Sitemap Generator is a free software that will help you to automatically generate sitemaps in google (XML) or yahoo (TXT) format or just to spider your website and collect all the internal links for you. Although the generator passed my internal tests and should be stable, the bugs are part of the software development. There is relatively large help info available for this software (compared to my other freeware) and I reccomend you to read the help info before using this tool in order to be sure you know what you are doing. Even though it might seem a bit frightening at first, creating sitemaps is very easy with gSite Crawler. Exclusions – sections of the website can be excluded based on directory, file type, location, URL parameters, etc.
Once that you’ve configured everything and clicked on the Crawl option from the top toolbar, gSite Crawler will start scanning your website and creating a list of URLs, the entire URL structure of your website basically.
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It is yet another impressive online tool especially for generating an XML sitemap for a website. Not much popular but still a good option to choose if you are not satisfied with the result of the above listed tools.
A poor user interface and slow response may disappoint your expectations about Free SiteMap generator but it is quite effective when we talk about the output. SiteMapPal is another XML sitemap generator but it has a restriction of maximum 2000 links. ZiteMap is an online application that allows you to create XML sitemap of website without paying even a single penny. With a maximum page indexing limit of 1000 pages; Site Maps builder can be a good option for small websites.
It is an online application to generate a site map by defining the priorities of a webpage. At Chabin Concepts we often serve as the intermediary between website developers focused on programming and clients who can’t quite picture how their information will flow on a website. Showing “Related Info.” Sometimes, the same content applies to more than one menu item, and the website incorporates “related info” links to connect these separated pages.
Testing Menus: Where would you look for “Demographics?” What about “Transportation?” Collapsing the site map helps us test the structure of the site. Notes: By describing content in notes, we discover we don’t need a page—or we need more pages—to adequately cover a topic.

Now that the MindManager Player can be exported to Acrobat 9 or Flash, we can even send clients a working, interactive site map to evaluate prior to web development. After hiding the Search branch (I guess that’s an element of the home page or all pages) in your map, I could export via the Static or Dynamic Outline template to create a draft web site in MindManager for Windows. Up until now, MindManager has been the most effective tool that I’ve used to deconstruct a site audi or to develop a new site through JAD mind-mapping sessions and taxonomy and nomenclature exercises.
Please, note that the program acts like spider, but will download all the pages of the target site. When you give the starting url to the tool, it will start crawling your site, extracting all the links from all the pages.
More specifically, a free sitemap generator application for Windows called gSiteCrawler which lets you generate detailed sitemaps in just a few mouse clicks. There’s two ways how you can setup a website so that its link structure is crawled by this sitemap generator, using a wizard or by adding them manually. You’ll have to go through 4 steps with the help of which all the important information about the website and how it should be crawled is gonna be collected by gSite Crawler. Once that it finishes, you’ll be able to click on the Generate button from the toolbar at the top and select the type of sitemap that you want to generate, see image above. These all online XML generators are used by millions of webmasters everyday and can be used by a novice too. You just have to provide the base URL of your website and the online application will generate the sitemap for that particular URL.
This tool is also integrated with the broken link checker that detects the broken links and missing pages within a website. To generate the sitemap of your website; you simply have to provide the complete URL of the website and the frequency of website content change.
Along with the XML sitemap generating service; this website also provides the facility of the URL is submitted. This website is supposed to provide the most accurate result, although you may have to wait for a few minutes.
If you were looking for this out of league service than this website will be the best you can get. This is a grand platform where anyone can learn and share the informative concept & useful tips that revolve around the web development.
While content management systems make it easier for the average person to rearrange web pages on the fly, it saves time and money to plan ahead.

To help clients visualize recommended features, we insert  hyperlinks to existing web pages and attach screen shots. Chabin Concepts is a consulting firm serving economic development clients, but these tips are equally suitable for creating site maps for any website. Some web developers use this to give their clients another level of understanding of the design before developing their web sites in other applications. Not only do I use MindManager because it is extremely fast and efficient, not only do I use it to help display concepts through design schematics, I use it because it is the most boundless and robust tool out there in terms of not only constructing site and app designs and process flows- but because it allows groups to think freely and openly as they converge collaboratively on the diagram in focus. The main reason to build this tool was that all other similar programs didn’t fit my requirements. Even though sitemaps might not be as important as they were in the past, because websites have advanced and became extremely dynamic, if you want to be nitpicky about proper search engine optimization, you’re gonna have to include a sitemap on your site. Those who have simplistic calling card type of website for their business built in HTML, and they have no need for a CMS, can use gSite Crawler instead. If your website is showing some indefinite performance then better you study the XML map of your website to understand the root of the cause. It facilitates them to generate the XML sitemap of the website and hence defining parameters of a website to the Search Engine Crawlers. MindManager is the tool we use to create site maps at the beginning of a web design project.
I would love to import a google sitemap into mindmanager and use the resulting mindmap as the starting point for analysis .
Content management systems like Joomla and WordPress can do this for you automatically, but if you have a HTML powered website, you’re gonna have to crawl links from your website yourself either manually or by using third party tools.
A webmaster can enhance the performance and visibility of a website in the SERP by carefully examining the XML file of the sitemap. With the aid of this tool you can tell the search engines about the total pages of your website, information related to the updates and much more.

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