it simultaneously by clicking on the claim button.
Based in Stockholm, Streamfile is a better looking, easier to use and the fastest way to deliver data, wherever you are in the world. Pando is free P2P software that makes downloading, streaming and sharing large media files fast, easy and fun. Upload and download lots of files, big files, small files, data files, media files, archives or backups any files.
SendThisFile allows you to easily send and receive large files to and from anyone, anywhere. Files2U is a web-based service that allows you to send large files to a receiver without having to worry about the restrictions of email or slowdowns of FTP.
Powered by iDrive Online Backup, this free web service allows both web file sharing or simply just share files via your PC’s desktop. Privately share your files and collaborate in real time by web, email, phone, mobile, and more. Dropbox is software that syncs your files online and across your computers or even share it with friends and peers. BigUpload – Leading provider of services that allow secure uploading, transferring and file sharing.
ADrive – Serves as an online, centralized vault for all important file types including: music, videos, photos, documents, and more.
DesignswaggsDesignswaggs is a platform designed to expose practical tricks on internet business, ecommerce business,web designing , graphic designing, and how to make money online as a freelancer. Business cards are no longer used just to provide basic information about yourself and your company. Today almost everyone uses the Internet, but not everyone accesses the Internet in the same way. Any body can use this software for free no need to pay any thing or no need to register to become member as in other software’s. This software helps you with good options like downloading, uploading, time remaining, size and many more helps.
DC++ is, based on observable factors, the most prevalent client on the Direct Connect network. To share a file with your friends, it’s a good idea to upload it to a file sharing website and tell your friends the download URL of it. WeTransfer is a decent file sharing system that lets you send large files( maximum: 2GB ) to your friends online, no registration required. DropBox is the most popular online file backup and sync service, it can also be used to publish and share files with anyone. SendSpace enables to upload and share files anonymously, no registration required, it has a clean and easy to use user interface. SkyDrive is an online hard drive provided by Microsoft, any files inside it can be shared with other people. The registered users could upload files with FTP programs, or upload files from remote servers. Yandex is the largest search portal in Russia, Yandex disk is a free file storage service that lets you store and share files online with your computer or mobile device( iPhone, iPad, Android ).
Ubuntu One is an online cloud storage that enables to host your files online, optionally, it allows to share files and folders online with anybody.
MediaFire is a free cloud storage for everybody, it provides each registered user 50GB of storage space, you can host any type of file and share it via a link or email. 4shared is a popular file hosting and sharing website that lets you store your files, video, music, images, books, games and archives in the cloud and access them anywhere.
Amazon CloudDrive offers each users 5GB of free online storage to store and share documents, photos, videos, etc. RapidShare offers free users unlimited storage space, and allows to upload data of any file size.
RapidShare will transfer you files with the SSL connection, which will encrypt your data with the AES_256_CBC encryption.
After registration, you can upload files from your computer or a remote server by specifying their URLs. Zippyshare is a free file hosting and sharing service, with it users could upload, share and download any file online without sign up.
With this free file sharing application, you can share large files up to 400MB online with ease.

