File Sync Software Mac OS X is a completely free Open Source program that supports you to synchronize files and folders for Windows, Linux as well as Mac OS X. File Sync Software To compare multiple files via this software all you have to do is select 2 files and click compare.
It offers a direct way to compare 2 files and then synchronize them via one of numerous methods to free up space.

In this situation you can easily store FreeFileSync on a USB flash drive or any other transferrable device, save it to any PC and Backup Server directly run its executable file. All advanced options for filtering as well as other features are clearly shown should you want to use them. When your comparison process is accomplish you can speedily decide if you want to synchronize the files and what method you would like to use for this.
In order to find comparisons between two files you can select from numerous comparison options. For example you can compare file time and size, or you can look real file content.

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