Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! The Improve Photography Podcast is a free audio recording, published once per week, where Jim answers photography questions that are sent in by the Improve Photography community.
NOTE: If you read my posts via email or RSS, click the title of this post to come to the website, where you can use the audio player to play this podcast episode (free!).
For those who don’t have a mobile device – You can always listen to the show by clicking the audio file at the top of this episode. Jim recommends that most users will find Lightroom 4 to be the best program to get started in photo editing. If you don’t have the budget to purchase Lightroom, you might consider Adobe Creative Cloud or Photoshop Elements.
Jim mentions that anyone in the Improve Photography community who happens to live in the Boise area is welcome to use the Improve Photography Studio in Caldwell during business hours if you need somewhere to shoot during the cold winters. The key to accepting criticism of your photography is to be humble and accept the fact that sometimes the person, even if they express their ideas in a rude manner, the person giving the critique may have ideas for you to improve.
Jim mentions that the listener’s thought to use a Lightsphere may not be the best idea. Dustin recommends using a zoom lens instead of a prime lens, as it will afford the photographer quick changes in zoom length and type of photo.

Jim says the Samsung Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5 are the two best cell phone cameras on the market right now.
Jim recommends the Spyder 4 camera calibration device as it is easy to use and relatively inexpensive. Dustin mentions that purchasing a battery grip for your camera can also make the camera more comfortable to hold.
Jim and Dustin are working OVERTIME to fix issues on the website that have happened this week.
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In this Duane Allman slide guitar lesson, I want to show you a lick similar to what Duane might play over a Statesboro Blues style tune. To learn more about open e tuning slide guitar please check out my Open E Tuning Slide Guitar Course. I’m glad you have decided to help other learn how to enjoy and improve their photography.
I can listen to some interesting valuable advice without having spend time reading all if the time. Please note that an email address can only be used once to register as a Digital Member so you cannot register for both an adult and junior membership under the same email address.

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