With RyuShare you can upload files up to 400MB and share them on other websites without need to register.
Yet another file sharing website that enables to sign up with your Facebook, Twitter or Google account and upload up to 50 files of any type at a time.
I am not kidding, you read it right – Share files as big as 5GB online with ease , whats more . Is a powerful and faster file upload service that will host your files that are very big up to 5 GB in size. You will be taken to a new page with a link to share with your friends and others along with embedding options.
As a free service, File Dropper meets the basic needs of file sharing: upload, share, and download. If you want more enhanced features, such as the ability to protect your files with a password, or a handy file manager, you’ll have to upgrade to a premium account.
There are many other file storage and sharing services out there, but almost all of them have a 100 MB to 1 GB per file limit. The creators of File Dropper noticed that while there were many file storage websites, most were lacking. One special note to users : Before you go ahead and start sharing your files, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of. Nikhil Chakravarthi holds an Engineering degree in IT and a Masters in Business Administration. He is a Software Engineer who loves to code and holds several International Certifications.
His Internet Journey started 7 years ago and since then, he has been reviewing software, writing tech tips and doing his best to serve the Internet Community. Before we move on to the list of file sharing services, let’s take a look at some dynamics of online file sharing. Although it is primarily considered to be a cloud storage service, you can also share your files from your Dropbox account.
This is another Dropbox like service which offers up to 5GB of free cloud storage space, with the option to share files online.
DropSend is a cloud storage and file sharing service which is even easier to use than Dropbox and SugarSync. Google Drive is perhaps one of the most widely used services for saving and sharing MS Office and other types of files.
Similar to Google Drive in nature, Box also provides an easy mechanism for sharing and saving Microsoft Office documents online.
When it comes to file sharing, the most tricky part can be to share PowerPoint presentations, as services like Google Drive can easily end up ruining the look of the uploaded presentation. This is another good service to share large files as it provides peer-to-peer file sharing using a secure key or QR code. If you have ever shared or downloaded shared files, the chances are that you might have used MediaFire. Hotfile is another famous file sharing service for securely sharing large files in a click.
Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs. This service ensures security as your files are not uploaded to the server and a direct connection is established between users (sender and receiver).
And while downloading the file, your friends can chat with you and each other with the help of available chat box. The service uses a network of the newest, quickest and most reliable servers with memory close to unlimited working on multi-gigabyte Internet connections. I possess vast skills in graphics and web design softwares which includes corel draw, adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator, adobe dreamweaver, adobe flash and adobe fireworks.I am a content strategist, robust wordpress specialist and a social media expert.
All they have to do is follow the link and hit the download button, and they have the file with them. File Dropper doesn’t allow sharing of any copyrighted material and reserves the right to co-operate with authorities in case of a crime.
All you need to do is just click to add your file and start uploading directly from the main page.
While we have previously brought you many posts that covered online file sharing review for various services, we thought it would be a good idea to single out some fine services to help our readers choose the best sources for sharing different kinds of files. Many of you might be aware that file sharing in computing terms entails the activity of sharing files across various digital devices or via the internet.

Dropbox offers 2 GB of free cloud storage space and you can get additional space by inviting other users or by opting for a paid package. Like Dropbox, you can increase storage by inviting your friends or by buying a paid package.
Users can simply specify an email address for the recipient and select a file to share (up to 2GB per transfer).
While it is basically a cloud storage service, you can also share documents with other users and collaborate with them online.
Send Anywhere can not only be used from a browser but also has apps for Android and iOS devices. It is a web service which provides cloud storage and file sharing options for all types of files. He is a former systems engineer and has been associated with the IT industry for the past 8 years, rendering professional services related to desktop administration, networking, SEO and Blogging. You can share large files with your friends without any registration or sign up process with xFiles. It simply prepares file for sharing and then provides you a download link to share with your friends. Once you give the permission, then it will provide you two options: Share File and Claim File just like the above screenshot. Here are some free file-sharing sites we come to know and if you share files with friends or peers via Internet frequently, you might want to consider getting them done this way. It is an alternative to sending large e-mail attachments, using FTP, and sending CDs or DVDs or tape or USB flash drive via courier. This direct connect network helps you to share file through the network without any disturbance like limits or restrictions.
Even a beginner can easily upload and share files online using the File Dropper upload service. File Dropper was designed to give users a better alternative that did not come with the frustrating wait times and other restrictions other file hosting sites put on their users. With the help of the below mentioned services you can share anything from your PowerPoint presentations, office documents, photos to heavy multimedia files. For example, sharing a file from your mobile device to your laptop is file sharing, similarly, emailing someone a file or sending a user a URL to view or download content also comes under the realm of file sharing. Selected files are uploaded to the DropSend servers and a URL for downloading the file is emailed to the recipient.
Using SlideOnline you can instantly transform your PowerPoint presentations and PDF files into online presentations. The most unique thing present in this peer-to-peer file sharing service is that it provides chat facility. However, as this service is in beta version, so you might find difficulty as it happened in my case. Not saying it’s bad but e-mail comes with attachment limitation and usually doesn’t allow anything more than 100Mb. While this might appear as quite a basic concept, it is surprising that many novice users are yet to grasp the utility of advanced file sharing and cloud storage services.
MediaFire is not only a good service for cloud storage but can be extremely handy for quickly sharing all kinds of files. Using chat facility, you can interact with your friend(s) and can communicate with each other at the time of sharing. After selecting a file, it will provide you a link with a short delay (depending upon the file size). On the other hand sharing via web hosting account allows you to upload as big as your account can take but it also means the file is exposed by anyone who knows its direct path. Whether you are an advanced or intermediate computer user or are new to using a desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet, the below mentioned services should help you find the best possible match to suit your file sharing needs. Like most cloud storage services, MediaFire has applications for various desktop and mobile platforms like Windows, Mac Linux, iOS and Android.
If you want online services that can share multiple files too at a time, then you can try, Justbeamit, and WeTransfer.

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